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Those of us born into this time inherit a world of ruins. The promised land of equality has put the ego before sanity, creating an era in which only the idiots thrive, because for them it is paradise. With everyone equal, we are all important, but reality itself is not important because it is not us. And thus like every society that has collapsed before us we have used law and money to hide away the consequences we will face for our denial of what is plain as the noses on our faces, and instead have drifted into a communal narcissism where good feelings predominate at the expense of honest thought.

Our society — which in turn determines what options will be available to us for our future — has been stolen from us. Worst of all, the thief is ourselves: people acting rationally in self-interest chose to adapt to our notion of communal narcissism, and profited from it, but the cost was further passage down the trail to oblivion. We as those who come after them can enrich ourselves and escape to gated communities, then congratulate ourselves on our new-found wealth and social prestige like generations before us, but that leaves the problem intact. Our society is infected with illusion and it will not stop until it suicides.

We cannot smash evil with non-evil; we must instead have a purpose, a goal, and role toward accomplishing those. This turns our faces from the argument as framed by those who want us to fail and instead we can look at reality itself and choose a future that might be not only non-failing but also encouraging and exciting. We need to aspire to something, or we will settle for the usual cons that conceal evil power seizure behind altruistic and pacifistic ideals. We need a goal that is not within what we have now, but can be found in exceeding what we are. Improving who we are, instead of replacing ourselves with the latest trend or idea and hoping to derive meaning from that, which is a backward approach to the sane idea of using ideas to express a goal and working toward that.

For these generations — X, Y and millennials as well as those who follow for them — our immediate task is to tear down what is ruined and replace it with that which is living. The ruin is Amerika, the dystopia-Utopia of collective emotion and self-esteem through ideology that has taken over Europe, North America and the world beyond. All that it promises are lies cloaked in ideas which, for social reasons, cannot be denied. It uses these ideas as a shield and a justification, and leveraging its power from that justification, grows to take over every aspect of our lives and make us slaves toward its ends. But then, since it has no goal except power itself, this leads nowhere but to more slow degradation of society and self.

The following list of complaints addresses the blight that modernity has fostered in our lands:

  1. Jobs are jails
    We waste our days making products for fools, working for diligent morons who got themselves promoted through being sycophants and obedient non-questioning cogs, and appearance rules over performance, so we must “compete” by spending the most hours doing the least important tasks possible. All jobs are now make-work, either by inventing tasks that do not need doing or expanding existing needs into quests among themselves. Goverment aids this with regulation and industry supports it to keep us as interchangeable gadgets in a vast machine, easily replaced if a problem arises. There is no security when this climate dictates our days and takes our best hours for reasons that are not even relevant to us.
  2. People are whores
    When popularity matters more than reality, only attention whores are rewarded, and those who make not the best but the simplest and most palatable solutions are rewarded. Our culture has become a cheeseburger: once a noble food, now distilled into what is convenient for industry to make cheaply, then adorned in surface decoration by a legion of hipsters and marketers to make us forget that underneath the skin is nothingness. Sexually, socially, politically and culturally, people are opting for simplistic childlike ideas that flatter them instead of ideas with substance, and as a result, their behavior is craven and whorelike.
  3. A narcisstic age
    When there is no goal, we turn on ourselves and to ourselves, and so we have created a society of self-important “equals” who each believe the universe rotates around them. This leads to abusive behavior, where people externalize costs to the rest of us through selfish acts, and constant drama of people acting out illusory dreams and then leaving the failures for us to clean up. Even worse, people are faithless, just as likely to throw over a friend for a crumb of social esteem as they are to meet that friend again. This makes people arrogant without cause, inflated and abusive of whatever power they encounter no matter how small, and generally boring as rocks.
  4. Our leaders are liars
    When you confront a herd with the choice of leader, it turns the competition into a popularity contest, and picks the best actor or the most flamboyant personality but leaves aside the humble candidate who addresses actual problems. Their technique is to divide the question of our future into lots of little “issues” which can be discussed in isolation as a means of deflecting debate from the question of our direction as a whole, and so we fritter away our time fighting over details as the whole rots from within. These liars profit for themselves and plan to bail out and sell out when the situation grinds down into collapse, retreating to gated communities with armed guards and looking down their noses at the rest of us.
  5. Social events are stupid
    All social events are in fact product events: buy alcohol at bars, buy movie tickets, buy dinner, buy products, buy media. We have no actual social events because narcissists cannot socialize, only show off. But since we are told we are “equal,” narcissism is all but commanded by the powers above (which we will refer to as “the all-seeing Eye”). Once we met in ritual or for no purpose other than to be in each other’s company, but now we meet on terms that are competitive to consume products to fill the void within us, and to do so in groups so that none may feel doubt.
  6. Ecopocalypse
    “Climate change” is another deflection which reduces a larger problem to a smaller issue in which both sides of the debate can be controlled. The more people we have, the more we create impact on our environment. The worst of this is our use of land, which deprives natural species from the space they need — unbroken by roads, fences, hunters, hikers, off-roaders, the military and so on — to live, hunt and reproduce. As we add more billions of people, we squeeze species to the least valuable land, in which their numbers fall below the point at which they can escape inbreeding and passing on of genetic diseases which ultimately exterminate them. The solution is fewer people, especially fewer thoughtless and irreverent ones.
  7. No stop button
    Because we are all equal, there is no way to say NO to anyone. Every dream is valid and must be acted upon even if the consequence is dire, and every person deserves a shot at the dream of a house in the suburbs with a big garage, two cars, and lots of exciting gadgets to while away the hours until inevitable (but not acknowledged) death. Like a horde of rats we descend upon the earth, consuming all that we can including each other in pursuit of this goal, and because everyone else is doing it, we cannot step out of it or we will simply be consumed by the rest of the mob. Our government has no way to stop our society from growing bigger and more vapid, since individual people made those choices, and so the disaster spirals out of control because to stop it is to be unpopular and thus to leave power in shame.
  8. Diversity cannot work
    Diversity fails not because black people are bad as the racists tell us, but because putting more than one ethnic-cultural group in the same space forces a decision on that group: either give up its culture and assimilate into cheeseburger culture, or resist and forever be marginalized in ghettos. To their credit, African-Americans have told the rainbow monoculture to take a hike, for the most part. The rest of us assume we are the majority culture and fail to notice any culture that does exist being steadily subverted by those who turn it into products, entertainment or politics. The more varied something is on the surface, the simpler it must be beneath, and so this cultural norming forces simplification to a lowest common denominator which reflections the “culture” of commerce, government and media more than an organic or honest culture.
  9. All “solutions” are controlled
    We have met the enemy and he is us. Individual choices and the pretense of individuals leads to a system that bases itself on the idea of equality, which to the individual means a lack of oversight and social standards which might restrict his actions. This in turn creates social chaos, to which government presents itself as the only alternative. It then divides the question of the health of society into many small issues, and by doing so, guarantees that these are expressed solely in the terms of the equality debate that gives government its perceived legitimacy. Through the selfishness and obliviousness of individuals, this process took over, and now shows zero tolerance for any solutions outside of its assumption of equality, government and commerce.

The worst part of this situation is that all of the decisions that landed us in this pickle have been “logical.” In reaction to what came before them, people made rational decisions that led to the best of the possible options offered to them. But this is a trick: the real option we want — a functional society instead of a popularity marketplace — is never offered. We spill our blood over many battles for details and cannot see the bigger picture, in which all of our logical decisions are in fact insanity that will lead us nowhere but to destruction.

Any mentally healthy person will find this society unbearable on a daily level, with its ugly streets, dramatic people, make-work jobs, constant lies paraded as virtue and our time being wasted on the trivial when it could be spent in getting to know ourselves and putting our heads in sane places instead of the neurotic, solipsistic and consumptive mindset this society fosters and requires for its favor. We are being brainwashed into a lifestyle and values system which is anathema to all healthy things and which destroys our chances for happiness while increasing our chances of pleasure in the moment. “Live in the now,” they say, by which they mean a future of actually enjoying life has been foreclosed to you.

Our goal is to destroy what is in power because it is corrupt. This includes not only the lying government and the deceptive media, but all people who have benefited from the system as it is now. To benefit, you must not only accept the lie but force it onto others, the oldest “multi-level marketing” or pyramid scam in existence. These people are therefore corrupted and cannot be saved and must be exiled, executed or otherwise driven out of our society. They used the lie to their own advantage, which makes them criminals, not leaders. Our media pundits, “entertainers,” fake religious leaders, corrupt politicians and leaders of useless industry are all parasites like the leech or the mosquito, and we need our blood to rebuild not to subsidize these otherwise useless people.

A new creation is needed, arising from a desire for purpose instead of equality. Toward this goal we each do our part, and so derive roles which are not interchangeable but specific to us. We value ourselves by what we are able to do, not what titles or money we have tricked a corrupt system into paying us. This will reverse the current situation, which is where the parasites are on top in the workplace and in politics, elected by the credulous millions and their pretense of making the “right” choice when they actually make the convenient one that flatters their egos, and instead will put the most capable people in charge. We can have one or the other, rule by parasites or rule by the capable, but not both.

We face two groups of dangerous fools. The idiots wearing pukka shell necklaces and listening to Coldplay must be made into serfs; they cannot manage their own affairs and when given money become destructive. The corrupt leaders like Joseph Biden, David Cameron, Tony Abbott, Ed Miliband and Barack Obama must either be forced to serve as slaves for their sins, or be removed from society by any means necessary without particularly concerning ourselves with these means. If our fellow citizens require the sight of a smoldering heap of corpses to realize that change is upon them, let us sacrifice the false and corrupt! It is not as if we have any shortage of such people. A round of violent executions might startle these people out of their sleep and make them focus on the consequences of their actions.

Abolish the rules. These are designed to protect idiots, who suffered under the old order which measures the consequences of our actions and held people responsible when their fond fantasies turned out to have bad results. By putting the burden back on the individual to act so that the effects are right, instead of having “good intentions” or conforming to the trend of the time, we put our people on notice that all of us are responsible for what comes of our actions. This removes the hiding places of parasites and deceivers and makes each citizen aware of their duties in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Finally, deport everyone who is not of the historical American majority — English, German, Scots, Dutch, Scandinavian and French — because we need a clear identity as a people which lies in the Western European traditions from which our rules, aesthetics, culture and values originate. This is not deportation because they are bad; it is deportation because diversity fails and history shows us no successful diverse nations, only many failed societies which just happen to be diverse. Diversity is a symptom of decay and not of health.

As individuals, we have a choice for our future. We can follow what past generations did and keep passing the buck along to the next generations, fully aware that we are on a slow path to failure and for each new generation the future is darker than for the previous. Or we can throw out the old, corrupt ideas of “equality” which originate in the Magna Carta and French Revolution and certain religious fanatics before them, and destroy all of the parasitic dystopia that those lies have wrought, in its stead creating a new society with a better future not just in avoiding present problems, but in directing itself toward a higher way of life and future that is not just free of disaster, but filled with joy, purpose, belonging and meaning. We will be judged by history for what we do.

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