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Establishmentarian Accelerationism

Imagine the person of power who looks into the mirror. Instead of that mirror, they see the abyss. They look into the abyss…. The abyss laughs its ass off. To the Solipsistic Amerikan Elite, this is the ego kiss of death.

The Post-Christian Amerikan Elite only believes in one thing. What they see in the mirror. Other people are objects manipulated via transactional interaction. Life is just the games these people play and other people are useful playstations.

Hence, the only value these elites place on anything derives from how well they feel other people serve them. Having the world genuinely not care about them is a source of great interruption to their narcissistic supply. It is their sincere definition of Hell. To our narcissitic and solipsistic elite, Hell truly is other people.

So how does an overcredentialed failure such as Senator Lindsey Grahamaphrodite (Gaycuck-SC) react to facing their own complete and utter irrelavance to the universal order? They naturally revert to seething and simpering hatred and want the whole world to burn. We see this desire for universal immolation expressed in this person’s manic desire to massively escalate the already kinetic situation occurring in The Ukraine.

“The only way this ends in a sustainable fashion is for the Russian people to take him out. I’m not asking for American boots on the ground, but I want to help Ukraine with military equipment, with assistance, but Putin has gotten away with murder for 20 years – enough is enough, he’s got to go.” When asked if he stands by what he previously said, Mr Graham said, “totally – 100 per cent”. “Is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?” Mr Graham tweeted on Thursday.

Nothing eminates soothing peace and reason quite like attempting to build a better Stauffenberg. I’m sure Senator Sociopath would simply describe this as a form democratic open systems architecture that allows for the prompt removal of defective figurehead modules. We saw this already with President Obama’s Ghaddafi disposal operation in Libya. This resulted in a brand new franchise of open-air African slave markets. What possible negative externalities would hamper a similar operation involving Russia?

I do not claim to know. When Senator Sociopath tells us what he thinks would happen I would prefer it if he were evil and lying. I would hate to see a powerful elected official honestly hold such delusional beliefs.

“The only people who can fix this are the Russian people,” he added. “Easy to say, hard to do. Unless you want to live in darkness for the rest of your life, be isolated from the rest of the world in abject poverty, and live in darkness, you need to step up to the plate.”

I can only assume that a nation with over a thousand ICBMs would not be the only place on the globe in poverty and darkness if some US Senator hired Vinnie the Spider to perform some sort of life termination surgery on Vladimir Putin. President Obama was at least prudent enough to try that garbage on a country that had verifiably disarmed all of its atomic bombs. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar seemed surprisingly well informed when she tweeted out “seriously, wtf?”

This fatalism also crosses the artificial partisan divide that somewhat seperates the twin factions of Amerika’s Uniparty. When President Biden awakened from one of his frequent naps and banned Russian oil imports, Congresswoman Omar was far less intelligent. She opines belows.

“One thing that is very clear is that our dependance on oil means a dependence on tyrants, and this has always been true. There is no meaningful principle at play in a decision to ban Russian oil but seek it from Saudi Arabia instead. I am also gravely concerned that this ban will mean ramping up domestic oil production. Yet another reason why we must move to a green economy that is proven to be the most reliable and cost efficient.”

If dependence on foreign oil puts us at the service of tyrants, then why would she be gravely concerned that we could produce a bunch of our own? It seems that the latter would greatly palliate the former. There is no green economy. Nobody would profit off switching to green energy. Texas comes closer than anywhere else in Amerika to breaking even on solar or wind power. Texas does not break even. The solar panels on many people’s roofs in Texan neighborhoods only pay off when the homeowner receives a tax break.

Green energy sources have two problems that have yet to be solved. The energy production is intermittant and the storage devices do not hold enough in reserve to handle peak demands. Green economies have no energy and therefore do no work. Those who do not work have a tendency not to eat without external subsidy. A green economy would be death sentence.

Having perused the unrelenting bad ideas of both Senator Graham and Congresswoman Omar Incest, I struggle to imagine that either individual can envision a positive outcome to their policy reccomendations. Assumming that either one of these two elites are intelligent, functional adults leaves us to question what either seeks to achieve. If intelligent and well-informed leaders offer up policies that would do you grievous harm, they are probably not your friends.

This leads to the question of why. Why? Because neither the Idiot Senator nor Chromosome-Enhanced Congresswoman can solve any of these problems. Not only can they not solve these problems, but they would both hate to live in any sort of a world where somebody like you or I could solve them. Therefore, they become increasingly like Heath Ledger’s Joker. They want to see a world that they cannot effectively rule burn.

This is establishmentarian accelerationism. They can’t fix it. They cannot live with it. They can neither envision nor tolerate a world where someone more decent, less decadent, and more moral than himself or herself takes over and starts getting it done. The only remaining option is The Samson Option. This pathetic Amerikan Elite cannot stand the thought of serving in Heaven. They lack the bandwidth to rule in Hell. They seek oblivion and are malicious enough to take you along for the ride. This is establishmentarian acceleration. A deathwish is the hallmark of our current political era.

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