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Iran Goes To War Against Television, And We Should Too

From an entertaining article:

“The truth is that most satellite channels… deviate the society’s morality and culture,” he said at the event according to Basij News.

“What these televisions really achieve is increased divorce, addiction and insecurity in society.”

…Naghdi criticised Jannati’s comments and said those in charge of cultural affairs “should be truthful with people rather than following what pleases them”.

“Most of these satellite channels not only weaken the foundation of families but also cause disruptions in children’s education and children who are under the influence of satellite have improper behaviour,” Naghdi said.

It is hard to argue with that logic. Television is there to sell products, which because most people prefer illusion, will be of a deceptive nature. It also sells drama, which comes from the usual brew of sex, lies, hedonism, degeneracy, violence, crime, etc.

The West has tied its own hands by mis-interpreting the ideal of freedom of speech. The original idea was to protect political speech from control by governments; instead, it has become an excuse for legitimizing as much mentally broken material as possible to dilute any meaningful speech that might occur.

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