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Steven Woolfe Is Not The Leader UKIP Needs


People in groups tend toward insanity. The current favorite for the UKIP leadership, Steven Woolfe, collapsed in parliament after someone punched him in the head. The puncher did the right thing: Steven Woolfe is not the leader that UKIP or the UK needs.

Let us look at some of Mr. Woolfe’s statements:

(1) I am standing to be the first mixed-race leader of a major political party in Britain.

…As someone who was (2) born on a council estate in Manchester and now campaigning to be the leader of the UK’s third biggest party, I am so proud of what this country has given me.

I am living proof of the so called “British dream” – the chance to succeed in all aspects of your life, (3) no matter your postcode, your gender or the colour of your skin.

  1. He is a foreigner. Mixed-race is the opposite of British. It is the antithesis of nationalism. It is political correctness: we have found the invader with the “right” political opinions, so he can be a comrade, and it is backdooring Leftism into the UKIP.

  2. He is a Leftist. Self-pity, vicimhood, favoring the underdog and class warfare are types of Leftist neurosis. A sensible person might say that someone born on a council estate has too much anger at society to be a good leader, not to mention competence questions.

  3. He is a multiculturalist. The vision he presents here — a mixed-race, mixed-class, sex-blind UK — is a classic Leftist and multicultural scheme. You might as well elect a communist.

To whoever punched Steven Woolfe — assuming this is not a popularity stunt, since every person who gets punched in the head has “bleeding of the brain” to some degree — we the Nationalists of the world, of every color and gender and postcode, extend congratulations and gratitude. Woolfe is nothing but a Leftist in Libertarian clothing.

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