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Osiris Akkebala on Reparations and Real Nationalism

From his daily email (write to get on the list) Osiris Akkebala writes a message to all Nationalists via the Black experience on January 17, 2023:

I do not advocate for socialized welfare reparation, the kind California is toying around with to attract for political reasons, reparation payment for the negroes in California,

I advocate for Revolutionary Reparation Repatriation, which will give to Mother Afrika her dignity black, a New Established State for the Returning Black Afrikan Nationalists, A United States Of Afrika Government, and a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, as the children of our Enslaved Afrikan ancestors Return to The Mother Father Land, Afrika!

The key concept here is dignity: the race which owns itself can respect itself, guide its own future, and uphold what it has always been without having to compare itself to others.

Chattel slavery came about because Europe abolished feudalism as part of the great experiment in equality. The egalitarians thought it cruel that those with IQs under 115 be given a hybrid between socialism and slavery where their needs were met and they had most of their time off, but could not leave the manorial feudal estate to which they were entailed.

In Africa, a wide range of groups — Chinese, Arabs, Jews, Turks — had been buying and selling manual labor slaves for some time, a result of the wars between African tribes at the time. War captives had a choice: death, or slavery. The same was offered to criminals and deposed leaders.

For the vast majority of Africans, slavery was seen as a benevolent institution because it avoided the killing of those who were conquered in battle, convicted of crimes, or ejected from positions of power. Instead of mass murder, they opted for permanent indentured servitude.

However, when these slaves were sold outside of Africa, they were seen as chattel and pack animals due to in part their lower average IQ and foreignness, but most of all because of the need of their owners to dehumanize them in order not to feel bad about slavery.

As it turned out, slave labor was low-quality labor and the markets were in the process of replacing it by the early 1800s. Hired labor worked better. Even the indentured Irish slaves of the new world quickly became associated with laziness, drunkkenness, criminality, and low output.

More importantly, technology was replacing slaves first with horse-powered and later steam-powered gadgets which could harvest crops, plough fields, and move freight. Hired labor, now that the New World was not underpopulated, took over the rest and raised the quality of life.

Instead of doing the right thing and buying back slaves from those who owned them, thereby not crashing the economy of the South, the Irish-dominated states of the Northeast went to war, destroyed the economy of the South, and then simply set the slaves free, at which point they were preyed up by carpetbaggers and former owners alike who kept them in poverty as sharecroppers.

The decent thing to do, back then and now, would be to hand them each a reasonable sum of money and take them back to their ancestral home in Africa, so that we could all part friends or at least feeling that no one had been injured without remedy.

For the industrialists of the East coast, however, the newly-freed ex-slaves represented a source of cheap labor and a market to which to sell cheap products marked up highly, like MD 20/20 liquor and Newport cigarettes. This kept most African-Americans in poverty.

MD 20/20 after all is the pour-off from the Mogen David vats, normally used to make kosher wine. The dregs were sugared, with distilled liquor added, and sold at a massive profit to the people of the urban neighborhoods, same as malt liquor and menthol cigarettes were later to do.

A menthol cigarette after all is a very cheap thing. The mint flavoring is added to the filter, which means that lower-quality tobacco can be used without anyone noticing. The mould- and bug-pocked leaves from the lower part of the tobacco plant were shredded and stuffed in these for great profit.

Similarly, the big city liberals later made concessions with social welfare programs, but these enabled African-Americans to be hired at near-slave wages because government took up the slack. The voters, greedy saps on a theocratic righteousness kick, approved because it let them pretend to be saviors.

Even with the rise of a Black middle class, life has not been great for African-Americans. The foreign nature of the society in which they find themselves cannot be cured, nor can the average IQ gap that ensures that most Blacks will work at menial labor and eventually be replaced by Hispanics.

This leads to a deficit of self-confidence and feelings of goodwill toward their society. Without a mythos of themselves and founders, African-Americans remained in self-concept essentially still in slavery, which is why no amount of social welfare can improve the situation.

With the rise of the Wakanda mythos, Africans had something to believe in, but in America, they found themselves thousands of miles away from their homeland, which included the historical Wakanda, Aksum:

A major empire of the ancient world, the kingdom of Aksum arose in Ethiopia during the first century C.E. This wealthy African civilization thrived for centuries, controlling a large territorial state and access to vast trade routes linking the Roman Empire to the Middle East and India. Aksum, the capital city, was a metropolis with a peak population as high as 20,000. Aksum was also noteworthy for its elaborate monuments and written script, as well as for introducing the Christian religion to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Gold and ivory were perhaps their most valuable export commodities, but they also trafficked in tortoise shells, rhinoceros horns, frankincense, myrrh, emeralds, salt, live animals, and enslaved people. In exchange, they imported textiles, iron, steel, weapons, glassware, jewelry, spices, olive oil, and wine. Their trading partners included most of the major states in the known world: Egypt, South Arabia, the Middle East, India, and China. Perhaps their most important commercial partners were the Byzantine Romans. Aksum was the first African country to mint its own coins—in gold, silver, and bronze—all in the standard weight categories issued by the Roman Empire.

Aksum also enlarged its territory through warfare. Led by King Ezana I, Aksumites conquered the city-state of Meroe (part of present-day Sudan) in the early fourth century C.E. In the sixth century, the Aksumite King Kaleb sent a force across the Red Sea to subdue the Yemenites, subjugating them as vassals for several decades.

Let us bypass the religion issue for now, because on looking at the whole of history, it seems that all religions are the same at their core: a belief in a benevolent God, gods, or god-like force that manifests in all of reality.

The thriving kingdom of Aksum shows us Africa at the height of its power, but it was only the latest of many ancient empires, including Kush:

Though often overshadowed by its Egyptian neighbors to the north, the Kingdom of Kush stood as a regional power in Africa for over a thousand years. This ancient Nubian empire reached its peak in the second millennium B.C., when it ruled over a vast swath of territory along the Nile River in what is now Sudan. Almost all that is known about Kush comes from Egyptian sources, which indicate that it was an economic center that operated a lucrative market in ivory, incense, iron and especially gold. The kingdom was both a trading partner and a military rival of Egypt—it even ruled Egypt as the 25th Dynasty—and it adopted many of its neighbor’s customs. The Kushites worshipped some of the Egyptian gods, mummified their dead and built their own types of pyramids. The area surrounding the ancient Kushite capital of Meroe is now home to the ruins of over 200 pyramids—more than in all of Egypt.

Kush and the related empire Kerma remain as the ruins of great cities and through many ancient tales of their prowess, wealth, and greatness. This is what happens when Africa rules itself according to its own lights. As Akkebala states:

When it comes to the justification of payment of Reparation as a settlement punishment for the crimes that have been committed against Afrika and a Nation of Black Afrikan people as such crime relates to Chattel Slavery, the Enslavement of a collective Black Race of people living in Afrika, there is no other treatment of injustice been committed against Black Afrikans that justify the penalty for committing such a crime of enslavement of a Race collective of Black Afrikans in an institution commonly referred to as Chattel Slavery. It is those victims justified in bringing the charge of Chattel Slavery crime committed against the nation of the collective Black Afrikan people.

The Egyptians enslaved Nubians but most likely purchased them whenever the Nubian kingdoms conquered nearby tribes or deposed the revolts of the unruly. This practice continued in the modern time, but without the sacred sense of ancient slavery that limited mistreatment of slaves and preserved the family units of the enslaved.

If all Africans were reunited in Africa, the ability to form such great kingdoms would occur again and free Africa from the ongoing incursions by Chinese, Arab, and Western interests who are now not conquering through war but through cash, buying its resources cheaply to sell at high markup elsewhere.

Akkebala adds in an email two days later:

My Concern Is with saving the Black Afrikan world, In Doing so will save the outer world all being of nature design who are responsible for abiding as well with the honoring of the Divine Law Of The Infinite Universe, Self-Presevation.

Freedom is the Divine Grail of the Infinite Universe and its identity is Dark spatial Energy Infinite Intelligence, so your Darkness is significant to the Freedom of Living Life in the physical, so ignore not the responsibility for living Divinely and Freedom is Divine and Reparation Repatriation Back to Afrika as the next established State to be in Afrika will in fact serve to be Black Afrikans living as a unified Governing self-respecting Divine Universal People!

And on February 1, 2023:

There is no other Land Mass on This Planet Called Earth That carries the Primary Foot Print Of Our Divine Black Universal Ancestors And None is to be fitting to attempt to emulate the Sacredness Of Mother Afrika, Queen Goddess Of Mother Afrika Unto and Into Reside The Motherlode Of Eternity, Everlasting, Infinity, The Element Of God Natural Dark Infinite Intelligent Presence, wavering not in its all-encompassing Infinite presence, expanding neither detracting being that of the eternal wonder in Time, Space, Infinitum.

There is no other Land on this planet that can emulate Mother Afrika, if not a part of the land we refer to as Afrika by way of being a broken part of the mother Land during the time of the Pangia event, then not ever to be a substitute for the elements that constitute Mother Afrika, Daughter of Mother Earth.

We Black Divine Universal beings Die and Live ascending and dispersing into the soul and spirit of the Godly Infinite Universe, so our sojourn into the finiteness of physical existence is only for a moment with Time Unmearsuring presence as related to the Existence of Infinity, The Solar System We Now occupy being a part of the EternalProcess Of God Infinite Presence not ascending nor is expanding, being that it is the Godly Presence Of Infinity which gives a uniqueness to the Earth Planet we are associated with today at this space with time, Infinitum.

No people can like itself until it owns itself. Even if it sells off some of its members as slaves, the expectation is that they will at some point rejoin the continent of origin and be reunited with their people.

In this perspective, the modern habit of keeping Africans not as slaves but as mostly low-wage labor in a foreign land with an alien legal and social system seems to merely continue the injury of slavery. No matter how much money is thrown at the problem, the wound remains.

Recent public attempts to grant reparations are based in the idea of continuing this system of quasi-slavery by further destroying Black self-esteem, no matter how many public symbolic gestures are made by Whites and hwites, who do it for themselves and their own social rise in the egalitarian political system.

Reparations-with-repatriation provides an opportunity where morality, realism, and economics coincide. Instead of continuing the destructive system of diversity, we can part in congenial ways and lay the foundations for the next great African empire.

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