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  • Burundi: More than 4,000 mass graves uncovered

    Trying to force diversity onto a nation-state resulted in lasting ethnic conflict which finally detonated into open warfare, resulting in these mass graves. That is how diversity always goes: it will destroy all participants and leave behind a residue of cultureless grey people.

  • Canada imposing mandatory gear marking for some fisheries in 2020

    Good thinking here, namely in the form of accountability. When you know that your fishing gear will be tracked back to you, you have an incentive to lose as little of it as possible. Knowing government, however, this simply means that lots of fines will be issued for normal loss of gear and the price of fish will go up as bureaucrats get fat and eat chicken. Somehow, the idea of using more biodegradable gear never occurred to anyone.

  • Being wealthy adds nine years to life expectancy, says study

    Human societies invert themselves by avoiding reality in order to make everyone in the group get along. This means that we are left with non-real “facts” to pick through, and these must conform to the narrative of getting along, namely that everyone is important no matter how much or how little they contribute and whether they are good or bad. “Equal” means “good equals bad.” In RealityLand, we see that people who become wealthy tend to have higher IQs, which correlate with better health and fewer insane decisions, so naturally they live longer. That explanation is unacceptable, so instead these statistics become a talking point for equality by arguing that the wealthy receive better care, a strong argument against socialized medicine which apparently goes unnoticed by the Left.

  • Questions of racism linger as Harry, Meghan step back

    She was always going to be an outsider because you can be English if you are of English heritage, but not if you are a cultureless grey race person. To the English, Meghan Markle was an invader, and then on top of that, her behavior was as entitled and vengeful as an invader must be, at which point people stopped giving her preferential treatment. To her, this constitutes “exclusion,” when really it is a failure to affirmatively include her because she behaved like the opposition, not a guest or family member. Once seen as the peak of diversity, the Harry-Meghan marriage now looks like a sign that diversity has well and truly failed and we are all waiting for our political system to simply acknowledge that fact.

  • Russian prime minister and government resign after Putin speech

    Democracy works poorly in the West and worse in places with a lower average IQ like Russia, which was peopled mostly with escaped serfs from France and Germany who took some Asiatic wives. Putin acknowledges this fact by making himself a warlord, since his nation has constant political turbulence when it does not have a Stalin lite at the helm.

  • Zero Draft of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework published by the Secretariat

    Even the bureaucrats the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity recognize that we need to set aside at least a third of the land on our planet for nature. This falls short of the half of the land that we need to set aside, but shows a nervous Establishment slowly recognizing that we have gone down a bad path that will end in tears (alone, in the toxic air, on a dystopian landscape littered with detritus).

  • WEF Risks Report ranks climate change as biggest global threat

    In the symbolic reality alternative to actual reality, we can limit our carbon emissions and keep on growing and everything will be fine. This is a fantasy designed to sell the voters on what is actually inaction.

  • U.S. Inflation Advances 2.3% In 2019 For Quickest Rate Since 2011

    What causes inflation? Free money plus strong demand. When you give away money through welfare and the massive jobs program for minorities that is the government, they fire it off into sectors of the economy for poor people, which means it gets spent on things that do not create additional value, as reinvestment does when spent on tools, home improvements, investment, and the like. That creates a situation where more money is being spent quickly, driving up prices. How to solve this, of course, involves cutting off the socialist-style redistribution of income from entitlements programs.

  • Stephen King faces backlash over comments on Oscars diversity

    Massively politically correct author puts his foot in it with a statement about diversity:

    “I would never consider diversity in matters of art. Only quality. It seems to me that to do otherwise would be wrong,” he said on Twitter.

    In theory, this is fairness, or judging on the value of what is produced instead of who produces it. In an inversion of the old ways, where we valued the contributions more from those who were nobler and more intelligent, in DemocracyLand we value those who are more downtrodden because their advancement is a symbol of human equality and thus, the inherent worth of each individual, a form of collectivized individualism. By insisting on quality, King offended equality.

    Another Hollywood weirdo fired back:

    This happens in multiple industries: the things coming from and pertaining to spaces of color and cultures outside of Europe are seen as cute, but primitive.

    Our society was built by Western Europeans for ethnic Western Europeans, and rewards the types of things that they do. Minorities will never have a future until they have control of their own societies and live in those societies, where they can enforce their own standards. Diversity harms everyone, pleases no one.

  • Burnout Strikes Generation X Doctors Hard

    We took everything that made medicine difficult, raised the cost of education, and then added a ton of paperwork and crazy people who must be kept as clients because they are in the insurance networks. Now doctors spend more time on paperwork than seeing patients. People wonder why costs keep going up and remark on our shortage of doctors. No one will consider that our “good” actions had bad results because they were unrealistic.

  • Germany: ‘No Arabs please’ job rejection controversy

    In an actually diverse society, you would have parallel diversity or “Chinatowns.” People could socially mix as they wanted, but they could also have their own communities where they socially interacted with their own people, since that is what almost all humans desire. Instead, we are forced into serial diversity, where you have a huge crowd and all are mixed, so you get a line of people coming through who are one thing and then the next. Humanity now faces the question of whether we will tolerate parallel diversity, knowing that it will lead to a highly segregated society and the faster elimination of diversity as a policy.

  • Second terrestrial planet found around closest star to the Sun

    While we bicker over distribution of wealth and power here, opportunity awaits elsewhere. We just keep wasting time for the pretense of unhappy people who want to believe that they are important, and therefore demand individualism/equality. Such are humans just miserable and unhappy people. They have rationalized this unhappiness as good, and hate anyone who does not share it.

  • Governor Northam Declares State of Emergency in Advance of Capitol Square Demonstration

    Fear of “white nationalism” and “out-of-state militia groups” appears to have prompted this one. Looks like the American Revolution cum Civil War 2.0 is gearing up to be a doozy.

  • Mexico union threatens Home Depot strike, inspired by USMCA trade deal

    Everywhere we look, unions (like Leftists) are busy replacing health and productivity with resentment and subsidies.

  • St. Louis prosecutor invokes ‘Ku Klux Klan Act’ in lawsuit

    A new interpretation of an old law holds that if public officials oppose anything which claims to be reforming racial practices, they can be sued. This means more rubber-stamping of diversity initiatives, and more costs passed on to the consumers, while government becomes less effective at vital things like law enforcement and more effective at hiring more minorities and bureaucrats.

  • Hong Kong airline makes woman take pregnancy test before flying to Saipan

    Countries are tiring of birth tourism. Chipping away at the details, even the sluggish democratic states are doing their best to limit immigration.

  • School board will not ban Confederate flag in dress code

    The Left will eventually target the First Amendment wholesale by arguing that anything but politically-correct speech is hatred and therefore a hate crime. For now, they are being held back by people who point out that freedom of speech, especially unpopular speech, is vital to having a healthy society. The one Black board member voted to ban Confederate-themed dress.

  • Hundreds of Hondurans set out for US border: ‘Little difference if you die here or there’

    With Trump defending against impeachment and fighting for re-election, pathological Leftists have renewed the push to bring a confrontation at the border. Luckily, accelerationism works for us here; the more of a crisis they create, the more crisis solutions are seen as being needed.

  • Sweden: Almost Half of Those in Debt to Govt Are Migration-Origin Men

    Leftist governments sold immigration to the 68ers as a way to pay for retirement benefits at a time when the workforce was losing people due to retirement of those who were born during baby booms. Now it turns out that this plan has failed on a huge scale. As these groups grow in number through reproduction, they will bankrupt the rest of the society. Democracies tend to like committing suicide this way, following the French Revolution, which made everyone equal and promptly starved from lack of agricultural production.

  • Norway repatriates Isis-linked woman and children from Syria

    No one seems to be able to think clearly anymore. Optics has taken over from common sense. If a child might be in danger, we are supposed to drop everything and fix the situation. This comes from thinking in universal terms, where we are the only actors in the world and are responsible for its outcomes, when in fact many things are beyond our control and the best thing we can do is to preserve the good, knowing that most of the rest is simply badness, insanity, incompetence, confusion, parasitism, promiscuity, perversity, and criminality.

  • Germany investigates three over ‘spying for China’

    At what point do we acknowledge that this widespread and persistent pattern resembles the run-up to an invasion? Asia invaded the West before, and they will do it again, because as long as we are strong, they are at risk. Whatever ethnic group wins will eliminate all others, except for the West of course, because we believe that doing so would be ugly and pointless.

  • Australian journalist gets suspended sentence over search for his children

    Foolish weeb marries Japanese woman, then weeps when she separates from him, returns to Japan, and uses legal methods to keep him away. Choosing not to respect Japanese law, he pushes his luck like an entitled unhappy Western liberal, and finds out the error of his ways. The chaste nuclear heterosexual family formed of parents from the same religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial background is the only way to live the good life, and everyone who cannot attain that is merely compensating for their inferior results with rhetoric about open-mindedness, compassion, love, peace, etc. ad nauseam.

  • “DEPORTM” license plate raising eyebrows in Utah

    In a time when popularity dictates image and therefore truth becomes offensive, simple and clear statements of sane realism cause great panic. Healthy people would say “I disagree” and walk on by.

  • Terror police recall guidance listing ‘standard Muslim beliefs’ as signs of extremism

    Apparently, noting that Muslims who believe they are “oppressed” are more likely to be terrorists is some form of horrible realism that cannot be tolerated.

  • Hinsdale Neighbors Fight Plans To Install 5G Cell Service, Citing Health Worries

    5G means lots more cell phone towers, and since little research was done into its safety, people are hoping to avoid it in their communities. As always, people think locally first, and so while they might not support a nationwide ban, they do not want it in their local neighborhoods. The simple and overlooked solution would be for supporters of 5G to have done more research into its safety.

  • U.S. search warrant accuses Canadian resident of smuggling Mexicans across northern border

    Illegal immigration seems to be a big business.

  • ‘Amazing’: New embryo made of nearly extinct rhino species

    Frozen sperm was used to fertilize an egg from a female white Northern Rhino, giving hope of perpetuating an otherwise extinct species. Maybe we can use the same to save ethnic Western Europeans someday.

  • Russia’s Putin seeks to stimulate birth rate

    In order to revive flagging European populations, states are relying on incentives, missing the obvious solution of adopting a flat tax so that the successful do not bear the burden of the rest and therefore, breed less. Even more, make European societies fun to live in again, and less like being on a treadmill just to generate nonsense economic activity to keep the state afloat. It turns out that the same phenomenon that took out the Soviets — distributing money and in doing so, strangling the goose that laid the golden eggs, namely the productive citizens — will take out of the rest of the liberal democracies, which have adopted “market socialism” or free markets with high taxes to fund socialist programs like entitlements and affirmative action.

  • Karnataka: RSS stages protest against construction of Jesus Christ statue Kanakapura

    As India recovers its sense of self, a growing national consciousness demands that it follow its traditional religion, culture, and heritage. This means that people want Hindu temples, not Jesus Christ statues built where Hindu temples once stood. The West might consider how it intends to make Christianity native to the West, since it mostly addresses events in the middle east.

  • World’s largest fund manager BlackRock cuts thermal coal exposure on climate concerns

    Fund manager cuts investment in coal, but leaves the rest of its fossil fuel business intact. Like all climate change measures, this one consists of modifying our modern system — an overall evil — in order to keep it intact. This will continue the pointless economic activity for the sake of keeping the state and its dependents supported through entitlements, perpetuating the ecocide.

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