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Battle For America

The Alt Right and Antifa clashed in Berkeley and the nation lost its mind. Why? They realized that we have not won the Cold War after all, and that we are still in a struggle against Communism. The more informed ones in turn figured out that this means we are still fighting WWII, the Civil War, and the French Revolution all at once.

Leftism is a mental virus. It creates a mental disorder, known as pathological altruism or fanatical extremist egalitarianism, that turns people into zombies. Once they go zombie, they never go back to being the healthy, world-alert and outward-looking people we knew. Instead, they become fixated on an inner world where all that matters is their control, dominion and power through ideology.

Once someone has gone zombie, your solutions are few. Some bounce back, usually those who never took it seriously in the first place. Those who have given themselves over to it, however, cannot come back without extensive work and generally remain stranded within it because they tend to rationalize their failures and explain them instead as successes.

With this in mind, we realize that there can be no reconciliation. There can be no bipartisanship. We cannot achieve a society where both Right-wing and Left-wing people are happy, and we must separate. The Battle of Berkeley, which is the first skirmish of the Battle for America, showed us that. We are incompatible. And we need to separate.

All American struggles fit this pattern. When America was a collection of colonies, the Left-leaning ones were the holdouts who prevented national unity, because to them, all things including the nation were a means to the end of liberal ideology. When our Civil War took place, it was more a contest for the future direction of the nation than a concern about slavery.

During the World Wars, and, come to think of it, Vietnam and Iraq, we induced ourselves to fight for democracy but in a “conservative” view that included empire and strong defense. As time went on, we realized that these were justifications and not reality. Leftism infects every object and makes each a tool for advancing Leftism, and nothing else.

When we see black-clad Communists running down our streets, the cops retreating, and normal healthy-looking white kids fighting back, we realize that our country has been taken over by Leftism and that we need to not only reclaim it, but rip out whatever made it go down this path in the first place. We realize that “America” as we knew it is now over, and we are in uncertain times.

With uncertainty however comes the hope of change. We had no hope for anything but more Leftism for the past seventy years. Now as Leftism and liberal democracy fail worldwide, we have a chance for something else. This is why the Battle of Berkeley is not just about Berkeley, or America. It is a collapsed Western Civilization fighting to rediscover its soul.

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