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Periscope (January 26, 2019)

But first, a message from Abe Books.

  • Why Trump’s immigration compromise is a shrewd move

    Although Trump took credit for the government shutdown, he has successfully shifted blame to the Democrats for its perpetuation. He made an entirely reasonable and in fact generous offer, to which the Democrats replied that he needed to reopen government first, essentially refusing to compromise and demanding everything that they want through that instance. Nancy Pelosi seems typical of prole rule: she is good at asserting her power and finding new excuses, justifications, and pretexts for expanding it, and by being unreasonable she gets her way in most situations. However, when faced with an actual business-style negotiation, she collapses. This explains, perhaps, why Democrats are so awful at international relations. They cannot handle the Machiavellian Realpolitik or “prison ethics” that actual exercise of power requires. In the meantime, most middle class Americans — who never depended on government anyway, and recognize it mostly as that which takes their salaries to fund “the poor” — are enjoying the government shutdown. The Left, acting through its lapdog unions, has tried to bring the pain home by shutting an airport but this becomes apparent that it is a union action since the union warned just yesterday of bad consequences inbound. This means that the Left has blinked first; they realize that this shutdown is crushing them, and that they get less relevant with each passing day, and that as more government fails and no one cares, their position will be eroded significantly. Democrats will regret not taking this deal, although the point they will make is that if they make Trump look like he won, then the rest of his time in office will be spent with Democrats playing catch-up. The obvious solution of deporting all Democrats to Venezuela has apparently not occurred to anyone.

    Now, we must ask whether Trump cucked or not. It is hard to tell at this time. One strategy he may be pursuing is that of offering the reasonable compromise, then the delay for everyone to get their act back together, before doubling down when the Democrats prove entirely unreasonable. If they do, he will most likely threaten to declare an emergency and solve the wall that way, and will make one more offer to them before he enables a government shutdown yet again. He knows that the shutdowns are unpopular but that in time, the voters will vindicate him, although he knows that from the midterm, voters respond more to cash-in-hand (voters are morons) than they do long-term benefits. He engaged a tax cut for Americans, snapped the economy out of the Obama slump, and gave us a new economic direction to the benefit of all and still the petulant voters turned on him simply because they have become brats who are accustomed to throwing tantrums so that someone will pretend to care for a few moments of glorious warm attention before the loneliness of this Earth closes over them again.

  • Queen sends a Brexit message to UK politicians: end your bickering

    Very few people read this message in enough depth:

    “As we look for new answers in the modern age, I for one prefer the tried and tested recipes, like speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view; coming together to seek out the common ground; and never losing sight of the bigger picture,” the queen said.

    She speaks in terms of the “common ground” and not “compromise,” and the “bigger picture” and not moralism. She has essentially said that the UK needs to focus on what sustains it in the real world, not what makes the system work, and on end results, not opinions and votes. This is why aristocrats are born wired to know a lot more than democracy ever will.

  • Super Bowl Ad Prices Stall After Years of Relentless Increases

    We are seeing a general media collapse. Social media took over by becoming the “front page” of the newspaper or morning news or even drive-time radio of a new generation, meaning that people tune in first to these sites rather than going to media directly. This makes newspaper articles into clickbait in order to get you off of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, and Discord. This situation created a collapse of media which now manifests as the consolidation of remaining media because only a few outlets can get enough traffic in to make money from their ads from Google, Facebook, and other online advertising services. We are seeing the same thing with television as more people cut the cord or otherwise switch to internet from television, much as they switched from print to radio, and radio to television. If things get really interesting, we will at the same time see a switch from social media to regular internet; in the 1990s, everyone wanted a “web portal” so that ordinary consumers (read: narcissistic idiots) could boot up the machine and hit one page that had everything they wanted. It was too expensive to do this by hand, so we have robots do it and more importantly, we take a Wikipedia-like approach and have the crowd do it, meaning that we do not get quality content but we certainly get lots of it. The bigger story is that people are losing faith in media as a whole, mainly because it has become unreliable thanks to the Leftist bias of those who inherited it once the good years were gone, but also because they realize that in a diverse society, there cannot be one media for all groups. Even more broadly, people have no need to tune in to the media for their daily dose of diversity, equality, and tolerance propaganda; social justice simply does not sell because people already support it or oppose it. Instead people are looking for media that caters to their group, a mosaic of religion, culture, race, class, ethnicity, and political leaning. We saw this already in the last decade with the massive split between Fox News and MSNBC watchers, and now we are going to see this intensify for an end result of fewer news sources and more “aggregators” like Drudge Report or MetaFilter.

  • Is Lack of Sleep a Public Health Crisis?

    Western society lost any sense of purpose long ago. Instead, it chose to simply facilitate what individuals want through a system called individualism which arose during the Enlightenment. It turns out that doing so makes us slaves to the lowest common denominator, namely what other people want, but they like the West are ruled by doubt because they have not found a sense of purpose in life and cannot organize their minds as a result. Now we have many squalling neurotic animals running around bleating out whatever justifications for their lifestyle choices that they can invent. This chaos is winding down slowly and as it does, the number of fingers in the pie increases, so everyone must work more, which squeezes other activities into the few hours of the evening and so naturally no one gets any sleep. It is not like they could sleep through the constant diesel engines, traffic, screaming people, car crashes, planes overhead, crime, and constant worry that not only are things going badly but that our lives are being wasted on nonsense. Jobs need to go back to being something you go to in order to achieve certain results, not ways to defend ourselves against the accusation that we are not good workers like the rest in our egalitarian paradise.

  • Bill seeks to outlaw dwarf-tossing at Washington bars, strip clubs

    Sane and healthy societies have few laws and a handful of cherished principles; sick societies have many laws and have forgotten any principles except those required to make them good to others, the moral equivalent of politicians kissing babies or the boyfriend who pounds your head into the wall every weekend showing up on Valentine’s Day with the biggest bouquet of roses that you ever saw. We have nothing in common anymore, so politicians make names for themselves by pandering to the fear of the herd that they as individuals will be victims, which leads to an obsessive need to find and “save” victims everywhere. This manifest in neurotic political correctness. Dwarf-tossing seems idiotic, but if we need to remove it, that must happen through cultural change so that the market for it dries up. In the meantime, we should stop trying to make every deformity acceptable and instead realize that birth defects are a misfortune and nothing we can do will help that.

  • Trump cites Tucson ‘wall’ illegal crossing stats, but where did they come from?

    This slightly older article slyly makes the point indirectly that the more border fences and walls that we have put up, the more immigration over the border has decreased. Strong signals work. Weak signals encourage exploitation. Democrats are all about weak signals because they really have no purpose in life, so cling to power and the good warm fuzzy feelings of egalitarian ideology as their meaning in life, even though it fails them every time.

  • Democrats’ America: The Heart of Darkness

    We have reached the endpoint of diversity. Our nation is permanently divided, with one side sure that the other side are “racist,” and the other side slowly realizing that it is being genocided through demographic replacement. This outcome was predictable from the moment diversity was introduced, since diversity does nothing but divide and civilization thrives on unity only.

  • Italy: Court rules far-right leader Salvini can be charged with kidnapping

    The Leftist courts in Italy have ruled that because Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stranded 177 illegal immigrants on a ship in the Mediterranean, he has “kidnapped” them. The Left, when it cannot win on the strength of its arguments, uses the system in ways clearly against its spirit but through some creative interpretation of the law, within its boundaries. This is typical of people with no purpose in life; instead of reading the law for its actual purpose, they deny purpose and pick and choose whatever is convenient.

  • Police investigating after men unfurl ‘It’s OK to be white’ banner at BBL cricket match

    Somehow, even the most innocuous message now becomes a cause for panic, police investigations, bans from stadiums, and media outrage. Are they saying that it is not OK to be white? Then what should we be, dead?

  • Global economy in real danger if U.S.-China trade war escalates: Reuters poll

    Reuters polled economists across the globe and they agree that it could be devastating if the US has a trade war with China. In reality, economics is a vast and complex science that often offers too few answers because the necessary data is not known. Therefore, economists tend to fear any breakdown in the current system, not realizing that for us to transition to something else, there must be “disruption.” In this case, we are moving from demand-based economics to supply-side economics, and also, moving from a globalist ideology of equality to the notion of self-interest by independent and autonomous nations. The trade war consists of the US negotiating for fairness in trade since it is no longer obligated to promote egalitarianism everywhere at its own expense, and therefore, wants a level playing field so that it can succeed. In the meantime, the quality of Chinese products in the States has plummeted, and so consumers want other options; at the appliance store, they told me that extended warranties are essential purchases because the Chinese-made appliances often die within a year. Which is better, an appliance which costs twice as much and might last for forty years, or one that is nice and cheap but a piece of junk and therefore needs to be replaced every seven? Ninety percent of the voters cannot do the math. The real story behind the story with this article is that the globalist arrangement was not working and is fundamentally unstable, which means that it will eventually crash, and that crash will come sooner or later. That will bring us to an end of WW2 moment: one economy will be left standing while everyone else is in ruins (the high price of democracy, but remember you are all equal and free). If the US achieves a measure of self-sufficiency — producing everything that it needs — within the next couple of years, as it easily could, it will ride this one out just fine. Europe will be devastated again, a consequence of its insane entitlements states, and Europeans will cleverly rationalize this as someone else’s fault, probably while saying “we wuz kangz” in thick accents as monotonic techno blares.

  • Far-right AfD barred from Buchenwald concentration camp memorial services

    Think this is about Jews? Nah: the party is blocked until it revises its “anti-democratic and anti-human rights stances.” You cannot criticize the Regime. Only those who enthusiastically endorse the Regime get anything. Everyone else must be excluded, or the Regime will never achieve the singularity, which happens when it has total control and equality Utopia is then totally imminent. Keep working for the revolution, proles. It has been two centuries and counting but true equality in our lifetimes is just around the corner. We pinkie swear it!

  • YouTube is changing its algorithms to stop recommending conspiracies

    We had a chance to get this right, and we blew it. The original approach treated all internet sites as providers, not publishers, and therefore the users were responsible for their content, not the site. Greedy Hollywood and the controlling Left found this appalling, and demanded “accountability,” which really means that every site must hire a censorship team to filter out anything offensive. That in turn causes them, in order to avoid the high cost of infraction, to pro-actively remove anything which might cause the loudest voices to squeak. As a result, in the name of removing “fake news,” “conspiracies,” and “hate,” they are removing as much Right-wing content as they can. This further drives the two sides to hate each other, which is good, because that is a frank recognition that they cannot coexist and need to seek separate nations. Those of us on the Right would lose nothing but entertainment sources that we do not use if we ditched the Left, so we are actually in the better position, if we can recognize it and then defend ourselves as a group.

  • With no end in sight to government shutdown, TSA agents at Hawaii airports start to resign

    Zero Americans will be bothered by this. We recognize that government is the least efficient way to do anything, that government employees are not motivated because as in the Soviet Union they are not accountable to market forces, and that our government has grown huge and fat on the idea that it will implement civil rights everywhere so that we can live in equality Utopia. The government shutdown has made life pleasurable around here. I see more WASPs on the street and fewer people who seemingly have no jobs but are driving around late-model SUVs and buying lots of luxury goods. People are more polite, because we depend on each other instead of Big Brother, Incorporated, to fix problems and make everyday life work. If the government shot itself in the face and left the military, we would all be fairly happy with things. Without its millions of lines of oppressive and detail oriented law and regulations, we would settle things by refusing to support people and organizations that lie and do bad things, instead of looking to the intermediary of law, politics, and ideology. Life would be better. Let the shutdown continue, forever!

  • Legislators spent big on lavish fundraisers — but gave no grants to students

    Now that government has been revealed as the bloat that it is and not a functional entity, we can turn our attention to NGOs. Most non-profits take funds from government, industry, and well-meaning private donors who are using their donations as a means of moral preening or social status signaling. All the good people do it, you know. These organizations are non-profits or not-for-profit corporations which means only that they cannot pay out distributions of profit. However, they can pay high salaries, and so plenty of organizations exist which take in a million, pay out most of it as salaries and consultant fees, and do nothing. This is perfectly legal but our society depends on journalists and voters to rage against the donations to the bad ones, but those groups are generally too busy just trying to make it, so the great scam of taxpayer money and donations wasted continues.

  • Close Enough

    The EU represents the usual activity when enough humans get together. They decide that life is hard, they are all victims, and that they need to create a strong authority to make everything safe. This in turn requires that they force everyone else to behave because only by spreading out the impact of losses across the whole group can they insulate themselves from potential loss. Similar to insurance, unions, socialism, and lotteries, this new mentality spreads quickly through the virus of “equality” or accepting everyone at the same social level which appeals to those who otherwise have nothing to offer. This mentality, which arises from lack of goal rather than having a clear objective, then groups together everyone who is purposeless and makes a pseudo-kingdom out of them. Then, it finds it is unstable, so it expands. America under Abraham Lincoln took this approach, that of uniting everyone through ideology and not culture, heritage, faith, and other organic/natural things, and now the EU has adopted the same. Clever people that they are, but not intelligent, they have decided to make themselves into a superpower by uniting Europe. This kind of stupidity only comes from the middle class, where shopkeepers and bar owners agree on the bourgeois sentiment that civilization does not need to be maintained, but taken for granted, and the rules relaxed so that they can sell more stuff! Perhaps this is why the Bhagavad-Gita inveighs against caste-mixing, since the middle class seem like degenerated aristocrats with a peasant or two in the bloodline… in any case, this article argues that the European nations need more political options instead of simply being glommed into the EU and forced to follow its Soviet-style ideological white whale hunt to its inevitable tragic Napoleonic end.

  • US missionary who engaged with reclusive Brazilian tribe could be charged with genocide

    The missionary wanted to “spreading his beliefs” but because his actions could have killed off the tribe who lack immunity to diseases he may bring, he can be “charged with the crime of genocide by deliberately exposing the safety and life” of a remote uncontacted tribe. Let us hope that he is convicted, because then we can charge Leftists with the same. Even though they simply mean to spread their belief in Equality-Utopia, they are killing us off, and so we need to physically remove them. If we can jail them, that works; if we can exile them all to Venezuela, even better. Their progressive ideas will no doubt make that country into a first world success story in no time.

  • Italian Lawmaker Apologizes for Tweeting That Rothschilds Control International Banking

    Possibly entirely unrelated. In the meantime, diversity still does not work, and when it fails, either the majority or a minority gets blamed, but doing so never fixes the problem, which is that diversity is a paradox. You cannot combine many into one without destroying them, and in the process, you lose what made them powerful, and so diversity commits both genocide and the creation of yet another burnt out third world place.

  • Roger Stone: Trump ally arrested on seven Mueller probe charges

    The great witch-hunt continues! “The indictment does not say Mr Stone committed any criminal activity during the election,” the BBC reminds us. That about summarizes this story. Stone is alleged to have worked with Wikileaks and asked people not to talk about it. In the meantime, the people who published the Pentagon Papers are still free, and Robert Mueller continues his habit of making a strong case that happens to lead to a strong conclusion. Oh well, at least his career has advanced.

  • Germany extradites ‘laser man’ killer John Ausonius to Sweden

    Democracy makes a big assumption with the whole “voice of The People” trope, which essentially insures that it cannot accept a mistake without also criticizing the people. In the same way, in the Soviet Union, one criticized government policy by pointing out an instance of its failure and attacking the officials involved. Never criticize the system; only attack individuals. When someone notices that the system is failing and leading us all to suicide, and takes extreme action, the system must make a huge example of that person, which is why the essential thing to do is to avoid playing their game and instead, to criticize the system. Our problem is not Iranians; it is diversity. Our problem is not Jews; it is democracy. Our problem is not collectivism; it is individualism. And at the core, our problem is that we have lost a sense of purpose because we included too many people in our society who do not belong there, and that caused us to lose faith in ourselves. We need to begin rebuilding, which gives us a sense of purpose until we are ready in a few centuries to explore the stars.

  • S.Africa stunned by revelations in corruption probe

    Diversity rule means that people are elected for being members of a group and not for being good politicians. This naturally selects for the most corrupt, on top of the tendency of democracy to do the same, and so you end up with a kleptocracy. We already see this in America through cities like Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, and San Antonio, all of which are thoroughly expert at taking money from the small white portion of the population and transferring it to an endless sea of third world mouths.

  • U.S. to start returning asylum seekers to Mexico on Friday

    Instead of what Leftists want, which is that when migrants get here we keep them around in detention at our expense until the voters get sick of that and scream for them to be just allowed to come in freely, Trump changed policy so that Mexican immigrants get sent back to Tijuana while their claims are being processed. This significantly reduces the value of coming across the border because now immigrants must find a way to support themselves instead of having the American taxpayer do it while our overloaded immigration courts process their requests. Our next step will be to abolish all refugee and immigration law and simply close the borders forever. Not surprisingly, the UK is doing the same thing to migrants who come across the channel, returning them to France so that France will then be forced to carry the load and, in turn, will find it in its interest to return the migrants to where they came from before they got to France.

  • Brussels takes on Vienna for cutting benefits to foreign children

    Governments depend on parasites. Without parasites, government has no reason to do anything but roads, military, police, and fire, and there is just no growth in those! The EU is mad because Austria figured out that its migrants were sending home all their social welfare benefits to people in their home countries, where the money goes farther, in shades of what Central American illegal aliens in the United States do. The EU wants Austria to give them the full amount as if those children were living in Austria so that the parasitism can continue, because that way, everyone will need an EU forevermore and be enslaved to their jobs and therefore good compliant idiots. Bad managers love idiots because they can be commanded to do the same thing at the same time, creating an illusion of productivity, where good managers realize that humanity has always been dragged forward by an exceptional few, and definitely not by the “wisdom of crowds.” Crowds are death. Quality people are life.

  • Small number on Twitter spread vast majority of fake news in 2016: study

    And just like that, the “fake news” drama ended. It turns out that 99% of users on Twitter spread no fake news, and only about 0.1% of individuals spread 80% of the fake news. In other words, this was a non-issue, especially when you couple it with the fact that most social media users are fake and the ones that are not generally are on fixed income of under $40k/year, have lots of time because they are young, old, or disabled, and lean Left because they are inconsequential in the real world.

  • Union membership in the U.S. hit record low in 2018

    Europe has yet to realize this, but union membership in the USA has declined for the simple reason that unions destroy jobs, industries, and futures. If you join the union, you can get a legal team and some protections, but those extend to the worst workers as well, which causes a Soviet Union style death spiral where soon everything is mediocre and the cost is passed on to consumers. Industries either learned to beat the unions through contracting or making jobs specialized, or they saw themselves become almost totally outsourced. Unions add high costs that are not realized in profit and must be passed to consumers, so when someone else figures out a way to do it cheaper, the union shops get blown away. This is the right order of things. We need local leaders with absolute power to restrict or destroy abusive businesses, not an angry mob given legal protection to begin its extortion campaign and in the process, ensure that those jobs will not be around for future generations.

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