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Social determinism is the new alchemy

When modern society treats all human populations as a uniform mass of generic hominids, we have secular universalism. Diverse value systems that do not fit this generic hominid fantasy are then invalidated as idiosyncracy, bad manners, superstition, even criminality.

The alchemist

“Unlike Hobbes, Locke believed that natural law dictated that all human beings were fundamentally equal; he derived this argument from his theories of human development. Since every human being walked into the world with the same capacities as every other human being, that meant that inequality was an unnatural result of the environments that individuals are forced to live in, a belief that still underlies the Western notion of human development.”


From the minority point of view, the majority’s system (e.g. Anglo Saxon Common Law or Roman civil law) then feels oppressive and appears intently biased against them. It only helps the misperception to have various political actors and social justice groups capitalizing upon and affirming this negative perception.

The illusion is also reinforced when elements of a distressed majority play along, although these do not make as much profit. Most of us are familiar with the various arguments where a given minority group tends to engage in certain behaviours more than others.

These claims are most easily validated when reviewing criminal justice statistics. Most of the other claims rely on a combination of empirical evidence and a consensus derived from it. Such observational consensus is dismissed without effort by hurling verbal silencer munitions at it, like the term “stereotype”, as if to make the target bleed muted guilt.

We’re denying hereditary group differences that society is unable to deeply affect. Like IQ, our mode of conduct in life is hard wired and always within us, but nonetheless shaped by society during life with a soft irregular nudging.

When society fails to force each of us to conform to its rigid hominid template, several things happen. First, it ignores the first several decades of failed results. Judging men by the content of their character has after all only served to underscore but one aspect of our irreconcilible, fundamental differences.

“The cases – in Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky – reflect the fact that despite previous efforts by courts, many black and white schoolchildren in the US live and learn in different worlds.”


Second, because it has invested decades of pride, money and time into secular universalism and systems that profit from the arrangement, it attacks dissent. Biological determinism is dismissed using the intellectual fraud of a strawman in absolutist terms: “biological determinists do not believe environment has any effect on human development.”

Evolutionary psychology, once embraced by secular universalists, fell from grace when its revelations began to conflict with the universalist control agenda. Its competitor, cognitive psychology, gave us the new Blank Slate Man, the generic hominid that is essentially shaped by public education and social rehabilitation.

Third, as opposing evidence accumulates, the living results fail to meet public expectations and dissent grows along the academic periphery, society then reluctantly adjusts its approach.

“Over the past few decades, the dominant criminal justice philosophy dropped rehabilitation in favor of sequestration and retribution. Opportunities for education, job training and drug treatment have fallen out of fashion. “Three strikes” and minimum sentencing laws have led to excessive punishments for millions of nonviolent offenders, especially in the misguided “war on drugs.””


Contradictions surface. Multiple identities in one society is a supposed celebration of diversity. Yet, as convenience calls for, identity politics is also denounced. It is as if we do not wish to face the fact that multiple demographic identities in a nation causes competing identity politics. Instead, we imagine identity politics causes itself, as if it was formed in a vacuum.

Ethnic political violence

Since there is no universal standard applicable to every tribe, egalitarian pluralism under common rule does not generate the uniformly utilitarian results it claims for a goal. Voluntary autonomous separtism is a simple solution. Therein, at the very least, claims to identity bias would never take place. Diverse cultures return to replace our commercial monoculture.

People need their own living space under their own values system, otherwise some minority group is going to feel as if it is intentionally oppressed by a dominant order and standards that seem to them alien. The reality is that our fundamental differences are not uniform, despite the best attempts of society to shape each of us, for its own convenience, into clones within.

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