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Dead Weight

It shocked people when Elon Musk fired half of the Twitter staff. He will find that most of them are not missed at all. If he has time, he can train replacements for most of what they do, which is complicated but not complex. The world took notice because across the West, something similar is happening.

After the COVID-19 debacle, many are realizing that “experts” and “journalists” consist of people pushing the same propaganda in order to be accepted by the massive clique of goodthinkers that have taken over. We sent too many people to college and now they all have “important” jobs doing complicated but not complex things.

Through this method, they have taken over, since there is at least one in every office that we must all get along with. The “good people” all believe what the media, government, and pundits tell them because they no longer have a culture and are just doing what seems popular in order to succeed.

Cynical observers might note that the type of Political Correctness, woke, and neo-Communist ideology is self-serving. The middle classes (kulaks) always make this mistake: they try to buy off the herd by embracing armchair activism for its causes.

To them, it does not matter. If costs go up, they go to HR. If the streets get violent, they move to a new zip code. If their local government becomes corrupt, they just pay the extra taxes. These people will do anything to believe that our system is succeeding instead of failing as it obviously is.

These people are not particularly good at anything. They went through school, got good enough grades, then went into the workforce and became masters of details. Obscure legal codes, weird pieces of software, or even niche roles like social media consultants. We do not need them; they need us.

Denialists and collaborationists of this nature have a simple goal, namely to make themselves feel good. Cognitive dissonance kicks in: they can either admit that they are being sucked into the vortex of a dying civilization, or they can get ahead by saying things that flatter the pretenses of others.

Dead weight consists of the people we keep around and make seem to be important for symbolic reasons. Every office now hires transgenders, minorities, women, and insane people just so they can brag that they are good egalitarians, in addition to legal requirements like affirmative action.

This means that others must get along with these people. Without culture to hold that we should achieve things — this culture was erased by diversity, because to minorities a dominant culture is always oppression — our society has become a group of paper-pushers doing nonsense work, getting paid well, and passing the buck.

Back when it was only Us, the less-capable intellectually went to minor roles. But then we replaced those roles with foreign labor whether overseas (globalism) or domestically (immigration). Now we have lots of White and hwite people hanging out in offices pretending to be important.

They go along with the social trends of the time because this means they will be relevant, and that allows them to feel important. The French Revolution came to America with our Civil War, and now the only way to be important is to flatter the Crowd with increasing doses of egalitarianism.

Consequently everyone seems to have gone insane. We cannot stop immigration because of laws that say that if immigrants touch a toe to our sand they are protected, and no one can seem to change the laws. If one expert declares the new flu to be a “pandemic,” all the rest must cash in on the trend and pursue their careers.

With culture, trends are secondary. People have a way of doing things that works and they stick with it. When culture goes away, only ideology and commerce remain, and these combine into a giant human feel-good session. People seek to make themselves feel good about their dying society by signaling hard denial of its failure.

Many of us are saying that we should lose the dead weight. Like Musk, we can fire the people who do nothing of great importance and have a smaller group of more competent people learning the details. We can simplify complicated procedures and replace linear thinking with complex thinking.

We can cut the welfare and entitlements programs; none of us use them, and they seem to have only increased poverty and misery. We can drop affirmative action and all of the 14A-related quotas and disparate impact.

Instead, we can do what every healthy society does: reward the good every time, no matter how small, and punish enough of the bad that people want to avoid being bad and shun the bad. Leftism reverses all of this because in order to have a feel-good hive mind echo chamber hugbox, you need to believe that all people are good.

We should know from the sheer number of murderers, rapists, thieves, molesters, grifters, and con men out there that not everyone is good. Even more, they cannot change; they were born to be bad, and no matter how much we “educate” and “rehabilitate” them, they will remain what they are.

All we can do is follow the model of nature. Reward the good, eject the bad, and ignore the people in the middle until they start being good. If we did this for just a few generations, this country would look more like the pioneer land of the frontier it once was, and less like an asylum of overpaid retards hell-bent on self-destruction.

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