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South Africa: The Fire Still Burns In Rainbow Nation

Apartheid ended. Nelson Mandela became President. The Springboks won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The Golden Age had dawned and everyone in Sun City would now get a brand new pony. Oh, wait… The video below shows us how well the ANC seems to be running things.

When a nation’s leadership is unable to function, hell erupts across the countryside. Even South African President Jacob Zuma amuses himself by signing “Kill The Boer.” Genocide at least appears to have a government stamp of approval. It seems Rainbow Nation wants to become a touch more monochromatic.

Analysts of our data must consider that South Africa’s crime rates are uniquely high. Our murder rate, for example, is 500% higher than that of the United States and 3000% higher than parts of Western Europe such as the United Kingdom and Germany. This brings us to our fourth conclusion that all South Africans face an extraordinary criminal onslaught. People who have previously regarded farm attacks as a somewhat distant problem, nothing to do with them, must realise that they arguably live in as much peril as farmers do. It is clear therefore, regardless of how they rank compared to other citizens, that as a best-­- case scenario, farmers live a perilous existence in a largely lawless society.

To further the problems faced by isolated South African homesteaders, the ANC has instituted the following sets of policies to render rural South Africans less able to survive the ongoing wave of criminality.

  1. Gun control. The SA government is actively confiscating privately owned firearms.
  2. Reduced Policing. Police forces designed to protect rural residents have been reorganized and repurposed away from defending farms.
  3. Promises of Land Distribution. The SA Government has talked a lot about redistributing land and has not done so. Worse, they have blamed the farmers for the failure of the policy.

So this stuff is all theoretical evil. We don’t like theoretical evil. But if actual, real-life White Boys aren’t hurt in the making of ANC propaganda, what then is the issue? Let’s take a look at what happens when the raceturbatory rubber meets the road. Dr. Gregory Stanton studied the rural farm attack phenomenon in 2012 and reported the following under the aegis of Genocide Watch.

According to experts and estimates compiled by citizens who track the killing spree, at least 3,000 white farmers in South Africa, known as Boers (from the Dutch word for “farmer”), have been brutally massacred over the last decade. Some estimates put the figures even higher, but it is hard to know because the ANC government has purposely made it impossible to determine the true extent.

With the total number of commercial farmers in South Africa estimated at between 30,000 and 40,000, analysts say as many as 10 percent have already been exterminated. Even more have come under attack. It is worse than murder, though. Many of the victims, including children and even infants, are raped or savagely tortured or both before being executed or left for dead. Sometimes boiling water is poured down their throats. Other attacks involve burning victims with hot irons or slicing them up with machetes. In more than a few cases, the targets have been tied to their own cars and dragged along dirt roads for miles.

As I blogged earlier, Socialism can only lead to death. It always fails, it always tends towards totalitarianism and every INGSOC eventually needs a Goldstein. The more radical the socialists, the sooner it degenerates into a Winnie Mandela necklacing society.

The ANC under Jacob Zuma has every earmark of a political movement seeking to eschew any remnants of Nelson Mandela’s initially conciliatory tone towards the nation’s White minority. It is also obviously failing to provide stable governance as a unified empire instead of a warring set of tribal enclaves, even among the native Black Africans. Someone has to be blamed to continue the dance for a few more tunes. Someone must be pillaged to prevent the Marxian Visigoth Holiday from running out of beer. The peasants are weaponized. Their wrath falls upon the Boer. After the fire, the fire still burns.

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