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  • Colby Cosh: Meet Bernie Sanders, the millionaire socialist with three homes

    When you think about it, socialism is ultimately a bourgeois trope: the customer is always right, so tell them what they want to hear. People want to hear that we are safe from natural selection, we are all equally important so that we cannot be kicked out of the group, and that somehow all of this illusion will turn out for the best. If you are selling them products, you will tell them these things, and in response to their noticing the various failures of these ideas, you will pitch them an upgraded idea, sort of like a self-cleaning dishwasher. In this, all problems are handled by a benevolent shopkeeper known as the government, and everyone is finally equal, which benefits the shopkeepers because they will still be in charge instead of subject to the course of the market by which products go from high-margin to low-margin and thus those nice fat profits erode. Nothing stays forever in the market, but the middle classes would like nothing more than to have permanent wealth, so at some point, they opt for socialism. The question we should be asking is how all of these people are getting rich off government, whether by writing books about how great socialism is or taking money in exchange for favors. Congress is full of millionaires who were not millionaires when they went in. Legalized corruption is still corruption, and since you get more of whatever you tolerate, leads to more extreme forms of corruption in the third world style. If you listen to the Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln style people out there, everything is taken from you but somehow they turn out just fine.

  • ‘Awful and sexist’ attacks target scientist credited in the first image of black hole

    Homosexual dude leaps to defense of woman who may or may not have written the special algorithm that visualized a black hole, despite the GitHub record saying that most of the changes were done by the homosexual dude and several other dudes. No one trusts his statement since he is getting lots of media air time for this and the goodwill of his employers, who are getting lots of mileage out of the “a woman did it all” angle to the story. At this point, the conspiracy thinker angle is to actually trust the media and the people they trot out for these propaganda stories. Most likely this achievement is hyped up at every level, since “science” is a huge moneymaker even if we rarely see any long-term results from the latest fascination and drama.

  • Middle classes losing out to ultra-rich

    The middle class was the account on which the blank check for civil rights and anti-poverty programs was drawn. The politicians went to the voters and said, “You want to help those in need, right?” and the voters pulled the lever every time. Now they are realizing that they did not actually have extra money. The definition of middle class is that you are still dependent on some kind of paycheck; when you can live an upper half of middle class lifestyle entirely off of investments or properties, you are upper class. Everyone needed money for something — college, retirement, insurance, healthcare, floods, hurricanes, investments — but they voted it all away. As a result, money is being siphoned from the middle class, run through government, and given to the underclasses who keep growing because hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats depend on them as a justification for employment. Maybe someday the middle classes will wake up to being responsible about their voting, and stop approaching the ballot box emotionally and then social status signaling… nah, who are we kidding? People are hamsters, and the semi-smart are the worst of all. The middle class will keep voting for free stuff until everyone is lower class, then they will tax “the rich” who will promptly flee, leaving the new lower class stranded in a desert of vital services, at which point the proles will riot and we can start actually purging the herd.

  • The Rise of Antifa, Extreme Left-Wing Terror, and the Art of Suppression

    Story of how Antifa bullied a local library, then attacked a peaceful gathering, with the help and compliance of law enforcement, the library administration, and the media. When you wonder whether to let the hammer fall on a Leftist, remember that this is what they do, and light ’em up.

  • Sir Roger Scruton sacked from government role after using ‘language of white supremacists’

    During the interview, he said: “Anybody who doesn’t think that there’s a Soros empire in Hungary has not observed the facts.”

    The philosopher also said the Chinese were “creating robots out of their own people… each Chinese person is a kind of replica of the next one and that is a very frightening thing.”

    The Government dismissed calls to fire the academic as a housing adviser last November after it emerged Sir Roger had said Islamophobia was a “propaganda word” and described homosexuality as “not normal”.

    Welcome to the endgame of Leftism, where noticing facts about reality is grounds for your exile because the empire depends on a foundation of lies, starting with the Big Lie that the term “equality” is even relevant to humans at all. Scruton is one of the few examples of a legitimate philosopher left in the West, so naturally the ignorant herd is celebrating his purging, because this way they can slap the label “philosophy” on their inane plebe ramblings and there will be nothing to compare it to to reveal it as the narcissistic Dunning-Kruger delirium gibberish that it is.

  • The globalization of polarization

    Democracy divides people because it removes the focus on some intangible goal required for cooperation, and instead tells people that they can be self-interested individualists in special interest groups. We celebrate this chaos because it keeps the kings at bay, or so we are told. As it turns out, this produces incompetent governments and lots of special interest groups attacking each other while no one keeps eyes on the road ahead. Egalitarianism — including democracy, equality, and diversity — is consuming itself. It failed to solve the problems that it claimed to solve, made new problems, wrecked society, and has left us with a permanent establishment that spans industry silos like media, business, government, academia, science, and even those Instagram influencer type people out there. Some are even noticing that key participants do not change no matter what party is in power, and that the “decent people behave this way” notion of our power centers is not decency, but conformity to a dying system which has revealed that it intends to take us with it. We break free or we die alongside this bloated carcass of an illusion.

  • UK Divorce law reforms to end ‘blame game’

    When divorce becomes no fault, you essentially have abolished marriage because no one can trust it as anything other than a temporary arrangement ending in a hasty divorce and, for the man, alimony and child support payments so that his wife can have a free pension in exchange for having birthed the children. Men respond to this by staying single and childless. Then again, the UK has made very few intelligent decisions in the last thirty years, so we must admire their consistency at least.

  • Directors vote to cancel 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival

    What do you do when the diversity clashes with the other diversity:

    Browatzke said he was disappointed, but not surprised. The board has faced mounting pressure in recent weeks to restructure the festival and the organization to foreground the experience of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in the LGBTQ community.

    In other words, people higher on the diversity Pity Index attempted to hijack the event, which probably annoyed those who wanted it simply to be about what it had historically been about. Egalitarianism is always this way, however, since whoever is most pitiable is most useful as an exception or victim whose story can be used to force us closer to equality-Utopia. This board did the right thing by not cucking, and instead shutting down the event, so that when it returns, there will be less faith in allowing the interlopers to take over.

  • ‘Showy’ men with beards have the smallest testicles, study finds

    More dubious science made gratifying by its slam on hipsters. We all think it. When you see some guy pull out an iPhone while stroking his beard, you think, “There goes a metrosexual, part of the blight affecting the West after the crash,” and if you have red blood, you reach for your weapon. Unfortunately it is still illegal to shoot them, but the way things are going, rule of law will be suspended soon enough and it will be open season on the streets to tot up your kill card.

  • ‘Boy crisis’ threatens America’s future with economic, health and suicide risks

    Egalitarianism works by suggesting that once we lived in a Garden of Eden of equality, but strong people came in and wrecked that, so now we must do whatever is necessary to get equality back. That invariably means taking from those perceived as succeeding and giving to those perceived as failing, like tax-and-spend wealth transfer from the middle class or affirmative action taking jobs from white people to give to non-white ones. Men, who are seen as stronger than women, are a target, and we have been cashing checks written on the account of males for some time. Not surprisingly, the “extra” energy, money, time, and opportunities that they had were necessary to keep them thriving, so they are dying out. They will leave behind a matriarchal mixed-race/mixed-ethnic society, which is usually what happens after democracy takes over. The decay hits the young first, as we can see by rising youth suicide fascination, which suggests that children realize that they are growing up into an adult Hell that will do nothing but shatter them, and opt out early instead of facing the slow decay, humiliation, and loss of self-control that comes with indoctrination into the herd.

  • The Brain Needs Animal Fat

    Why do people distrust science? It is as trendy as anything else. For that reason, it is only about as trustworthy as a tabloid, and doubly to be avoided because people treat it like religion. All you need to do in order to make something a human “truth” these days is enough of a budget to fund some researcher or hype up his “revolutionary” book, so that his career is guaranteed. A scientist will do anything for her own lab, tenure, or his full retirement account. They are human too. Now, it seems, “science” has discovered that it — especially in The New York Times, which hates anything masculine like meat, Europeans, or wariness toward socialism — was wrong all along, someone paid for the research, and we have been avoiding foods that our brains need. This does not stop the neurotics, who are so eager to disprove natural selection and hierarchy that they want to abolish our natural diet under the guise of avoiding excesses, which coincidentally is the same propaganda they bleat in the name of “saving the Earth.” They go so far as to enact food censorship so that we avoid things that our brains need and stay exhausted, frantic, and unable to think, because then we might keep going along with the herd and its neurotic, cherished visions of equality and universal subsidies. In the meantime, they want to use statistical corrrelations to argue for the same system that neuters you and keeps depriving you of essential nutrients. Can we call these neurotics “parasites” yet? They sure behave like parasites. Forty percent of animal species are parasites (following a general pattern of forty percent of all species being parasites) and it makes no sense that humans would not adopt the same ecosystem within our species. In the meantime, going outside actually helps your health, but soon your only option will be a city park covered in NO SMOKING signs, body-positive exercise equipment, and video cameras.

  • Belgium apology for mixed-race kidnappings in colonial era

    Apparently the Belgians, in a fit of insanity, decided to take mixed-race offspring of their colonists back home to Belgium, contaminating the gene pool with foreign elements. This baffling choice only comes about through egalitarianism, which is essentially an excuse to treat the rest of the world as an offshoot of yourself.

  • Julian Assange’s charges are a direct assault on press freedom, experts warn

    What is the great quaking and trembling fear of Leftists during this four-hour news obsession cycle?

    • “It was part of the conspiracy that Assange encouraged Manning to provide information and records from departments and agencies of the United States.” It is a basic function of journalism to encourage sources to provide information in the public interest on the activities of government.
    • “It was part of the conspiracy that Assange and Manning took measures to conceal Manning as the source of the disclosure of classified records to WikiLeaks.” Protecting the anonymity of sources is the foundation stone of much investigative and national security reporting – without it sources would not be willing to divulge information, and the press would be unable to fulfill its role of holding power to account.

    Conning people into stealing from others and using anonymous sources are both bad, and have both been massively abused, just to allow the Left to make its talking points. Old school journalism did not reward the anonymous source unless it was actually necessary and could not be found anywhere else, and viewed leaks as going too far because the information could be summarized. In reality, the Left loves leaks because it enables them to humiliate those in power, and they invent anonymous sources whenever they want in order to insert editorial opinions and half-truths. We are not losing press freedom; we are gaining press accountability.

  • The Secret to Lasting Love Is Sexual Inequality

    Humans specialize in reducing the world to equal, even-numbered chunks of identical stuff so that the individual human feels intellectually powerful over the void. When we apply this to sexuality, we take away what makes men and women complement one another, and end up simply with two people fighting over power. Not surprisingly, these relationships rarely last.

  • Conservatives Debate What Went Wrong

    In the 1990s, the idea of “no limits” and a world without borders, specialization, normalcy, hidden local information, and fuddy-duddy traditions was replaced by a new flat virtual space of standardization and universalized truths. This was the ultimate outcome of pluralism: if we tolerate all ideas at once, the lowest common denominator becomes the most popular. As the twenty-first century dawned, it became clear that not only was this policy not working, but most of us no longer wanted to live in this empowering but empty world. With the rise of Trump and Brexit, we see the future, which is of particularity and localization against the globalist omnivore culture based in multiculturalism/diversity.

  • Alan Greenspan says economy will start to fade ‘very dramatically’ because of entitlement burden

    I guess “man says the flamingly obvious but unpopular” not only would have been a disturbing headline, but a summary for conservative thought since the dawn of time:

    The long-time central bank chief repeated his warnings about the weight that Social Security, Medicare and other programs are having on what have been otherwise solid gains over the past few years.

    “I think the real problem is over the long run, we’ve got this significant continued drain coming from entitlements, which are basically draining capital investment dollar for dollar,” he told CNBC’s Sara Eisen during a “Squawk on the Street ” interview.

    “Without any major change in entitlements, entitlements are going to rise. Why? Because the population is aging. There’s no way to reverse that, and the politics of it are awful, as you well know,” Greenspan added.

    The Western world has put itself into debt, and tried to fix the problem with mass importation, by attempting to keep its entitlements programs alive. These socialist-derived policies tend to lead to bankruptcy and doom for any society that undertakes them, and now we are following the Soviets: a massive bureaucracy, ideological conformity with dissidents and non-participants alike punished, forming a type of state religion/cult oriented toward a Utopia defined by equality but never fully explained. The collapse of the entitlements states will leave wreckage similar to that of Berlin in 1945 or the last days of the Soviet Union, and in its stead, a reckless power vacuum will arise which will reward those with the most definitive answers, not necessarily the best. Thus always endeth democracy!

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