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  • Rats at the police station, filth on L.A. streets — scenes from the collapse of a city that’s lost control

    LA – the future of Amerikan Diversity, the present of Amerikan decline. And now the LA Times has decided to notice.

    The good news is that two trash-strewn downtown Los Angeles streets I wrote about last week were cleaned up by city work crews and have been kept that way, as of this writing.
    The bad news is that I didn’t have to travel far to find more streets just as badly fouled by filthy mounds of junk and stinking, rotting food. Then there was the news that the LAPD station on skid row was cited by the state for a rodent infestation and other unsanitary conditions, and that one employee there was infected with the strain of bacteria that causes typhoid fever. What century is this?

    People think The Dark Ages are left in the past. They are not. They reattain where nobody bothers to forcefully keep them at bay. The goodwill of a motivated, affirmative civic culture is a Hadrian’s Wall athwart the barbaric tides of civilizational entropy of sorts. That culture is a downstream, positive externality of a firm, racially driven cultural identity. Diversify the culture and you destroy the cultural identity. Destroy the cultural identity and the civic institutions become the leaves of a plant with poisoned roots. The leaves then fall, the rot sets in, and the only emperor that reigns supreme is the Emperor of Ice Cream.

  • PG&E is cutting off power in California so they don’t get sued over another wildfire

    Good times guys. It seems the Campfire post-mortem has led to much legal pressure being applied to PG&E. This has led them to reconsider some of the conditions under which they are willing to sell customers juice in Northern California. In a toxic enough legal environment, sometimes a business’s best defense is to temporarily close up shop until the pirahna-like attorneys screw off and go score another eight ball. Here’s how that’s working out for California.

    There have been a series of blackouts in northern California recently, but these don’t have anything to do with storms or equipment failure. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been intentionally, proactively shutting off the juice in areas where red flag warnings for potential wildfires have been posted.

    Think of it as the litigeous EMP. I’ve heard similar urban legends about OB/GYNs who had a question on their admission forms about whether a woamn in labor was married to or a blood relative of an attorney. If yes, the woman then ad to sign a lawsuit waiver or no medically supervised delivery would take place by that particular MD. Eventually it as St. Paul warns us in Galatians 5-15.

  • Let your attacker worry about his life

    Civility is restored when the uncivil truly know fear in a handful of dust. Nothing quite informs the monkey-mind of the gibbering crowdist quite like watching their potential victims issue out a few condignly merited dirt naps. As Jeff Cooper puts it:

    Anyone who willfully and maliciously attacks another without sufficient cause deserves no consideration. While both moral and legal precepts enjoin us against so-called “overreaction,” we are fully justified in valuing the life and person of an intended victim more highly than the life of a pernicious assailant The attacker must be stopped. At once and completely. Just who he is, why he has chosen to be a criminal, his social background, his ideological or psychological motivation, and the extent of injury he incurs as a result of his acts — these may all be considered at some future date. Now, your first concern is to stay alive.

    A mob of idiots who feel entitled to steal that which is yours is a foe that must be ineffibly eviscerated. They must be crushed like the revolting little maggots they truly are. Worry over their feelings when they aren’t expressing them via destructive and evil behavior. Politeness and courtesy became a watchword in places like Frontier Wyoming. This occurred after the Colt Revolver became a common piece of everyday manly hardware. Until them, fight the good fight.

  • The problem with our health-care system? Diversity

    That would be the problem with most things. However, it is a weapon of Satan because we all like the chance to take a free ride on a disordered system. The typical crowdist then needs something from that systems and learns. They learn when something complicated like healthcare gets forked into a cocked hat on behalf of equality. They learn when the labor and the wisdom of the patient is exploited by the gibbering yard monkeys. They learn when the beautiful rainbow patois of precious diversity bites them in the wandelier and then spits out the tip. At that point, we hear something like this….

    I don’t think Diversity is a strength when it comes to such decisions. It can lead to situations where high time-preference cultures will place undue burdens upon low time-preference cultures. It would be impossible to codify a set of laws that would work for everybody, and be fair to everybody. The only long-term solution is separation into various ethno-states. Those who worship Diversity can have their own state; let them deal with their own problems.

    All in favor of a Wakanda peopled by forced repatriation say “Aye!”

  • Women in Chess vs. Women in Tennis

    So even the most ideology-drunk #SJW should realize Serena Williams will not boatrace Roger Federer on any surface, under the supervision of any remotely competent umpire. John MacEnroe was brutally frank. Perhaps, when asked how well Serena would do against the boys, he replied “You Cannot Be Serious!” If his word wasn’t enough, let’s take a look at who wins NCAA “women’s” track races these days.

    Womanly women who identify as females could get a leg up on the boyoes if they became highly talented at math or chess perhaps. But this rarely ever happens.

    According to La Griffe du Lion, at elite levels of mental skills such as mathematics, there are between 7 and 10 men for every woman. Until recently, no woman had ever won the prestigious Fields Medal for mathematics, and very few women have won the Nobel Prize in Physics. It happens, but it is rare. Eventually, we should expect a woman to achieve the world chess championship over male competition, at least for a short time.

    But just as men’s and women’s bodies work differently, thus do their minds.

    In tennis, the offset between male and female distributions is more dramatic than it is in chess (see distributions above). But it is this difference in distributions that makes all the difference in male chess vs. “female chess.” Underlying brain differences between males and females that exist on the “distribution level” of analysis also determines the dominance of males in fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical engineering and computer science, and other fields where top ability in hard maths and spatial reasoning is required.

  • Francis Swipes The Benedict Option

    Another Cuck learns that he may take no interest in evil, but evil will take an active interest in him. Rod Drehercuck is now being socially excommunicated by Anti-Pope Francis.

    When I heard reliably, and in detail, that certain figures in the Vatican tried to sabotage my Benedict Option book tour in Italy, in part by calling around bishops and telling them to steer clear of Rod Dreher, because his book attacks the Pope, I didn’t blame Francis. But now he’s taken a pretty clear swipe at the idea, so while I still don’t conceive of the Benedict Option as “opposed to Francis” (in part because the Ben Op would still be necessary if Benedict XVI was Pope, and will be necessary after Francis is gone), I do want to take this opportunity to remind readers, in light of the Pope’s remarks, why Catholics, in particular, need the Benedict Option, and not the vision Francis is selling.

    This will always prick the skin of earnest, dogmatic Progressivism. They worship a faith that Jesus, Mohammad and The Bhudda have no vital role in. They worship a vision of total control that has failed in every instantiation. Even a mild, milquetoast, Drehercuck voice raised in opposition must be ball-gagged and throttled.

  • California Lawmakers Plan to Give Health Benefits to Illegal Immigrants

    The Amerikan Constitution has a fatal flaw. When one state out of fifty becomes a toxic waste dumpster fire, there is no legal method to evict them. You can bait their fire-eaters into succeeding, but you can’t serve them an eviction notice, withdraw all Federal assets, and give them the proper Bum’s Rush. The State Government of California is now forking over $213B of healthcare to illegal aliens.

    The legislature has a June 15 deadline and is expected to approve the deal in the coming days. It essentially extends eligibility to California’s Medicaid program to young low-income illegal immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25. The move is part of a broader budget plan, which clocks in around $213 billion.

  • Census figures show that Cuomo’s ‘Buffalo Billion’ isn’t working

    A full three-quarters of Western New York’s cities and towns are losing population, with Buffalo the biggest loser as it shrank by an average of 51 people a day since 2010. Yes, that’s the Queen of the Great Lakes — which Gov. Cuomo will tell you is seeing a renaissance thanks to his Buffalo Billion spending. Oops. The pop-drop figures come from the Buffalo-focused site Business First, which compared data from the 2010 Census with the Census Bureau’s new estimates for 2018.

    New York is one of the most heavily taxed and regulated states in Amerika. The people worth keeping are fleeing from the grasping hand as fast as they can run. There are no new jobs in Buffalo, and the ones you can get put you under the taxman’s sniper-scope. I’ve met several decent, intelligent, hard-working people from Upstate New York. They say nothing but nice things about it. A certain nostalgia sets in as they tell me these things. I hear them discuss it at work; a wistful every so often. This here in Huntsville, AL – where they migrated to actually find well-remunerated employment. As for that Buffalo Billion…they’re gonna need a bigger billion.

  • Math Is Hard

    Minimum wages don’t always cause unemployment. The economy can grow so fast that jobs cannot find enough people. When this happens, people can bargain for more than a minimum wage and would be insulted if you tossed that out there as an offer. In the rest of the world, the minimum wage can either destroy jobs or destroy businesses entirely. It depends. If the boss can get by on less, the company hires it’s affordable compensation budget. If the boss cannot get by on a skelton crew, the business closes and you pretty much get downtown Mongomery, AL. Or Seattle

  • Will AOC Primary Schumer or Gillibrand for a Senate Seat?

    She probably won’t. It will be Jellobrand if she does. This is a threat being leveled at these senators to do more for the cause, man. More for the cause. She would soon see her career dissapation light flicker if she went after Schumer. It would be a glorious exhibition of no mercy gutter politics. Gillibrand is far more vulnerable. Can she be the #MeToo Senator and disembowl AOC simultaneously? It’s a fun question. Let’s hope she gets to answer it. I find it enjoyable when these Dem Senators who play footsie with the radicals end up facing the mob themselves.

  • Hundreds of Illegals From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumped in Texas, 350 More on The Way

    I’d laugh if someone else’s country were that dumb. Congo cannot control it’s Ebola epidemic. We do not want them visiting us until they do control their Ebola epidemic. It is not our job to provide them safe harbor if they threaten to infect our people with a horrendous disease. If other people want any right to travel here they have to handle a few of the baiscs. Like controlling primitive, highly infectious diseases.


    Honk is now “hate speech” after Facebook banned a post consisting of just the word “honk.”

    (((Faceberg))) is now in full Hall Monitor Mode. They are pathetic. They have billions and are pathetic. I guess that makes them scary as well. It won’t end well if we don’t get to laugh at these people.

  • Mexico’s self-imposed international isolation made it an easy target for Trump’s tariff attacks

    Mexico does not control itself. It really hasn’t done so very well since the Late 1850’s. They never really got past what we call The Mexican War. Mexico is further down the road of pathological diversity than we are in Los Estados Disunidos. They are like a DEW Line. Whatever diversity screws up now in Mexico comes our way a decade or so later. Mexico lost their Southern Border about 15 years ago. What is happening down on ours shouldn’t be shocking anyone.

  • Angelenos ‘Most Stressed’ Citizens In The U.S., Study Shows

    OnePoll, questioning 3,000 residents from Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami and Chicago for Canada Dry Ginger Ale, found that 76 percent of Angelenos say they are at least “somewhat stressed” every day.

    If you’re trying to decompress, avoid the Hollywood and Highland Center, Universal Studios, the TCL Chinese Theater, Rodeo Drive and “any casting agency,” according to the study. Those spots ranked among the top five to avoid.

    LA has poisoned itself with diversity. Nobody trusts anyone. Perhaps the Rodney King Riots were the last straw, but like a dead, old Oak with a rotting trunk and deep roots, it just stays there until something makes it fall over.

When I think about the fact that I could be in Mexico or LA, I realize something. What I have now isn’t so bad…

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