Furthest Right

Is democracy self-defeating?

The internet is too complex for the average person, not just as technology but as a culture.

I’ll take it further: I don’t want these average morons voting. The people who should be voting are educated, homeowning family people who have proven competence in any discipline.

We don’t need more wage slave entertainment drones screwing up the electorate.


When you think about the people you interact with in stores, or drive around on the roads, you realize that you probably think many of them are morons; some are harmless morons, who drive a bit too slowly but mean no harm, and others are active morons, doing things that are not only dangerous but offer no value to anyone.

They vote.


Is this why all democracies end up picking bread and circuses, and so usher themselves into history’s list of forgotten failed states?

Is the great ugly secret of the West that we recognize ancient Rome and Greece were superior cultures, but that they died out the same way we have been for centuries?

Long, slow decay, based in the “preferences” of the individual — which conflict with reality.


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