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Social Engineering: Pornography Addiction

On the popular 90s sitcom Friends several episodes allude to pornography addiction of several lead characters. Sometimes they would watch it in the homes of others, sometimes on hotel pay-per-views, and sometimes they would even watch together. But the common theme in all cases is that it is portrayed as normal and even desirable.

Subsequent sitcoms and comedy films have similarly concluded that pornography and frequent masturbation are normal behaviors that we should endorse — Seinfeld, How I Met your Mother, There’s Something About Mary, and others — explore the themes to varying degrees but never portray them outside of “Hey, this what all guys do, it’s cool, it’s normal!” But as the Social Engineering series further examines the decline of Western Civilization, the time has come to address the contribution of Pornography Addiction. Should we accept what popular culture tells us, that it is a “cool normal thing,” or shall we adhere to Varg Vikernes and “Stop Watching Porn?” Let’s find out!

Pornography is legal and unregulated in over seventy countries including most of Europe. In other (mostly Islamic) countries it is completely outlawed and blocked from their internet. While U.S. regulation requires you to be eighteen to access, there is absolutely no regulation on the internet outside of a page that asks “are you 18?” or “when was your birthday?” Of course, there have been exactly zero cases of this effectively deterring a young person from accessing pornographic material. Case in point, let’s look at some statistics from a recent study on the viewership of pornography by young people and children:

In 2015, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health ranked internet safety as #4 in the top 10 health concerns for children. Ranking ahead of school violence.
According to the average age of first Internet porn exposure is 11 years old.

35% of total downloads on the Internet are pornographic in nature.

One out of 7 kids have received a solicitation of porn and there are 100K websites that offer illegal child pornography.

The Crimes against Children Research Center says that 1 in 5 teenagers have received a sexual solicitation via the web.

and “about 25 percent of the youth who encountered a sexual approach or solicitation told a parent.”

According to “79 percent of young people’s unwanted exposure to pornography occurs in the home.”

That second stat is a telling one. Why aren’t David Hogg and the #neveragain propagandists protesting pornography being flooded on them at higher rates than school shootings? They are much like today’s feminists, who will run through the streets streaking and shrieking to protest abortion law but are hypocritically celebrant of an industry that demeans and destroys women in the industry to an extreme that they can never have sex again. They would rather convince us that “sex workers” are just as respectable as any other industry than save women from the horrors that go with it.

In any case, pornography has become nearly impossible to avoid. I can attest that the above study is in fact concurrent with my high school experience; all of my friends had seen pornography by around thirteen years of age, and you were considered a weirdo/loser if you had never jerked off to it. But how does this affect a society at large? Let’s start with a study from the 1950s where two scientists decided to test the effect of illusionary stimuli on butterflies:

Back in the 1950s, two researchers, Dr. Nikolaas Tinbergen and Dr. D. Magnus, played a trick on butterflies. [1] After figuring out which marks on female butterfly wings were most eye-catching to their mates, they created their own cardboard butterflies and painted them to look like super-females. Their wing patterns were based on the wings of normal butterflies, but with more exciting marks than would ever be found in nature.

And the butterflies fell for it. Even though real female butterflies were around and available, the males kept trying to partner with the cardboard versions. It wasn’t getting them what they wanted — which was the chance to mate — but they had been tricked, so they ignored the real females and kept trying to charm the decoys.

This study is mortifying when you consider how accurately it portrays our current state of society. Men throughout Western nations are consumed with the illusionary butterfly that is pornography, leaving women behind. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) would not exist without the flood of pornographic that assaults every Western male throughout his life of internet usage, nor would half of Americans be divorcing their spouses due to the crippling addiction’s influence.

Many women spend between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime modifying their faces and bodies to fit pornography addiction. And worst of all, many women trying to keep up with the escalating brutality found in many pornographic websites of today are finding themselves physically destroyed; this was the horrendous recent case of a woman who will need a colostomy bag the rest of her life because of an attempt to recrate a porn scene (WARNING: follow that link at your own risk!).

But if you ask today’s American psychologists, they will tell you “no there’s nothing wrong with all that, porn is fine, it’s just an issue of moral and religious conscience.” Psychology Today magazine is especially vigilant in their defense and protection of pornography, popping out article after article declaring its innocence. Meanwhile, psychologists will be pocketing millions in their counseling of all of the broken men and women whose came of age in a society where pornographic propaganda assaults the senses in TV commercials, magazine tacks, the roofs of taxi cabs, and many internet website ads. Much like depression and drug addiction, society is really good at giving us poisons and then selling us a fake cure.

How did Western Civilization get to this vile sewer of subversion? Though many are quick to blame “da Jews” given the demographic dominance in the filmmakers and performers, they often fail to understand that the Japanese have long propagated the industry and are equally culpable. But these cultures and others came into Western culture because of diversity, globalization, immigration, and democracy.

These factors, and not the nations and peoples that came with them, are the true reason we have this crisis. Progressive ideology says women are liberated when they embrace whoredom, leaving the women to die young when they cannot find a husband to protect them. Meanwhile, multi-millionaire porn industry executives lobby our politicians and psychologists to keep pornography normalized so PornHub can stay on the list of top ten most visited websites in the world.

When I consider pornography in all of its horror, I cannot look at the post-WWII West as anything other than a complete and utter societal failure. Until we decide to hold the psychologists, journalists, entertainment industry, and politicians responsible for unleashing this monster upon us we will continue to see our social health further spiral into the depths of total depravity. And when China finally decides to invade and conquer Western nations, they won’t even need to make eunuchs of the captives. We have willingly done it to ourselves through the unmitigated flood of pornography we’ve welcomed into our nations.

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