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On the Right, we suffer from the same problem as the rest of humanity: as each person clamors to make himself stand out from the rest, we produce a massive flood of information, which reduces emphasis on producing definitive answers and holding those up high.

There are some who write such definitive answers and they should be praised. It is always a good day when someone of that stature says something positive about my writing:

In this “Who Is” group interview on the Identarian Voat group, author of Nihilism and philosopher Brett Stevens of answers some interesting questions about his perceptions of the issues which face our people today. It’s definitely well worth your time to read and get to understand one of the most profound intellects on our side of the divide, or any other. Get ready to think deeply, but don’t worry: it only stings for a second.

It is a reminder to all of us to hold up those who have given us answers, and to revisit those ideas as a blueprint for action, knowing that without a firm foundation, no effort can long withstand time.

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