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Scholomance: depicted as a demonic school of dark arts, run by the devil, it perfectly illustrates our contemporary situation in the wake of The Enlightenment™. Our modern schools are without purpose, without foundation; they exist merely because they are “business as usual,” helpful to show off social standing, and where else would the kids go while the grown-ups work?

To better explain this we must understand the difference between knowledge and information. Knowledge is something that is known, and which is not easily passed since it was not easily gained in the first place. Yet somehow it was gained, perhaps as the result of experience or age in combination with intelligence hence to teach it there must be a promising student willing to go through a similar process to acquire knowledge on its own. The student progress and matures, a seemingly slow process albeit necessary.

Information on the other hand is any scrap of data that may or may not be correct, and which you may or may not comprehend, but which is easy to cram into your head. The better you are at it, remembering what someone else says, and the more of a suck up you are, the better you fit into a society that thrives off of appearances. Modern education is a process that spreads information, indiscriminately without regards to quality, in this way it is a lot like propaganda. Understood in relation to the greater forces in play it is easy to see that it serves the purpose of re-educating children in the wake of the enlightenment. By stuffing the heads of the students, with modern but inessential rubbish, the old ways and their knowledge are pushed aside. The quality suffers; in its place there is quantity: fast food instead of whole grains.

Quantity is taken for quality — in other words book-knowledge and gossip are taken for intelligence — and the more someone repeats the simple message the more it is taken to be truth, for everyone around says so and thus it must be so, even when this is not the case at all. In this way respect for teachers disappear and is replaced with pretensions to the academic mind.

In our modern schools, rather than teach what is worthwhile, that is education based on knowledge and understanding and which few teachers possess, we stuff our children’s heads with information that anyone can teach but which devalues not only the value of a good teacher but also the value of the good student. What is important to succeed is to stand in line, a simple message that most children pick up on early on and practise on a daily basis, like marionettes of conformity. Unfortunately this do not prepare them for life as society crumbles, and it does not help their maturation and has the inevitable result that they turn out mad, like head-cases and underdeveloped like little kids.

Education as we know it is the Scholomance itself. Schools are not real institutions of learning but the tool of evil that enslaves generations. Though information is not bad in itself, beating it into the students, by long hours of repetition and many years of study, is sure to make them stupid by propaganda, insensitive to common sense, and ill-prepared to handle living on their own. The goal is to replace wisdom with mere information and in doing so, make the population compliant.

The answer perhaps, in the age of academia, is to bring back quality, intelligence and knowledge to the Academia. We cannot strike education directly since its so integrated into our societies but by infecting its mileu we could revert education to a healthier functioning. The web is the bleeding point, winning the information war on the web is crucial. All you need to do is take part, and spread what you know, rather than what you do not know. Just be cautious, for there are many little devils out there.

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