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Reality Is The Real Racist

They could have had 20-20 vision. It’s the year for that, you know. But instead, they chose perfidy. They were not fair. They did not understand !DIVERSITY!. Dare I say it? They were blinded by the !WHITE! Who’s they? The Democratic Party of The USSA. They haven’t occupied Wall Street, Wall Street has completely occupied The Democrats.

The Democrats have a monumental problem (just one?) going into the January debate in Des Moines on Tuesday. Billing themselves the party of diversity, inclusion, and the common man will look kind of weird when audiences tune in to see an all-white, mostly male debate stage that includes two billionaires.

We were told that, at one point, the Democrats had the most “diverse field of candidates in history.” But those days have long gone — and the Democratic National Committee is entirely to blame.

No, the DNC should not be blamed. White billionaires can buy elections. The DNC exists to win those suckers. The generals of the 7th Soviet Shock Army would never have considered Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s war chest a problem. The operational term they used for this situation waspositive correlation of forces. As in had they ever gotten a high enough positive correlation of forces, they would have shot through the Fulda Gap like crap through a tin horn. In the process, they would have beaten the Black Horse Cavalry like Ike coming home drunk again to Tina. Unmentioned in the media-sanctioned Obama Worship and Praise Year of 2008 was the extent to which the big-eared son-of-rottweiller had bank in comparison to “Plane Wreck” John McCain.

One tragic (sorry about that unclosed sarcasm tag) consequence of this is that Obama was the carefully-scripted exception to a general rule. No matter how laboriously the Dems talk about commitment to diversity, they have a higher God to worship now that that other God got booed off the stage at their 2012 nominationg convention in Charlotte, NC. That other God is the Ba’al of power and greed.

When a liberal tells you that greed is evil, he isn’t talking about his greed. That’s different. He means your greed and expects you to take out your wallet and hand it over. 13th Century Waghalters showed much more professional honesty when they pointed their crossbows straight at your unmentionables and yelled “Stand and deliver!”

It’s similar when Liberals b!tch about billionaires. Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg are different. So was Epstein. Until it was time for him to go kill himself. It’s the Koch Brothers and Brandon Eich who need to go die in puddle of flaming diarrhea. Liberal billionaires are philanthropists. You see how much better that makes them.

And since were in induction mode here, the statement can be extended without generality to the repulsive, cucky !DIVERSITY! fetish. Oswald Spengler once remarked that people who talk about race all the time have no legitimate sense of it. This is true in spades (!RACIST!) when discussing the left. They like pet diversity that alters census counts and marches in lock-step to the voting booths on command. They like the diversity that will vote Democrat for the next 200 years.

If you don’t believe me, let’s discuss the career arcs of two of The Left’s more notable fugitive slaves. Kanye West is probably the front page poster child for the phenomena. He was such a thoughtful young man when he told the Democratic Party’s Media that “George W. Bush didn’t like Black People.” He was still thoughtful and perspicacious when he showed up at musical awards shows and demonstrated his disgust any time a white person won anything.

Then he became a race traitor of base moral turpitude. He didn’t stay properly black in his matrimonial choice (Wow! You mean diversity is bad sometimes?) or his fatherhood. And then, to make matters worse, he had the unmitigated gall to actually apologize to George W. Bush! And it gets even worse. He now attempts to evangelize of behalf of the God The Democrats Crapped Upon in Charlotte. He released a Gospel Album and tells black people to be saved by something other than Lyndon Baines Johnson’s welfare system. Blasphemy!

Candace Owens travelled a similar arc. She started out as a hardcore Lefty #SJW Internet Warrior who invented a site called Social Autopsy. This site was intended to dox anyone who didn’t believe fervently enough in Leftism so that other “activists” could in turn go ruin their careers and families. Then depending upon whose version of the truth you mainline, she chose a new path.

Her doubters, or some of the pissed-off You-Tubers she had doxxed; claim she decided being a DNC Field Knee-Grow wouldn’t keep her in the lifestyle her Upper MC upbringing had accustomed her to. Or, as an alternative narrative, she got Red-Pilled, discovered who the true power was, and decided to fight as a revolutionary against the Cathedral. Taking personal umbrage at LBJ’s degenerate pronouncements of how The Knee-grow would vote for the next two centuries, she dedicated a large portion of her time and energy to making other Blacks at least consider being practical enough to be politically mercenary in the run-up to the 2020 Election. The left now hates her the way they claim to hate the KKK.

It would be easy, and quite Cuckish, to claim the Great Progressive Whiteout of 2020, is the result of racism. See, we’ve found the Real Racists for you and you can all shut your yaps and go home. But no, Bernie Sanders and Sacred Mayor Buttplug are no more or less racist than I am. Reality is. People that want to achieve anything in Amerika on a consistent basis are forced to acknowledge that the arc of history bends towards White Supremacy.

If enough of us deviate from that fundamental truth, Amerika will yeah, verily fall over and die in some ditch. The Great Progressive Whiteout of 2020 is a begrudging acknowledgement of this brutal, overdetermining reality. The Left can’t let the USSA die while its white people still have anything of value left to loot.

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