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Social inequality implies inherent physical equality

Economic inequality refers to disparities in the distribution of economic assets and income. The term typically refers to inequality among individuals and groups within a society, but can also refer to inequality among nations. Economic Inequality generally refers to equality of outcome, and is related to the idea of equality of opportunity. It is a contested issue whether economic inequality is a positive or negative phenomenon, both on utilitarian and moral grounds.


For equality of outcome and equality of opportunity to correlate, we are assuming that all people are equal in physical ability to do the intervening work.

I see no evidence of that, within races, within castes/classes, or within random groups of individuals. Obviously, there is also no evidence of it between races or between ethnicities.

Like accepting death, it’s hard for us — raised on political propaganda, Hollywood emotions and well-intentioned social conditioning toward “fairness” to “keep the peace” — to accept this. But it’s best to accept it, and move on.

Multiculturalism won’t work. Neither does leftism/liberalism. These are thinly veiled attempts at waging war against a demographic majority, viewed as “more favorable” because “we’re all equal,” using anarchy and demographic shift as weapons. They are revenge warfare and end up destroying the host nation, even while the people responsible congratulate themselves for predominance in fantasy areas like being Progressive, egalitarian, liberal and “fair.”

Life is about making things work and overcoming adversity. It’s not about fairness so we can avoid adversity. Some of the population is mature enough to accept that, and they are unpopular — because the truth is always unpopular.

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