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Science Fears Biological / Genetic Realism

At the end of the day, we can see all of human history as a struggle between narcissism and realism.

Every time we advance, this makes it easier for people to dodge natural selection, so society accumulates more people with the mutation load that makes them narcissists. These are genetically-damaged people.

They then gang up on the society that has produced them, tearing it down because they need some scapegoat for their own lack of adaptation. In a way, they are correct: making things better allowed things to get worse.

If you wonder why so much of human history consists of breakaway groups fleeing aging societies to new areas, like America or Rome, in order to begin again with a fresh genetic slate that weeds out the weak, this is why. They are fleeing areas ruined by individualism.

As a result, when you find yourself in an older society like the current West, you are going to be surrounded by mute load cases… and their agenda will always involve denying the reality of biology and genetics, which says that behaviors come from genetic traits and therefore broken people have less healthy genetics.

The root of egalitarianism after all is that all people are equal, and if you have genetic reasons why results are not equal, it becomes impossible to argue that they are equal in basic reason, morals, and intellectual ability. The equality plan goes right out the window.

In egalitarian times, which by definition are times of decline, science finds it hard to accept anything which emphasizes biological or genetic differences between individuals and groups.

This leads to ludicrous hacks that claim that external influences, not genetic makeup, are responsible for all of the challenges we face. This includes even far-flung parts of science like Alzheimer’s research where we blame random proteins instead of lifestyle and genes:

Authors of a landmark Alzheimer’s disease research paper published in Nature in 2006 have agreed to retract the study in response to allegations of image manipulation. University of Minnesota (UMN) Twin Cities neuroscientist Karen Ashe, the paper’s senior author, acknowledged in a post on the journal discussion site PubPeer that the paper contains doctored images. The study has been cited nearly 2500 times, and would be the most cited paper ever to be retracted, according to Retraction Watch data.

Most likely, we can see that the cluster of mind-erasing disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia reflect lifestyle choices and some degree of genetic vulnerability. In particular, people who suffer from these seem to have shut off the world and new input some years before.

Ironically, many of them appear to be doing the opposite by being open to “new” things, but they tend to gatekeep for the novelty that is compatible with their existing beliefs.

Instead of saying that people have different genetics and different behaviors, therefore some get brain-wasting disease, we double down on the idea of external influences, which lets us continue to insist that these diseases are “random” and people are equal.

Science contorts itself to accept this unscientific presupposition of equality, and this leads to a taboo on biological/genetic differences between races, cultures, individuals, ethnic groups, and social classes:

“Overwhelmingly, the most taboo conclusions involved genetic, evolutionary, biological, or otherwise natural explanations for group differences in socially important outcomes, particularly in domains in which women underperform relative to men or Black people underperform relative to White people,” the interviewers found.

The most taboo conclusions were:

1. “The tendency to engage in sexually coercive behavior likely evolved because it conferred some evolutionary advantages on men who engaged in such behavior.”
2. “Gender biases are not the most important drivers of the under-representation of women in STEM fields.”
3. “Academia discriminates against Black people (e.g., in hiring, promotion, grants, invitations to participate in colloquia/symposia).”
4. “Biological sex is binary for the vast majority of people.”
5. “The social sciences (in the United States) discriminate against conservatives (e.g., in hiring, promotion, grants, invitations to participate in colloquia/symposia).”
6. “Racial biases are not the most important drivers of higher crime rates among Black Americans relative to White Americans.”
7. “Men and women have different psychological characteristics because of evolution.”
8. “Genetic differences explain non-trivial (10% or more) variance in race differences in intelligence test scores.”
9. “Transgender identity is sometimes the product of social influence.”
10. “Demographic diversity (race, gender) in the workplace often leads to worse performance.”

We are living through a second Scopes Monkey Trial in which Darwinism is threatened with exclusion by popular narratives.

In the first round, Christianity opposed the idea of evolution because it was seen as denying the equality of all souls; now, we see Darwinism opposed because it denies the equality of all bodies.

When science bows down to popular narratives, everything it does will be wrong because its assumptions are wrong. As the computer scientists say, “garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO).

At the core of our sensitivity to Darwinism is diversity, because if we admit that different ethnic groups and social classes have different outcomes because of different abilities, we embrace not just ethno-nationalism (the Big Satan) but also hierarchy and caste systems.

In an egalitarian time, that will not do at all, so the pearl-clutching, guilt, resentment, revenge, pretense, and censorship must roll in order to protect our most fragile and yet foundational of illusions.

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