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Stupid Trope Of The Day: “Elites, Not Democracy, Imposed Diversity”

You will see this one floating around far-right circles as entryist cucks try to justify a demolition of hierarchy through egalitarianism:

The people never chose diversity. It was imposed on them by the elites. Time after time, polls showed that people did not want diversity. And the elites just went ahead and forced it on them.

This is nonsense and lies. In the way of all democracies, our democracy drifted Leftward. Our zeal for diversity is part of the Leftist compulsion toward class warfare, which arises from the founding ideal of the Left, which is egalitarianism (“everyone is accepted and included”).

Let us review history. The voters chose politicians based on speeches. Those politicians, starting early in the history of our nation, began talking about equality. This made people feel warm and fuzzy inside. Then they started talking about racial equality, under the guise of helping African-Americans. Same warm fuzzies.

Repeat that over generations. Each generation accepts what the past generation voted on as truth because it is popular, and so it must be true! Then the next generation took it further, since illogical ideas like equality always conflict with reality, and they expanded the franchise.

Each time, the candidates who spoke more of equality got ahead over the others. Each time new equality or diversity initiative was introduced, the people went into the next election and approved the people who did it for another term. The voters spoke, time and again.

Ten years ago, if you had surveyed a typical American suburb, even with anonymity almost every household would have approved diversity. They would phrase it in terms of fighting injustice, ensuring equality, opportunity for all and the like. They would talk about how it would reduce costs and improve “race relations.”

Now, maybe a few more households would — under anonymity, because we know how Leftists retaliate — speak up about their doubts. But these will get it wrong yet again by saying they are afraid of certain groups, like Muslims or Black Lives Matter. In the meantime, they want everyone else to participate. Warm fuzzies again.

The problem, as this blog reminds you tirelessly, is the voters. The problem is us. Democracy cannot work because it rewards illusion and then distributes the disaster as socialized cost, so the voters never directly feel the pain and connect the dots. Blaming our elites is just scapegoating; we created them, not the other way around.

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