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Reparations Are A Weapon In The White-On-White Amerikan Civil War

There are two groups who rabidly favor to African-Americans reparations for the slavery that ended a century and a half ago:

  1. The Knee-Grows. Who can blame them? I’ve whole-heartedly concurred with the deep and condign wisdom of every pay raise that I’ve ever been lucky enough to receive. You wouldn’t have a Yang Gang without a $1K/Month bribe to sign up. When half of the Alternative So-Called Right signs up for the Marxian meth hit, we can’t exactly get hacked-off over people who want Cory Booker to pay them in debt securities for popping out more black babies. The only two intellectual differences between The Yang Gang Bang and The Booker Banditos is the identity of the who that gets paid, and the identity of the whom from which those monies are handi-vacced.
  2. Soy-Whites who think they can make those other evil whities suffer humiliation while they virtue signal. These detestable excuses for humanity need to be chucked off the roof in Ninevah along with the gay people. They favor reparations because they have a list of other whites they will get off on collecting them from. Cory Booker wouldn’t need Luca Brassi as a debt collector when these people exist to support his agenda.

So what do we do to destroy any moral support for reparations in White Amerika? Loudly make them voluntary. Declare a White People Pay Black People Day on next year’s Martin Luther King, Jr commemoration. Loudly tell George Soros, Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Jamie Dimon, and President Donald Trump that we’ll willing accept a 10% tithe off the top of each of their IRS-calculated net worths in return for the absolution of their pernicious White Privilege Syndrome. Watch them all quickly try to change the subject when only Donald Trump ponies up anything close to even 1% of the tithe. See the lubricious leftards recoil from the truth of their own detestable selfishness and class hatred the way the mythical Nosferatu recoils before the display of a crucifix.

There are two reasons why predominantly upper class and overwhelmingly liberal groups of whites love reparations.

  1. Despite their contempt for Knee-Grows that is thick enough to cut through with a chainsaw, they need Black votes to maintain their supremacy. You gotta throw the help a biscuit. If the EBT Cards and Section 8 housing aren’t enough to keep them from getting all uppity, you need to sweeten the buy-off.
  2. There is only one species of Greater Primate that they hate worse then Knee-Grows. It’s not Homo Luzonensis. These particular primates are of The Caucasian Persuasion. They lacked the foresight to be born in a zip code where they would grow up brushing their teeth with Tom’s of Maine. Therefore, they are considered the cretinous Moorlocks, whose dinge is in vile apposition to the coruscating brilliance of Eloi such as Nancy Pelosi.

There used to be a nice, effective weapon to keep them out in the swamplands. You dropped the White Guilt on them like tear gas. Once you’ve made them apologize for Hitler, George Wallace and whichever Cuckservative is (((Goldstein))) to the current INGSOC, you make them walk like an outcast. Like a Muslim husband who has properly beaten his wife, you didn’t have to take any crap off of those people once you nuked them with the White Guilt Juice. With these repulsive outcast whites now uncucking, the Hatemonger Left has a compulsive need to go in balls-deep like the pervert in a typical NIN song. They snivel in their hatred and seek to ruin those people.

Reparations are a weapon in the White-on-White Civil War between Elites and Populists. Like Gorbachev dispersing the environmentalists who protested how the Soviet Union befouled Lake Baikal, the Leftists pound the table for reparations to keep those dirty, nasty peasants in their place.

Who gets made to pay whom will be considered by the Left an accurate class marker amongst white people. It will also be yet another way the powerful and the wealthy remind those people that they are the little guy. Show me a white person who favors reparations without permanent repatriation of the recipient and all I’ll ever see is a traitorous bastard that needs to swing from the yardarm.

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