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Social Engineering: Educational Marxism

In 90s suburban elementary/junior high schools, there was a classic ritual that on the last day before vacation where you would spend the whole day watching movies.  This is because the hype of a long vacation rendered students completely useless and therefore teachers unanimously gave up on trying to get anything productive done. Many times we found ourselves watching the same movies, which I at the time believed where to, but later found myself asking myself what the ulterior motive was.

The most commonly shown film was The Little Rascals, which was not so much a kids movie as it was a ninety minute feminist indoctrination video.  We were taught “a woman can do anything a man does” and “the boys club should welcome girls.” We were taught that it was bad for genders to have any differences in habit and lifestyle, that gender roles should be abolished, and that women can beat men at their own game.  Most of the other films we watched had also advanced at least one part of the SJW social paradigm (be it diversity, socialism, or Harry Potter witchcraft) being broadcasted on an unsupervised audience.

When thinking back on the teachers showing these movies, I came to the drastic realization that many of them were divorced, some were single, some were gay, and some were the heads of their household. In times past, such behavior would get teachers blacklisted and, in some cases, kept far away from children. But starting with the cultural revolution and communal breakdowns that came in the 1960s, many protections came in place where any degenerate social outcast could wind up in control of the social development of our American youth. Generation X and millennials would be the first to experience this change, but more on that outcome later.

The latter half of the 1900s saw America’s lawmakers and economists grow cold toward the educational system.  More and more, funding for education was cut. Athletes, politicians, movie stars, and TV “journalists” saw their salaries skyrocket and their persona idolized, yet the educational system was the first budget to take a hit every time money was short.  Teachers were paid less, kids were sharing outdated textbooks, and air conditioning was scarce. The role of the teacher was no longer a valued mother and leader of the youth; instead, it became an afterthought to the newly enshrined “celebrity” “architect” et al.

It is then, no surprise that more and more educators have turned to socialism. Their college degrees have told them that they are the elite, but society has degraded their role and revenue stream. Thus it’s no surprise that time after time, you hear of Antifa terrorists or radical progressive op-ed writers being named as “professor of ____ University.”

And who are today’s teachers? They’re the outcasts, the losers, the socially inept afterthoughts that were never good enough during their own educational experience and are out for revenge against the world that left them behind. They’ve been corrupted by a college system that has been compromised by communist ideologues and subversive donors, pampered by the advanced degrees their ancestors could never afford, and enslaved by a perverse pantheon of modern media voices. They lack the ability to think critically, but are unable to recognize it, and thus will force toxic progressivism on their students.  Affirmative action programs will see many children learning from cultures that are not their own, leading to further confusion.

It has been written here just how perverse and wicked the Baby Boomer generation have been, and how deep their failures as leaders run.  This continues in the classroom: the teachers of this generation have failed, and one needs to look no further than the astronomical sexual abuse rates against minors by their teachers to see what a horrific failure the “cultural revolution” has become. But they also share blame in the skyrocketing suicide rates (many due to being trans-gender), the escalation in drug abuse, the breakdown of the American family, and the inability of their students’ generations to assimilate into society.

The student walkouts during the hysteria over the Parkland saga, in which students were penalized for not joining their teachers in protest, are just a fraction of where the educational Marxist indoctrination is leading society. Teachers freed from moral, sexual, mental, and emotional stability have been given the freedom to run amok in the care and development of our youth. They will teach them to hate their nation and race, teach them to be gay and trans, teach them to be teach them to be witches, teach them to be culture slaves, teach them to opt out of marriage and family, and ultimately teach them to make their feelings the sole voice of reason and guidance in their life.

There will not be much hope in the public educational system, and so if you have children or are thinking of having them then it would be wise to get them out of there. Your best options at this point are private school, homeschool, or possibly a few private institutions. However, be mindful that many Catholic private schools have also been corrupted by homosexuality and other progressivisms and your kid will need a handful of siblings to make homeschooling work.

Educational Marxism has doomed at least two generations. And until we get a better bar of standards for our teachers (married, parents, apolitical and bearing some racial, religious, and/or cultural identity) we aren’t going to see many improvements. But in fairness, we won’t see any takers if we keep cutting the budget for education and keep idolizing athletes and media personalities. And also in fairness, it’s going to be impossible to teach a class with no racial or religious unity.

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