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Among the members of Generation X, it is not nor has never been a controversial statement to say that ninety-five or ninety-nine percent of humanity needs to be eliminated. We just disagree somewhat on which means of selection to use.

Unlike previous generations, we came after the time of human waste, when the genetic waste products of a legacy of bad decisions took over, as well as when their further bad decisions invited others here and perpetuated bad institutions.

If you grew up in the 1980s, you saw a few Anglo-Saxon Americans of exemplary competence (generally) hanging on to power against a flood of incompetents and Other, including near-Whites like Italians, Puerto Ricans, Irish, Poles, and Jews.

It took about fifteen years for the changes of the early 1960s to kick in and the social alterations of the late 1960s to be assimilated as normal. At that point, America was no longer what it was; it had become a weird, corporate place.

This reflected the flight of normal people away from the dysfunction and decay. If the hippies were out there being organic, normal people wanted to get into offices, have health plans, and save up some money so that they could live away from the diversity, hippies, and urban rot.

They could have done something about the problem, but they were afraid of being unpopular and being seen as losers for having discontent, so instead they focused on being big financial winners. Most people seem to be emulating that model.

Decades later, we see that the decay has continued and now reached the ludicrous stage. American news is not politics, but comedy, as the inheritors of the Hart-Celler Act ride the diversity vote and entrenched bureaucracy to victory.

Leftism empowered this and nothing else. Leftists take over any society, and arise organically in each society, because they are parasites. Like all parasites, they find a way to kick open the door and then steal until they are killed.

In Anglo-Saxon America, we had a tradition of “spring cleaning.” It meant that you took a few days to go systematically through your house and toss out anything unnecessary, busted, or rotten. You cleaned up all the filth.

That way, you could face a new year without impediments getting in your way, tripping up your every move so that soon, you stopped trying to do things and just let the decay and disorder pile up.

It reminds me of a stoner friend of mine. If he needed to go to the store, he first needed to find his wallet, which took an hour in the mess. Then he needed to put his car engine back together. Then to find clean clothes. On and on…

It got to the point where going to the store was so impossible, since it would take a day of start-up time, that he lived on pizzas delivered from the store a block away. Soon the house was a pile of pizza boxes.

Interestingly, he had no plan for the future, at all. It did not concern him; he lived in the now, or at least, did not live in the future and could not remember the past. When the boxes stacked too high, he moved, and left the problem for someone else.

Right now in America, we cannot move. We need to fix a fraudulent election? The courts, media, and government will block it. We need to cut entitlements? The special interests will kill it.

We are, like Gulliver in the land of the little people, tied down by a thousand strings. When we start to unravel one, they will tie down another dozen in the time it takes us to get the knot loose and pull up the string.

This means that we are headed for civilization crash. The upper middle classes and politicians will chuckle at this; they know, and have known since the 1960s, that this would eventually be the case.

In fact, they probably knew since the first world war. You do not fight a global conflict, then come home to find that the same problems remain, and maintain faith in the system. You realize it sucks and want it to die.

History works like nature, which is to say that things store up energy for change and then begin cycles, running from a small dose of change to a big, at which point energy begins accumulating to change that change.

Our ancestors dealt with this by discharging energy into rituals, having a constant but internally competitive political system, and fighting change itself with the idea of gradual improvement instead of “new” quantities of idea.

They made one crucial mistake: they did not take out the trash. As they succeeded, they produced a great deal of human waste, meaning humans who were not self-starters and needed to be told what to do, like my stoner friend, or they lived in third world squalor and dysfunction. Present tense people.

Eventually, the insane piled up. As societies break free from nature, they encounter new challenges, and most make at least one of three crucial errors, namely that they allow the human waste to accumulate.

This poisons the civilization, and the first step consists of the revolutions. Those fail, because anarchic societies ruled by popularity are insane, so we adopt socialist-style subsidy government. Then that too fails.

After that, the societies replace themselves with foreigners in order to avoid admitting that everyone hates the order that we have made with popular rule, and that nothing is working. In frustration, they self-destruct.

Consequently you get a lot of chatter with almost no one focused on the hidden elephants, or giant obvious problems that we spend most of our energy ignoring and explaining away.

You also get a mass outpouring of individualism as each person tries to be important and make money so they can rise above the new miserable minimum of “equal.”

Years ago, I warned the Right about individualism; it turns out that all of the writers and activists on the Right were too busy promoting their brands, growing their little blogs, and advancing their own careers, all while preaching to me about how we should stop treating people as “economics.”

This created a culture where everyone was excited for the new thing but no one paid attention to the big important things, and so the Right distracted itself with a series of talking points that avoided the organizing goal that we needed.

I suggested instead that we focus on defeating egalitarianism, repatriating the diversity, and clearing out the human waste. This was shunned as being “unrealistic” and too hard, so instead, they frittered away time on irrelevancies.

When you walk in the woods, you have to be careful about a snapback branch. These are small branches overhanging the path you are taking. You can push them aside, but if you push too far, they come zinging back at you.

I don’t know how they do it. You think you could just keep pushing, being stronger and all that, but at some point the branch faces either breaking or coming back at you, and it achieves it somehow. It comes back with all the force you put into it, but in a single instant instead of several, so it is explosive.

If you travel a trail long enough, you will see some guy push aside a branch to just edge past — all he wants is a few feet, really — and suddenly that cycle reaches its end, and the branch flings him back down the trail.

Now that humanity has dominated the world, this has few consequences. The trails are soft and well-worn. He will land on the dirt, with nothing bruised by his pride.

In nature, however, this could be fatal. Rocks were everywhere, and they could cut you badly. That cut would usually infect. Then you would find yourself, delirious with septicemia, wandering around the woods without food or water.

Eventually, the crows would pick your bones and the forest floor would, through layers of deposition over the years, eat you back up. Nothing would remain, not even the eternal lesson you could have been taught.

We have pushed the branch too far. Nature is fighting back. We are reading to fight back against popular rule ourselves. No one is happy; few are breeding. We have reached the end.

Fortunately, this means that the people who saw my ideas as “unrealistic” are now eating those words. Humanity is heading into a new era with the failure of democracy and equality, and new things are possible.

I say our solution is simple still. We need to repatriate the diversity, install a monarchy, purge the human waste from our own groups, and then restore the rule of culture in mono-ethnic, mono-religious societies.

That in turn gives us a chance to do what we have always needed to do, which is reverse our fascination with human power over nature (hubris) and to look instead toward a reverence and aspiration to the good (arete) as part of natural order.

You can ignore the various tropes and trends of the Right. Jesus will not save us, there is no eternal Tradition renewing itself by itself, Hitler is dead and not returning, and the free markets will not rebalance things automatically.

Those are all fantasies and distractions created to avoid seeing the hidden elephant and acting on it. I have been the only one to propose a working solution over the last thirty years of writing on the Right.

It no longer makes sense to pretend that this is not so. We are heading into the final stage, and we must achieve clarity and agreement, then kick out those who are merely here to profit for their blogs, make names for themselves, and keep bleating on about their pet theories that do not solve the problem.

Springtime for humanity means spring cleaning. We are surrounded by cruft and dysfunction and need to kick it out, restore order, clean everything up, and then head in a new direction, which turns out to be eternal rather than new or old.

For anything else, check the mission statement.

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