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Rolling To Disbelieve

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy-based parlor game that turned into a social movement of sorts among geeks of the 1980s. It naturally acquired its critics. Evangelical Christians believed that it celebrated chaos and Satan. (If The Dungeon master said so, yes it could). Others claimed it wasted time and promoted poor habits. Doritoes and Dominoes should thank Gary Gygax personally for inventing and popularizing the passtime. It also is accused of promoting magical thinking that cripples are ability to properly handle reality. Here I won’t snark, because the geek-bashers just might have a point on this one. An awful lot people we meet every day see a monster in the mirror and then roll to disbelieve.

This delusional belief that we could just roll a handy twenty-sided dice and make a problem we didn’t want to face go away seems to have imprinted itself into actual serious life decisions. In the case of individual, delusional people, it’s easy to write them off like the guy with a pictures of the eight- and twenty-sided dice on his shirt that reads, “That’s just how I roll.” Integrated over a large enough proportion of a population, the effects begin to resonate enough to bother and hamper non-idiots as well. Our current dating market and illousions that drive it are perhaps a prime example.

Dalrock chronicles our falling rates of marriage across all races and both genders. We hit an apex back in 1960, and our rates of marriage have been falling ever since. This doesn’t really necessarily mean that people don’t want to marry an ideal partner, it just indicates they have no satisfaction with the one they are probably highly likely to wind up with. I blame belief in reality as an ephemeral state.

Children grow up on fantasies. Even children who never partook of Mr. Gygax’s imaginary universe got taken for a ride in the mental amusement park. I’ve called it the Michelob Delusion before. It’s a belief that you really can have it all. I can’t have it, you can’t have it; even President Trump won’t quite get to scarf it all. But that’s what women in the Modern West were unjustly sold as a bill of goods.

Women are expecting society to deliver them, socialist style, good husbands because these woman have been good citizens and gone to work and bought stuff. They watched all the movies. It turned out that everything was lies. Now they are wondering where they are going to find a man who will subsidize their bad behavior, instead of working with them in a partnership of unequals who benefit equally from the same achievement. They were more likely to end up “Sleepless in Seattle” from an unrequited heroin addiction than from any dream come true with Prince Charming who conveniently owns a hot new Dot.Com.

So what happens when the delusion hits the wall at age 47? A divorced single mother of age 47 with two kids from a previous relationship may want to show some patience and grace with the single life. That, or develop a willingness to heal and repair the sort of man that would actively seek out the hand of a 47 year old woman with two kids that would not biologically be his. It’s not the best hand to be playing, and unfair reality requires a sober, self-judgemental realization of what you are up against in life in order to maximize the realistically available selection of outcomes. But Tereza Burki instead chose to roll to disbelieve.

She decided to get a top-notch headhunter agency to find her the right man. This set her back on the order of 13K Pounds Sterling. When the six men the company introduced to her failed to meet her exacting stud standards of wealth and manful virility, she made like a spoiled, rich, primadonna. She sued the dating firm.

‘She was dissatisfied to put it mildly with the service she received. She has sued Seventy Thirty in deceit and misrepresentation for the return of her membership fee and for damages for “distress, upset, disappointment and frustration”.’ The High Court heard Miss Burki was looking for a high-earning international jet-setter who was also open to having children with her. She says she was shown profiles of men she liked and, based on that and the company’s claims over the number of suitable men it had on offer, she paid £12,600 to join in 2014. But she became unhappy with the service when she was shown profiles she did not deem to match her criteria…

Other than a chance to be snippy and joke with her Hens Club how she took some guy to Small Claims Court, I’m not entirely sure what she expected. The day I felt that I was so bad at gaming ladies that I needed a $12K introduction service hook me up with an acceptable woman, I’d either seek out the services of an, um courtesan, or just hand in my man card and get really, really good at Microsoft Solitaire. The fairly large sub-set of men who are smarter, stronger, richer, funnier and a heck of lot nicer than dorky old moi probably holds a similar set of views regarding manly nature. The exceedingly small set of men that met her expectations (a few of those guys exist in real life) would have nothing in the world to do with some old, reamed-out ditchfrau that had forcibly ejected from the cock carousel.

I’m not arguing that greying, old letches with hot red, sports cars are any more realistic. A big bank account doesn’t magically make a poorly maintained, aging phallus serve its role. This sort of behavior from both genders is indicative of people who thought they were gonna ride to heaven without having to take the dirt nap first. And yea, this does exact a cost on the rest of us.

What? You may ask. How does this hurt anyone else? Isn’t a solipsistic individual purely his own problem?

No. Other people have to deal with the two children a person like that managed to squeeze out. I don’t see them Chairing the local Optimist Club Chapter at their middle school. I don’t see them caring about tomorrow and more than mommy really cared yesterday. They are quite possibly just waiting for the wrong stimulus to turn into “Jeremy” from the old Pearl Jam Album.

The school shooters that actually exist outside the imaginary realm of leftist statistics come from somebody’s home. This sort of delusion can be defeated, but only when we insistently demand that reality be faced on reality’s terms. Our society needs to do better than just solipsistically rolling to disbelieve the hate truths that are around us.

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