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Recognizing The Crypto-Cuck In The Wild

The crypto-cuck seeks to program you with the idea of the proposition nation, or internationalism/multiculturalism/diversity, as a working form of society. They do it by appealing to the sense that we are all people and can be treated equally — a Leftist idea — so that we work together toward the goal of ensuring everyone is treated equally (notice the circular reasoning).

Crypto-cucks like to argue that if everyone is treated equally, we can work together toward the economic and political system — democracy, a variant of Communism, because all Leftism varies only in degree and not substance, being essentially egalitarianism which is a collectivized form of individualism — and achieve an implicit Utopia:

Their fascism will be called the traditional American way of punching Nazis, and your freedom of speech will be called fascism.

…Upon waking, you find that your life now belongs, as a property, to your group identity.

…Questioning why, you are told that since bigotry and oppression, and indeed, any ability of a citizen to live his own life, are hindered by the enmity between these group identities, the only way for the individual to protect himself from bigotry, and to hence be free to live his own life, is by allowing his individual identity to be subsumed in his group identity.

Hence, to live his life freely, he must have his freedom to live his life as he wills be abolished.

Freedom, liberty and independence are the false goals of the crypto-cuck.

In reality, we should desire sanity, hierarchy, leadership, purpose and standards of our own, but the crypto-cuck realizes that these contradict equality. So instead, he argues against one degree of Leftism by using another degree of Leftism.

The crypto-cuck, like other Leftists, seeks to manipulate you with pleasant-sounding concepts so that he can indulge his individualist fantasies of having no obligation to principles of unity with reality like culture, family, values, heritage and tradition.

The best and worst thing we can say about crypto-cucks is that they are thinly disguised Leftists, and this is a good reason to throw them out with the rest of the neurotics and parasites who endorse that ideology.

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