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Reducing Your Exposure to Late Stage Democracy

With the general trend towards more conflict in the world, individuals and organizations are struggling to wrap their minds around these direct and indirect life-threatening problems.

Again with the metaphor: the West is in a leaky boat, constantly bailing and patching, while a brand-new boat waits across fifty meters of open ocean. But we fear that ocean because of what is in our heads that tells us what might be in it, so we keep bailing as the boat fills even faster.

Business in particular is looking toward a new outlook, since without functional business, no one eats and the bad guys take over. Another reminder of the polycrisis we find ourselves in as follows:

A new word coined at the recent World Economic Forum summit in Davos was ‘polycrisis’. Learn how the elites plan on controlling the population through what they call ‘the four motivating factors’ or terror: 1) traumatizing events, 2) climate anxiety, 3) illness and 4) food insecurity.”

This follows something similar observed by Guillaume Faye, namely that the West was headed toward a convergence of catastrophes that would hasten the end of Late Stage Democracy:

He proposes that we adopt this new outlook through a voluntaristic method, first changing our values, then our art, and then finally our political expectations at about the same time a “convergence of catastrophes” (environmental, political, economic) devastate Europe. Faye’s call is for Europeans to return to being “soldiers of the Idea” again, and for them to take up not a corrective action, but a constructive desire to rebuild and build it bigger, better and more exciting than before.

Those who wish to stay in power in democracy do so by managing revolution, something best done by inventing a constant stream of non-consequential fears like drugs, climate change, and terrorism. That the war on terror has been replaced with the war on polycrisis tells you how bad things are going.

Looking again at the world through a time/place lens, it appears that different levels of conflict emerge in different places over different timeframes. That presents an opportunity for the discerning citizen to figure out how fast the clock over his head is ticking.

In addition, to enable a more generalized understanding of the terror scope (excluding global factors), the following describes efforts to reduce general exposure to a threatening environment for the next generation:

  • Build families: Avoid absent-father syndrome in children below four years and specifically boys between nine and thirteen years of age.
  • Communication: Avoid pidgin language, including the buzzword salad of universal and open-ended abstractions favored by government, media, and business.
  • Abstraction: Promote abstract thinking that is both realistic and idealistic, therefore not just coherent thought but that which corresponds to the whole of hte world around us.
  • Conflict: Embrace it! We grow through conflict. Adapt to the presence of constant conflict rather than adopting conflict as a way of life or reconciliation efforts.
  • Design: Promote systems engineering for both men and women, making them think in holistic ways on the applications side rather than pure theory.
  • Manage: Promote Project Management practices in business instead of line management, and use the same approach at home: manage the whole project, instead of just keeping discipline, unity, and “the peace.”
  • Teamwork: Coach your teams toward firefighting instead of cronyism, towards profit instead of revenue, towards optimum quality instead of quantity. Explain in detail with historical examples as well as abstract everyman ones.
  • De-democratize: Boards and shareholders are forms of democracy. Focus on middle-management (in detail) and marginalize “the Board” as much as you marginalize the tax collector.

The surprising aspect one should consider is that a certain (existing) system of systems which in our case is Western oriented, is (only now) causing polycrisis.  To fix it, one cannot use the same system of systems that generated the polycrisis.

Instead, we need to develop a different system of systems needs to be developed, analogous to swapping our current leaky boat for a new one. It will be still a boat, just a different design and implementation.

It appears to be almost insurmountable, but there are techniques still being developed that allows simulation of system of systems and therefore allow assessment before implementation. If this is what think tanks do, then we on the post-equality Right are becoming a think tank.

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