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Stephanie Wilkinson Shows Us The New Order Americans Want: Balkanization

We entered a new Dark Age some time ago when it became clear that Leftism, instead of bringing us an age of Light, was ushering us into an age of Grey, where entropy rules and greatness is extinguished. The Light was a lie; the real truth of Light is that you cannot produce it by demanding Light, only by maintaining balance between Dark and Light.

Sarah Sanders stopped at a restaurant called The Red Hen in historic Lexington, Virginia. The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, perhaps in an attempt to get the fifteen minutes of fame one can parlay into media power in this bumbling idiocracy, asked Sanders to leave. Those are the basic facts that seem beyond dispute.

Where we connect to the Dark Age part, however, is that Wilkinson asked Sanders to leave on a moral basis: she finds Trump morally repugnant. Wilkinson argued that she excluded Sanders from service for moral reasons:

“I’m not a huge fan of confrontation,” Ms. Wilkinson said. “I have a business, and I want the business to thrive. This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals.”

Although it has not occurred to our media yet, this means that we have a parallel case to the question of whether Christian bakers should bake cakes supporting gay marriages, pedosexuality, or other Leftist darlings. They are also refusing to serve some people for moral reasons, and theirs are as important to them as Wilkinson’s are to her.

In the old age of Grey, our response would have been to defend the underdog because egalitarians always limit the powerful in order to raise up the unsuccessful. Therefore, both Wilkinson and the gay cake buyers would be underdogs because they were from marginalized groups, and Sanders and the baker would be out of luck.

In the new Dark Age, however, even though this has not occurred to Republicans yet, the correct answer is that we do not expect people to work together on a universal basis. Instead, we expect them to separate and differentiate which means that Sarah Sanders is not entitled to attend The Red Hen, nor is the gay cake buyer entitled to a gay cake.

As it turns out, trying out the new Tower of Babel that we call diversity and globalism has merely revealed why it was never created by nature. Groups of people need to be able to go their own way and differentiate themselves, so that they can try out their method of adaptation.

Some methods are better than others, and those groups rise while others fall. This irritates people because they fear the consequences in the reality of their mental fancies once put into action, so they try to make it illegal for some to succeed while others fail. That is the essence of “We Are All One” thinking.

In the new Dark Age, we are aiming for Balkanization. When you drive through America, you will no longer see a single flat mass where you have identical rights. Instead, you will see a topography of tribes where your rights will vary from nothing to full acceptance. Among your tribe, you will have privileges and duties, which are what “rights” become in the new Dark Age.

This new America will be more like the old or a futuristic space opera. Someone who goes into a Christian bakery looking for a gay cake may find himself staring down the barrels of a shotgun and possibly run out of town; he was in the wrong place, and needs to find his tribe elsewhere.

Balkanized America will have a fundamentally tribal feel. It will recognize the Contagion Model of ideology which is implicit in all Leftist thinking: we are not just opposed to our enemies, but to anything other than what we are. Other ideas, peoples, and ways are temptations which seduce us and then destroy us.

As a result, no restaurant will be for everyone just like no community will be. Sarah Sanders will never sit down in the wrong restaurant because she will know in advance who holds what territory. She will be armed, and expect to encounter armed resistance in the areas ruled by other tribes.

Just as the Tower of Babel collapsed from its own weight, the road to Hell paved with good intentions that is diversity and globalism has shattered. We are now living in the ruins, which will be determined with close quarters combat, house by house and street by street.

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