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Significance: Twitter, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Boss Tweed

Buzz about Elon Musk buying Twitter consumed the airwaves today. To experienced media observers, this story is a “negative space” story, since the events themselves are non-notable but what they acknowledge is really big.

Musk buying Twitter in itself should deserve little notice. A businessman sees an asset which is undervalued because of poor performance by management, and therefore decides to buy it and fix some of its issues.

Among those, Musk has at least hinted at an interest in making the site more like a free speech outlet, allowing users to employ third-party filters to remove whatever offends them instead of outright censoring it.

There is also discussion of The Algorithm that supposedly censors conservative content, although I think we will find that it was actually Twitter employees who took note of any Right-wingers who stepped off the rez and banned them.

They banned me six years ago, but have kept around the non-controversial, diversity-affirming conservatives. This tells you all that you need to know: Silicon Valley, which is mostly minority labor at this point, wants you to declare support for diversity or be banned.

Even more importantly, however, Musk has penetrated the world of blue checkmark goodthinkers on the Left who took over Silicon Valley when the innovators cashed out fifteen years ago. These now run Google, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, and Facebook.

In doing so, he caused them to panic, and this panic shows us that they got caught. They were using Twitter and Facebook as propaganda organs for stealing elections, controlling the goodthinker horder, and keeping all of us from leaving the reservation of democracy, equality, socialism, and diversity.

They set up another JournoList on Twitter that served as their command-and-control center for figuring out propaganda to dole out every day to keep normal people rationalizing that what was happening was “good” when in fact it was obviously bad.

Mark Zuckerberg funneled tens of millions into local elections just like George Soros and other Leftist billionaires who, being opposed to culture because it impedes their business, desire total socialism in order to fund and solidify their monopoly businesses.

They knew exactly what they were doing. They took public opinion, removed anything non-Leftist, and presented the rest as what Americans and the world thought. This classic propaganda technique is the basis of political correctness.

They followed the age-old Leftist guide, which is to liberalize the rules so that society falls apart so that they can rule over the chaos, importing diversity to vote against majority rights.

Musk buying Twitter should have been a non-event, unless there was (a) something to hide that might come out and (b) a propaganda organ that was being disrupted. Musk may do nothing with Twitter except to stop doing what the Left were doing.

In this way, Twitter reminds us that nothing really changes here on Earth, and especially not in America, where political machines still exist by destroying social order, buying votes with entitlements, corrupting industry, controlling the press, and destroying their opposition.

If you think that the Left acts like a clique, mafia, gang, cult, or secret society, you are correct. Political machines act like organized crime because they are organized crime, just a type that makes its money by trading favors and taking kickbacks (“ten percent for the big guy”).

Is there fear and trembling out there? For the last century and nine, at least, Americans have known that something was deeply wrong and tried to simply avoid it, survive it, and die before the whole house of cards went up in a blaze.

As a case in point, conservatives put their heads down, worked hard, paid taxes harder, went to church, set up “parallel economies” and “Benedict options,” and kept the whole show running because they just wanted to get by.

They became rationalization hamsters, or meek little people who accept that everything is ruined but out of fear of having to change, cling to the status quo and want it to go even further so that the little pile of wealth and influence that they have amassed stays with them.

In this way, conservatives and liberals became the same animal: they would program their minds with any contorted lies necessary to keep believing that our society was not failing as it obviously was, but instead was not just succeeding but improving.

You have heard this lie your whole life.

They controlled it at first through the intelligentsia, then pop culture, and finally took over The Establishment itself and made their dogma into its founding political culture and laws such as the 14A.

Boss Tweed — or a series of Boss Tweeds — ran the whole thing from behind the scenes, making a ton of money for everyone who joined him (or her) in organized criminal behavior.

Now it is all unraveling. Trump set up the Left to fail by provoking them into panic, at which point they revealed what they really were, and in doing so, they showed just how incompetent they are.

They showed that they do not care if your grandma dies alone in a ward sealed off from family so long as those mail-in votes get Leftists elected. They showed that they support race riots, foreign powers, and crony deals.

In my view, Trump “caught them all” because he knew they were coming and was prepared. Now he is doing his favorite trick, the slow steady leak of bad news while the crisis worsens.

As the Left crashes toward a binary solution, one where it either seizes power forever or is destroyed forever, the Trump plan marches forward: remove the collaborators, eject the criminals, and tear down the edifice they used to take over.

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