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Senator Hirono Hastens The Imposition of Amerikan Sharia

Our latest SCOTUS scat-show confirmation hearing has gone from ridiculous to sublime. We are now on the verge of establishing a precedent by which any man who may possibly refuse to allow the killing of unborn children by fiat, up to the day before the child is to be born, can have his entire career derailed by an utterly unsubstantiated accusation of rape that supposedly took place thirty-six years ago. If this is how it is going to be, there are going to have to be a few equitable adjustments in how men and women relate to one another in what passes for Amerikan Society.

As of today’s installment of the US Senate Jerry Springer Show, the following “facts” are officially true.

  1. The Senate Dems are demanding a delay in the vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination until the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford testifies. Oops, correct that. Has her entire story accepted without question.
  2. Christine Blasey Ford claims she has received death threats and has to hide her family. Presumably this just might be the case until twenty-four hours after the midterm elections of 2018. It’s amazing how these coincidences just magically work themselves out that way – perpetually in the favor of the Democrats.
  3. Blasey furthermore states that she won’t testify until the FBI conducts a full investigation. The FBI has already remarked on how unlikely they are to investigate a nearly four decades old “He said, She said” that doesn’t involve the commission of a Federal Crime.
  4. The Accusation is potentially dubious for 11 reasons.

    1. Ford is a Democrat who donates to left-wing causes, attended the anti-Trump March for Science, and previously signed an open letter challenging Trump’s border policy. 
    2. Deleted her public social media accounts before revealing herself. 
    3. The haze of alcohol.
    4. Another witness now denies Ford’s account. – The “PJ” she mentioned as a corroborating witness has totally denied her claims
    5. The only witnesses deny her allegation. – Mark Judge, suppodedly in the room during the rape attempt, has thrown the red bullspit flag on Dr. Ford’s entire account.
    6. 65 women who knew Kavanaugh in high school have vouched for his character. 
    7. Kavanaugh has successfully passed six FBI background checks. 
    8. The allegation wasn’t released until Kavanaugh’s hearings were over. 
    9. Polygraph tests are so unreliable they are inadmissible in court.
    10. Ford, by her own admission, has a hazy recollection of the incident. Hazy = unsure of year, date, how she arrived, where the assailants originally were in the building, which house the assault occurred in, or how she ever made it home.
    11. Ford’s therapist’s notes of the incident don’t match her current version of the story.

Based on this set of facts, famous Women’s Rights Advocate Hillary Rodham Clinton requests that we give Dr. Ford every scrap of benefit of the doubt that she herself gave Jennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky. Oh wait. Sorry. Female Caligula thinks we should actually show at least a scintilla of respect for Dr. Ford. Rape accusers who describe Bill Clinton’s junk with medical accuracy are filthy, lying ditch-skanks. On the other hand, Christine Blasey Ford is a damsel deeply wronged.

The illogic here is thick enough to cut with a chainsaw and throw cow chips all over the Senate Hearing Room. Condign as that may be, the Dems clearly can’t let that happen. The only argument left is STFU. When even Senator Lindsey Gramaphrodite questions the “facts,” the entire indictment is beyond excremental. Everyone even remotely associated with this farce knows it to be complete malarkey. Fifty percent of the population cheers it on because they believe open dishonesty that works is good, effective applied open dishonesty. Codes of Honor are such a drag on getting things done. Dispense with them and haul in Dr. Ford off the slag heap out behind the Love Bone Merry-Go-Round.

So there are three ways this can go….

  1. The Dems accept their last-minute Hail Satan pass has failed and vote straight party line against Kavanaugh.
  2. The GOP Cucks, Kavanaugh is withdrawn and Trump has to find a half-Black, half-Hispanic, and Half-Asian transvestite FrankenJustice with deeply-held conservative principles to fill this vacancy.
  3. Someone finally has enough of the Leftist #MeToo garbage. One of these Senators tells the wrong guy to STFU and gets her dentistry rearranged. Instead of the Senate Caning Incident, we get a scientific excursion to determine whether beating an already hideous Career-Slut of a Feminist with an ugly stick can actually make her look any worse.

Forget about #MentorHer. Forget even about #Hireher. A massive reactionary backlash will eventually materialize against an entire class of obnoxious and increasingly hateful women. As a husband and father to two women I completely adore, I hope it just stops with feminists who are deliberately attempting to ruin anyone they can target for malice and personal advancement.

It won’t stop there. The effect will be devastatingly widespread. Gunfire doesn’t care about innocence. Retribution doesn’t get a boner over it either. The Kali Yuga wearing a slut-suit has arrived to bedevil us further. Sharia gets imposed when the more civilized concepts of codes of honor fail. Codes of honor are voluntary and will only be maintained at cost in return for respect and renown. If a man cannot even count on still retaining a good name in return for honorable behavior, the level of behavior is going straight to hell in a rusty, old bucket.

Scandal, particularly dishonest and calculated scandal, is the death knell to any code of honor. It targets and removes the reward for accepting the constraints implicit in the code of honor. Men are going to rapidly tire of being dishonestly penalized and dispossessed for playing the game of life by the currently established social rules. Then they get a couple of belts of liquid courage in their system and start sorting the little women out in their own special way. If people like Senator Hirono continue to push the “Men Should Just Shut Up” narrative, then “Beat The Bitch” will not just be a variant form of poker. I mean if you’re just gonna get accused of it anyway….

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