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The Races of Europe, by Carleton Coon (1939) — Know the difference between your Nordids, Falids, Dinarids and Lappinoids.

You can now find Carleton Coon’s The Races of Europe (1939) online, replacing the version originally hosted at

If you’re not familiar with this work, it traces the emergence of Europeans from stone-age people and the different traits and abilities of the groups that became modern Europeans.

It is not “racist” — a made-up word meaning one who does not bend over to service racial/class inequality in multicultural disaster republics — meaning that it does not pass judgment, nor does it deal with non-European races except Asians and Semites, who are described in their mixed state.

If it is not seen as “scientific,” that is because our scientists now are very scared of offending our official neo-Stalinist denial of reality dogma of equality.


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