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Reddit User Correctly Satirizes Reddit Userbase

Acknowledging the educated-but-not-intelligent nature of the social media userbase, Reddit user RasputinUK viciously satirized Reddit users with an unforgettable portrayal of the psychology of that group:

I applaud you for applying all the concepts you are learning at community college. I also recognize your courage in leaving the safe space to compose and send this response.

You impress me with your ability to incorporate phrases into a coherent foundation to support your arguments. I would even venture to say you are probably the smartest barista at the coffee shop or clerk at Whole Foods.

Modernity, by its denial of caste, has instructed people through its propaganda to believe that anyone can, if they are “educated,” be intelligent, when the truth is that intelligence occurs in varying degrees and is innate, although it is enhanced by nutrition and mental activity at a young age.

As a result of this education-propaganda industry, we now have baristas who can read and write well enough, but not understand any arguments more complex than one level of analysis. If you ever wonder why political debates seem like a battle between linguistic categories with no depth, this is why: the new American audience does not understand what it is discussing, but is sure that it is right and anyone with actual intelligence is wrong.

We can see this same problem in effect within the professional class of journalists and bureaucrats, who are stumped by relatively simple statements:

Days after the controversial right-wing media pundit said it was more “credible” to blame Hurricane Harvey’s devastation on the city’s election of a gay mayor than climate change, the official in question hit back with a succinct yet effective response:

I don’t believe Hurricane Harvey is God’s punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor. But that is more credible than “climate change.”

The response from gay mayor Annise Parker, who like her predecessors ignored the need to enhance or replace Houston’s flood control system, is not worth quoting, but the confusion of the Huffington Post is worth analyzing.

They say she said that it was “more ‘credible’ to blame Hurricane Harvey’s devastation on the city’s election of a gay mayor than climate change.” The use of the scare quotes around “credible” is designed to imply that she was in fact arguing for the notion that Hurricane Harvey’s devastation was attributable to a gay mayor (although, as said above, the devastation was in part her fault).

But let us look at the statement:

  • I don’t believe Hurricane Harvey is God’s punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor.
  • But that is more credible than “climate change.”

The first hint to understanding this statement is to understand that the topic is climate change, which is compared to something which Coulter says she does not believe, which she then says is “more credible,” a relative measurement. In other words, she is trotting out a statement she thinks is wrong, and saying that this is more believable than climate change.

In other words, she is slamming climate change and the gay mayor hypothesis at once. This escaped the “professional” writers at the Huffington Post. This is exactly the same depthless and logic-averse perception that is common on Reddit, and while that level of intellect does not interfere with making adequate coffee, it is too weak for politics.

This shows us that while Idiocracy has gone from satire to prophecy to documentary during the Obama years, the real threat is not from people who are obvious idiots, but from our new ethnic- and racially-diverse middle class which specializes in looking intelligent but has zero penetration of analysis.

Our voters do not blatantly indulge in idiotic behavior, but instead are perfect mimics, dressing up in suits and acting as if they were politicians, leaders, and intellects. The epidemic of incompetence in American politics, law, business and academia reflects this new idiocratic “educated” class.

In the past, our people were saner and knew that with very few exceptions, the intelligence of the child reflects the abilities of the parents, and therefore that society can be divided into levels, called “castes,” based on the likely inherited intelligence and moral character of the offspring.

By doing that, we elevated the intelligent above the rest, knowing that the rest — even if “educated” — would be unable to do more than imitate understanding of complex ideas. Here is a rough breakdown of the intelligence aspect of caste:

  • Jarls — aristocrats, thinkers, religious leaders — 125 and above.
  • Karls — warriors and artisans — 115-120s.
  • Thralls — laborers — below 115.

The West thrived because, using this system, it was able to consistently produce people of genius by breeding the parents with the highest chance of producing such offspring, and because these roles were social as well as leadership-related, the people of higher intelligence defined the tastes, products, manners, language and common knowledge of that society.

In our inverted clown world, we have demanded the rejection of any qualitative thinking. This is necessary for us to accept “equality”; there can be no substantial inner differences between things, and the external appearance of them must define their essence. This produces an idiocracy of educated fools, and it is not surprising that our society is correspondingly incompetent at this point.

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