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  • U.S. Supreme Court refuses to ‘Free the Nipple’ in topless women case

    The first cracks in the Fourteenth Amendment appear. Women sue claiming that since men can go shirtless, women should be able to; court responds with the notion that nudity is illegal, and nudity is different between men and women because women have naughty bits up top as well. In other words: “equal” application of the law varies between the sexes because of biological differences. It will not take much to extend this to race and ethnicity.

  • Council to consult on draft Birmingham Transport Plan

    More fake “green” activity. They are addressing effects, and not causes. The effect is that people drive around a lot, but the cause is that they are living far out to avoid the ghettos, have no cultural activities in life so are dependent on shopping and restaurants, and generally lead aimless lives in big anonymous cities and towns made into exurbs. All of their activities depend on driving in order to avoid other people and find the few that they can get along with. Instead of these ludicrously complex plans to limit traffic, it makes sense to limit the reasons for traffic by designing a society around human beings instead of commerce, ideology, and bureaucracy instead.

  • Students back in court over Confederate statue case

    Students, who see through the binary dogma of ideology, or a conjectural belief system where the premises determine the conclusions, find themselves outraged that the university settled with the groups behind the Silent Sam statue which was destroyed by Leftist rioters. To these students, equality constitutes the only human idea, and therefore anyone who sins against it is a dangerous heretic who must be deplatformed, impoverished, and destroyed.

  • There are only 10 years left to save the world’s biodiversity from mass extinction, UN warns

    Predictions of dates of events prove harder than people think, since there are many more factors than one can reasonably include in a model. Malthus was correct about humanity outpacing its food supply, but his timing turned out to be massively off. On the other hand, events seem to have accelerated as the democracy, modernism, and individualism arcs reach their final descent, becoming as Thomas Pynchon described ballistic or with their destinations determined by their initial velocity and angle. What comes is not the end, but a rebirth, however we are going to have to address ecocide, or the destruction of natural species and entities of more than one species like forests, which is the result of humans using too much land because we have too many humans and have based our economies on constantly producing more consumers for more landfill products. Change is upon us; for all that the progressives talk about “change,” the one change that humanity will not endorse is changing its own behavior through self-actualization, self-realization, and intellectual maturity. The modern system is wholly evil and now it has revealed itself to be a murderer, so it is incumbent upon us to stop it before we become complicit in the killings it will produce.

  • Disgraced former head of Harris County Housing Authority back in temporary role

    Welcome to minority-run America; Houston is 75% non-white. For being from the correct group, this man will always have a job, and members of that group make sure that he gets re-hired, because for them the taxes paid by the prosperous white people of Houston exist to hire more minorities at good salaries to jobs that they do not need to attend. Even as outrage builds over this obvious corruption, nothing will change because the voters do not care about corruption, especially since it is not their money anyway. Diversity always becomes a power struggle between minorities and the majority, and then between minority groups and other minority groups. It is, like democracy and equality, a death trap like quicksand or undertow.

  • Design of AR-15 could derail charges tied to popular rifle

    For years, government has controlled the fire rate of the most popular American rifle by treating the lower receiver — the part which feeds bullets and determines whether the bolt cycles again after each shot — as a firearm in itself. Now this legal fiction may be evaporating, but this could simply lead to stronger calls to regulate firearms. They will do whatever they can to make them more expensive and to force registration with local police so that “red flag” laws can take those guns away from you if you post something non-Leftist to social media or join Extinction Rebellion. After all, at that point, you are officially a terror risk.

  • Virginia teen charged in ‘swatting’ ring linked to neo-Nazis

    Apparently naughty teenagers have been using DoxBin to keep track of nasty journalists and Leftist activists, and then were calling SWAT teams on them in the hope that they would find heroin. Hint: if they do, they are going to get a call from a powerful Democrat or donor who will tell them that their individual careers will ascend much higher if they lose the evidence. Any time you see someone incompetent in power, you are probably seeing this form of ideological nepotism at work. In the meantime, it makes more sense to go after the journalists in public and reveal them, since the law specializes in not punishing Leftists and has done this since the Clinton years.

  • Iran’s Grim Economy Limits Its Willingness to Confront the U.S.

    It turns out that the Trump sanctions have crushed Iran, which is why it has no real ability to accelerate the drive toward war, despite almost everyone in media telling us that this was inevitable. As usual, the media specializes in panic and righteous rage, but never in sober telling of useful assessments of the complex situations that our human world presents. This mistake on their part explains their decline, since the type of people to whom they wish to advertise will always prefer the clearest factual and analytical portrayals as found in The Wall Street Journal over the mix of self-help, human interest, propaganda, and entitled outrage that most news sources have come to rely on.

  • Fox Launches ‘Fox Soul’ Streaming Service Targeting African Americans

    The search for niches continues. While niche advertising seemed like The Next Big thing back in the 1990s, it has not worked out, because as it turns out, these niches want their own people in charge of whatever media that they consume. Fox News will find, as others have, that these ventures tend to deflate over time once in-group alternatives arise. In addition, people are not stupid and know when they are being wooed by canny advertisers and manipulative networks. Ethnic pandering has its limits; in the meantime, what media needs can only be found in the Silent Majority of upper half of middle class ethnic Western European households. The rest lean toward opposing the majority because they know that their own identities — whether Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Italian, Irish, Slavic, homosexual, impoverished, single and drunk, or political fanatics — distinguish them from the majority and thus they will forever need to oppose it in order to have the power that they crave. The more we try to force diversity, the more it tears us apart.

  • A paedophile grooming gang was left to roam the streets of Manchester – and police knew who they were and exactly what they were doing

    This seems to happen quite a bit, and in this case as the others, the perps were “predominantly” minorities and as a result the police were simply afraid of being called racists if they dared enforce, so they kept driving on by. It is the Ferguson Effect, UK style. We see the same thing happen anywhere that there is diversity.

  • Baltimore shootings: 12 wounded, five dead, in single day of violence

    After the Ferguson Riots of 2014, police backed off from cracking down on minorities. As a result, in minority communities crime is rampant. This will make it easier for minority groups to see that they will be happier in their ethnic homelands, since they no longer have nice white people to protect them from social disorder.

  • Businesses set to suffer as Eskom loadshedding returns

    Diverse societies like South Africa and the rest of the third world have trouble keeping functional institutions because people are so individualistic, and ethnic conflict makes positions of power valuable for that power and not used to achieve results for society at large. Diversity means disunity. Disunity means civilization breakdown.

  • Tennessee governor says he will sign anti-LGBT adoption bill

    Leftists are using LGBT+ as their new battering ram to force civil rights on everyone so that government can intrude in all affairs public and private in order to enforce equality. What Blacks were in the 1960s, homosexuals are in the present day, and only some of them have figured out that they are being used just like the minority voters, soyboys, and boxwine single women. In response, the culture war is picking up, which is why “don’t ask don’t tell” (the gentle closet) was the best it would ever be for LGBT+ people.

  • Rainbow shirt and cake a ‘lifestyle violation,’ elementary student expelled from private school

    The Left knows that the Silent Majority — the upper half of middle class ethnic Western Europeans who made this nation and continue to drive its success — want nothing to do with diversity, homosexuality, drug use, promiscuity, atheism, and other ways to fail at life. They want to succeed, and that means living relatively clean and setting your sights on a happy family from a young age. They see attempts to introduce permissive sex education, LGBT+ propaganda, and minority identity politics into schools as a threat to the future success of their children. Consequently, they have quietly taken a position in the culture war, as they have always done, and the Left has known this all along which is why it has tried to crush culture, the family, history, religion, heritage, chastity, honor, and traditional lifestyles. The Leftist goal is more Leftism, and it can only have that with a grey race of cultureless miscegenated people who have nothing in common but ideology and the need for a paycheck. Humans in groups become manipulative in order to hold the group together, but that centralized power then becomes hijacked by those who want to escape accountability for their own dubious decisions. They settle on equality, which means that bad equals good and vice versa, so that both bad and good can be roped into the same group and made to obey the Asiatic mass mobilization style scheme that keeps those in power perpetually reigning.

  • Indonesian city orders LGBT+ raids after UK convicts serial rapist

    Across the globe, resistance to the non-natural is growing. This includes the LGBT+ propaganda from the Left, but also life in cities, corporate jobs, big box store shopping, diversity, and bureaucracy.

  • GOP leadership: There aren’t 51 votes to dismiss Trump articles of impeachment

    As always, the GOP seeks to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by becoming righteous losers. They do this because the back door to conservatives is self-pity, since conservatives see themselves as martyrs in a society that desires entropy and the headlong rush into oblivion, since humans when not carefully managed always romanticize the self-destructive. They would be happy to never win a presidential election again because then they would have zero accountability and could make a hefty profit by being the captive opposition. For them, it is just a career, but that tends to be the case in democracy since no one can really believe this system will work in the first place.

  • FedEx mounts big-money push to head off unionization by US workers

    Unions destroy industries. The workers do not have the wit to see this, and in their greed make up all sorts of lies about child labor, long hours, and abusive bosses in order to justify seizing more of the loot. However, they do not understand money, nor business, so they assume that they can abscond with more cash and not gut the industry. Instead, they drive down its margins and drive up costs, at which point it gets replaced by foreign or inferior options. Most of the dead company towns on Earth are the products of unions.

  • Virginia House committee advances ERA

    The Equal Rights Amendment follows the Fourteenth Amendment in mandating government intervention in private affairs in order to enforce civil rights. If you do not have enough women on your board of directors, you will get sued or your company will be taken from you. This raises costs by forcing the hiring of incompetents simply for their sexual, racial, religious, or ethnic identity, and those costs are passed directly on to the consumer. You might see civil rights as a type of union designed to create universal employment, in the process devastating quality and the ability to see reality at all. Humans create self-deluding systems like this and then go ballistic, finding out only later that their trajectory is aimed straight at the ground.

  • Seattle passes campaign finance curbs on ‘foreign-influenced’ firms

    Seattle fights back too late and too little against the same Chinese influence that has dominated Vancouver to the north. These firms will instead turn toward Chinese-descended people with American citizenship who have loyalty to China, because every red-blooded person loves his own tribe, and will use them to take over and then hand that control to the Chinese-located firms.

  • UK: One in five adults experienced abuse as children – report

    What a joyful modern world in which we live! Why are people so miserable? They work all the time on pro forma activities designed to generate fake economic activity so that the State can continue its operations. With each generation, people have less hope, and they take it out on their families. Jobs are jails that lead to child abuse.

  • US sending Mexican migrants 1,000 miles from border

    The pincer strategy reveals itself. Its goal consists of raising the cost and risk of being here, while reducing the reward for being here. If getting across the border results in not just being denied admission, but then having to make another expensive pilgrimage to get back home, fewer people will do it. This issue will not fully resolve until we get rid of our entitlements state, but that will end anyway when we hit default because we have $23tn in debt caused by spending on our citizens to bribe them out of poverty and race war.

  • Scientists Are Racing to Figure Out Why This Giant Glacier in Antarctica Is Melting So Fast

    In my view, we have it all wrong. Climate fluctuations are local effects caused by us doing the same thing everywhere we go, namely cutting down forests and replacing them with concrete. Glacial melt will be found to be a result of particulate pollution. You know how they threw down sand on the roads to break up the snow, causing it to melt so people could drive on the blacktop again? All of our engine exhaust contains lots of little particulates which tend to become acidic when they make contact with water. Those particulates break down the ice, and the acid works its magic as well.

  • China’s export growth lost steam in 2019 amid US trade war, decelerating sharply to 0.5 per cent

    China has been slowing down since 2008. It was just a bubble like the dot-coms, caused by Clinton era “fast money” policies which took demand-side economics to a new level and made American currency into a commodity, but also guaranteed a future of many recessions as demand fluctuates as it always does. With the Trump trade war, China finds itself forced into a posture of decoupling from the American economy, which will in turn force America to fix a century of terrible law made in the name of blue-collar workers that ended up impoverishing them.

  • ‘Burnout’ linked with irregular heartbeat

    Modern society will kill you if it can. Burnout results from doing the same things and seeing no dramatic or positive results. Workplaces create burnout because the projects that we work on are rarely necessary and even more rarely actually good; generally, the average worker spends his time making his boss look good or the company look good so that clueless investors will buy the stock and keep the whole sick show going.

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