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Periscope (February 14, 2019)

  • National debt tops $22 trillion for first time in U.S. history

    Under democracy, the future of your nation is decided by the emotional and mental equivalent of a football game (maybe those hooligans have a point taking footy so seriously). When there is a Republican in office, the Left suddenly becomes worried about the national debt, despite the fact that the national debt nearly doubled under the Obama regime, and the brutal reality that entitlement spending is the cause of our fiscal crisis and is responsible for two-thirds of our yearly spending. In other words, if we cut the 1930s and 1960s socialist-style entitlements programs, we would be solvent within a decade. Politicians fear to cut these, and voters panic whenever this is mentioned, so we have dug ourselves into a typical democracy hole — spending Other People’s Money and leaving debt and disaster for future generations — which Trump has done his best to belay by increasing revenues through tax cuts, but the voters respond better to “cash in hand” like the George W. Bush tax bonus checks than they do to tax cuts, which is why many are complaining about lower refunds despite having paid less tax. This was the source of their rebellion during the mid term: voters knew on some abstract level that they would have more money, but they could not touch it, feel it, and see it in their sweaty hands in order to spend it right now and so they threw a little tantrum. Basic math and democracy are opposites.

  • Woodrow Wilson High School under fire for name

    We told you that this would not end with Confederate monuments:

    “Woodrow Wilson was a very committed segregationist, and we would certainly like to see the name changed to somebody or something that is more in line with the school’s ideals and the city’s values,” said Judith Ingram, parent of a 10th-grader and member of the ad hoc group The D.C. History and Justice Collective.

    Most people are moral hamsters who respond to whatever is popular in an attempt to cash in on its popularity. If it is popular, they reason, they want their share, and its popularity will lift them up and make them more important, so that they can then get more of a share of the wealth, power, and prestige in our society. As a result, Leftist outrage is very big now, because among the clueless masses, anything which explains their failure as someone else doing something bad to them which can be fixed with more Leftism is popular. Simple answers for simple minds.

  • Tentative Deal on Border Security Reached in Bid to Avoid Shutdown

    Trump continues his business-oriented approach to society, which is to view everything as a negotiation for different contractual rights to property. He is not wrong, because most people think solely in terms of what they control and what brings wealth, power, and prestige to them or their group. He has offered a number of compromises to the Left, and now has a border deal which seems bad until you realize that it means wall construction begins and the nation commits to it. Sure, we would all like $25bn for a huge wall, but instead, we are getting it in bits and pieces, with the Left looking worse each time they threaten to destroy a project which already has a substantial sunk cost.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in U.S., according to CDC data

    For the fourth consecutive year in a row, the prevalence of these diseases has risen. Most of this seems to be happening in the border states.

  • Mexican flags fly at small Beto counter-rally as Trump draws thousands

    Civilizations thrive on unity and die with disunity. Under the Leftist policy of “diversity,” we now have many groups here, each of which is competing to dominate the political sphere and then force its will on everyone else. The Left knows this, but has not yet figured out that the new diversity will vote for its own candidates instead of white-looking Leftists like Beto O’Rourke.

  • Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia

    No one is really surprised. Democrats have retreated to the position that the minor violations they have found on the part of people associated with Trump constitute a pattern which strongly implies collusion, but they lack the smoking gun, so only people who already think that Trump is allied with Vlad Putin to take down the free world are impressed. In the meantime, everyone else sees that this is a huge win for Trump and anyone who rejected the Left, the media, and the entertainers and refused to buy into the hype. On the other hand, open questions of Leftist collusion with China remain, and somehow rarely get mentioned in the media.

  • Russia, Back From The Brink

    In the meantime, the failure of Democrats to find collusion has rocketed Russia ahead, as has its actions to comply with sanctions and liberate its industry from control by some oligarchs. While Russia still has a serious problem ahead that it shares with China, namely a failure to develop powerhouse industry of its own which finds unique niches, the great Leftist Russian-hunt of the 2010s has ended badly for the Left.

  • ‘Hate speech’: Govt to initiate crackdown on social media

    Something worse than a slippery slope exists, and that is imitation. When the EU and US started demanding that social media begin installing censorship filters to remove politically uncomfortable ideas, the rest of the world listened, and now is demanding censorship for its own benefit. While the internet at large may remain free of censorship, the parts that 90% of people use will quickly become as controlled as the “big three” networks during the days of broadcast television. This is “progress”?

  • North Korea may choose to follow Vietnam’s economic model as it looks to open up

    Political models are diversifying as nations choose to go either capitalist-Communist or capitalist-socialist; in other words, the Left has taken complete control, and now is fragmenting internally between those who want to maintain centralized government control to a large degree, and those who want to enforce it in the subtle and effete methods of the modern West, namely using fear of ostracism as a weapon in the free market to disenfranchise and destroy non-conformists.

  • King of Reddit Karma GallowBoob Accused of Shilling for Netflix

    Users on social media are slowly learning that despite all the warm words about “free speech” in the beginning, social media wants to remove any content that looks bad to the fearful herd and at the same time, wants to insert content from its paid contributors without appearing to do so. This follows an earlier parallel, which you remember from 1980s movies in which every conversation scene seemed to feature a can of Coke or Pepsi with the label featuring the corporate logo pointing to the camera. Who can forget the Reese’s Pieces in E.T.? The same thing is happening now, just more subtly, and the users have a feeling but no real clear direction. On Reddit, confidential informants reveal an even grimmer truth. The admins spend most of their time posing as normal users, posting content to boost up ratings, while boosting mentions of products that belong to their corporate overlords and those who fund them. With Chinese conglomerate Tencent now owning a large share of Reddit, people are right to fear that their “free and open” social media has entirely become political, social, and corporate propaganda.

  • Gun-seizure laws grow in popularity since Parkland shooting

    You can count on voters to do one thing and one thing only: panic. Trends are like fads or manias a type of panic, that is a fear of missing out (FOMO) panic. The current trend involves the voters getting all pretentious over the fact that they can make themselves seem important as moral crusaders against the guns, since it’s not social breakdown that is afflicting us, but obviously the guns, which take over minds and turn people evil. Like all panicked morons, the voters want the strongest laws they can get, forgetting that laws are interpreted, and whatever is sane today will be insane tomorrow. Honestly, I think most white people checked out long ago because watching what the voters do will make you hate your race, your ethnic group, and anyone who participates in democracy. The stupidity is just too painful to view. Anyway, these laws allow for taking guns from people who are “threatening,” so all that is required to take guns are (1) one person to complain and (2) one incident that can be construed in some way as threatening, including but not limited to:

    • Misgendering a transsexual.
    • Not supporting diversity.
    • Voicing objection to government.
    • Being strongly masculine or feminine.
    • Displaying obvious competence that others cannot share.
    • Reading ancient texts.
    • Having a culture, faith, or identity outside of government.

    Notice how carefully the Left advances toward gun control on all fronts while distracting us by demanding more abortions, immigration, and entitlements. The voters are capable of focusing on only one thing at once, so this bait-and-switch quickly fakes them out and convinces them to vote against their own interests.

  • Israel fights boycott movement as pro-Palestinian campaign gains global support

    Jews reacted with panic to the Nazis and, as they did after other anti-Jewish activity, declared themselves opposed to nationalism. This was comical because nationalism is part of Jewish identity; you cannot say that you want to keep to yourself and not outbreed without at least appearing to be a nationalist to egalitarians (remember: egalitarianism is 100% insane, and even one drop will destroy your civilization). This has led to an undoing of the postwar order, where we united on the Leftist idea of diversity/globalism in order to avoid the conflicts between nations that we blamed for WW2, incorrectly. In reality, WW2 was an extension of WW1, which itself was the continuation of the Napoleonic Wars and the European revolutions, which were wars for democracy. WW2 solved nothing and left the underlying issues intact, and the postwar crusade against nationalism simply delayed the inevitable conflict. Diversity/globalism does not work; it assumes that all people are equal independent of race, caste, ethnicity, and social class, when in fact people are highly varied and like tends to group with like because that is the only way that people can get things done. This offends the useless, however, and so egalitarianism is always popular simply because people are afraid to point out that it is nonsense and by doing so, offend and disturb the weak among us. Jews harnessed egalitarianism to defend themselves, but now it is working against them, so the sooner they abandon it for particularism — the idea that things are not equal — and affirm nationalism, the sooner they will be able to have a stable civilization in which they can survive the coming storm as the world order unravels yet again.

  • The great Equifax mystery: 17 months later, the stolen data has never been found, and experts are starting to suspect a spy scheme

    Late Stage Democracy (LSD) frustrates anyone sane because the system is entirely incompetent since it has no internal unity. Egalitarians fear concentrated power so they distribute that power, which then makes every issue into a bickering chatter-fest about how the power is distributed instead of, you know, what we should actually do about problems out there in the real world. It becomes comedic quickly. Equally hysterical is the careerism. Once you tell people that they are equal, and then force them into competition with everyone else, you get the social equivalent of bumper cars. Each person acts against every other, pushing them down in order to get ahead, and no one focuses on the task at hand, only their own career, social status, and pile of stuff that they hope to haul away before the collapse. Democracy turns people into gibbering idiots. It also makes them oblivious to obvious problems since tackling hard problems does not advance a careerist; only tackling easy problems that can be reported as successes does (and pleases the idiot managers above, who know that they will not be blamed for promoting someone according to established mathematical methods!). Naturally, this meant that foreign powers could waltz in past the careers and bumblers of Late Stage Democracy and steal all of our financial information. The question remains as to who this was and accordingly, what they wanted it for, but we will see this come up again in the future. It could be that the Chinese want to calculate our social credit scores in advance so that they know who not to execute after they invade our flailing, narcissistic, bloated, and cowardly democracy and defeat it by simply being able to consistently focus on simple tasks.

  • Russia Routed Millions to Influence Clinton in Uranium Deal, Informant Tells Congress

    The Clintons have something that has made them immune from prosecution for decades. If they go down, some other secret will be revealed, and smart money says that it involves China and not Russia, and widespread complicity among American politicians, bureaucrats, and public figures to do what China demanded in exchange for wealth, power, and prestige. If Asian strategy holds true, and it usually does since history repeats itself, China is waiting for American democracy to fall so that it can activate its sleepers, use its collaborators, and take us over from within in concert with an external invasion. Then, it will kill off any likely dissenters and rule its vassal state as a giant slave empire much as the Mongols did to any territory that they conquered.

  • Germany avoids recession with flat final 2018 quarter

    Compare and contrast this article to a couple other data points, “U.S. retail sales post largest drop since 2009; jobless claims up” and “China’s January exports rebound, imports decline.” What does this tell us? We are in transition between a “globalist” economy that benefits China, and a “nationalist/populist” one which benefits us; this will cause a bit of a hiccup as tariffs are negotiated and we become self-reliant. The consumers panicked, which is what people in herds always do which is why you should never trust any herds, and so they caused spending to drop by 1.2% which then caused the investors to panic and finally, the markets to respond. If the panic stops, this can reverse itself quickly. In the meantime, the West needs to get away from its “service economy” trip where we design the surface aspects of interchangeable junk made in China and repeat the profits of that cheap labor, spending it on hiring lots of people to do make-work jobs like Facebook consultant, diversity expert, layers of useless management, and thousands of entry-level coders so that when six do the same task you can pick whichever solution is closest to functional.

  • Brexit row risks ruining May’s date with parliament

    The world must laugh at the layers of bickering, neurosis, narcissism, and drama through which any proposed action must pass in order to become real. Democracy is bureaucracy. It shows the world that we in the West are weak since we have tied our hands to the delight of the individualistic crowd and each person in it, who gets more freedom and more independence from the consequences of his actions with each act that makes society less unified and competent.

  • Sports store to close after removing all Nike gear in Kaepernick protest

    American conservatives live in retard world where most people are conservative and what is intelligent always wins out. Since they are two centuries behind, we can update them: most people are filthy stupid animals going through the motions since they fundamentally have no purpose in existence, and lies always win out over truth because lies are always more popular and in egalitarian times, popularity matters more than reality. Boycotts are only effective when lots of people join in, as happened with the NFL, which usually does not happen for ideology only but because the fun of something has been ruined. You need to mock it, belittle it, ruin it, and destroy its reputation for this to happen. Nike still makes a lot of stuff that people want. A better strategy would have been to drop prices on its competitors in order to wean people slowly off of the brand. Most big American brands thrive only because of advertising, anyway, which is why we are such a media-dependent, entertainment-focused “culture.” Break that cycle and the big brands go away, replaced by store brands and local alternatives. That would also damage China, which is where most of the big brands are made, so that they can “buy low, sell high” and profit greatly.

  • India Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Censorship (non-paywall)

    We had a chance to nip this in the bud. “Oh no,” said the voters, “we want protection against fake news.” The conservatives then had a chance to stop it, but they said, “We stand for principle, and that means that private businesses can do whatever they want, because that is the Freedom of Association™ that remains after two civil rights acts and affirmative action.” The rest of the world shrugged and laughed. Soon the EU passed some laws, the media in the US stepped up the pressure, and everyone else adopted full-on censorship regimes because people are hamsters and censorship works.

  • Russia has ‘grand designs’ on European domination, Mike Pompeo says

    Mike Pompeo observes the obvious. Let us add to this: China, also, wants to dominate Europe, but its best strategy involves having Eurasia (Russia) invade first, then attacking both parties when they are most weak. For people whose brains have been de-activated by democracy, this makes no sense, because in democracy, everyone is equal and therefore there is no conflict… right? In reality, which only about one percent of people in the West have any chance of perceiving, the rest of the world wants to take what we have because they are stupid monkeys who assume that they will reap the benefits of what they cannot create or maintain. Our stupid monkeys, in the meantime, want to hand it to them, because to them, posturing like they are not threatened by anything seems like a good way to get ahead socially. Stupid, stupid monkeys.

  • Americans continue their march to low-tax states

    In America, we have a version of the “yellow vests” protests, and it is called moving to Texas and Florida in order to avoid the insane taxes imposed by coastal states in order to fund their third world underclasses. If any American state ever manages to make an Anglos-only rule, it will dominate all the others simply by having less than half of the budgetary demands that they do.

  • Behavior at Age 6 May Predict Adult Income (non-paywall)

    The Left tries to get out ahead of a study which shows that solipsistic people are less productive, and argues for “more education” as they always do, forgetting that these traits are hardwired. In the meantime, a realistic look tells us that individualism, solipsism, and narcissism are cousins which manifest in a desire for “equality,” or “I can do whatever I want and you can’t judge me.” The third world is individualistic. Criminals and the homeless are individualistic. Sane people are not focused on themselves or the herd, but reality: how do I make what I need? What must I do to plan for the future? What is real and true? The West thrived when we asked those questions but has become a wasteland under individualism.

  • Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes

    The end result of equality is that all behaviors are equally tolerated. Where in the past we could demote people for bad behaviors, now we can only demote them for one of the big sins — murder, rape, theft, and racism — and so everything else must be tolerated. This produces a cultural wasteland in which the lowest common denominator always wins and good people are penalized for their higher standards while the insane, incompetent, perverse, and criminal run free thanks to being subsidized by society at large, which simply passes that debt on to the future. This is the end.

  • Weedkiller ‘raises risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 41%’

    One modern product raises the risk of cancer; now imagine the many thousands that you use every day or are around you all the time, and tally up the combined risk if even a quarter of them end up being dangerous. The future belongs to those who get out of the cities, away from industrial agriculture, and into environments where their offspring can thrive. Then, their only problem is the collapse of their government and the forces it will use to take everything they have. Running to the country is not a solution.

  • Study: Germany needs 260,000 immigrants a year to meet labor demand

    Europe is kidding itself. Among the many cubicle slaves doing unnecessary jobs, finding 260k workers will be trivial. What they really mean to say is that German needs more taxpayers because it never could afford its entitlements state, just like every other democracy has gone broke funding those welfare programs, pensions, socialized medicine systems, free education, and other stuff that voters love but hate thinking about how it will be funded. As Late Stage Democracy winds down, expect all of this stuff to crash anyway, so there is really no point worrying about how to fund it.

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