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Setting off a chain reaction


The West is in decline; innumerable parts of life have fallen out of order. Outside of its borders starvation, holy wars, rainforests destruction and anthropocentric genocide of natural species show the effects of our decay. We all wish it were different, yet no one knows where to begin. Perpetually the cry of futility that frustrates and exhausts us rings out: “do something.”

Can the world be changed? It would seem very difficult because the world is larger than we are as individuals. Its cellular structure suggest the possibility of change by influenced a chain reaction. A body is made of billions of cells that together enable it to survive. Similarly, human beings each serve different roles so humanity itself can exist. Managing our own affairs, we serve the greater good while setting an example for others.

By influencing our immediate surroundings, it is possible to be the beginning of a great chain reaction. To change the human world, we begin by influencing other individuals. In particular, we must target children, who can absorb ideas young and develop them during their whole lives, influencing many more. This does not mean abandoning our hope of change on a political level, but knowing that such change starts off with a cultural shift, and this is created by people imitating those they admire or ideas they find compelling.

Man is a single cell. What is tiny cannot change the course of the world on its own. But if he influence other cells and these, in turn, begin to influence more cells we create a wave among us that overwhelm the fragile order that exist now. A chain reaction cannot be stopped once it reaches critical mass. Getting to that stage, instead of bemoaning our smallness and impotence, avoids the problem of smallness entirely.

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