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Looking back over the debate from two nights ago, it seems clear that no one really understands what went on. Trump attacked and then discoursed somewhat extensively on current policy, going with his plan of not rehearsing, while Biden was rehearsed, on drugs, and contentless.

In my view, Trump staged here one of those moments in an impressive negotiation that becomes impossible to forget: he set the stage for the election by characterizing himself and his opponent, simply through his behavior, although he added content for an important reason.

  1. Donald Trump came out like a raging bull and acted like one, crushing down the effete and biased moderator and hammering Biden during his carefully-choreographed emotional appeals. He came across as a man interrupted from his desk, where he was doing important things, to talk to some idiot in front of a group of people he wants to understand what he is doing. This set the stage of effective action versus promises, and masculine aggression versus nanny-style guilt, shame, and emotional appeal.
  2. Joe [[[ Biden ]]] wanted to show us that he was awake, wearing pants, and saying the same comforting things that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton would say: neoliberalism (globalist market socialism) is not failing, but succeeding, and it will do so on the backs of the orcnew Americans from the third world, and if China takes over as it surely must everything will be fine too in your suburbs and your government-created jobs.

Trump reads characters quickly and deeply, with high energy that he conserves by shrewdly avoiding whatever distractions have fascinated the herd so that he can go for the growing edge of any issue, namely where things can be improved for the benefit of all and the profit of the improver.

Some shy away from profit, so it should be mentioned here that profit to men like Trump means increased productivity and quality, therefore that someone gets paid more money so that they curate it well. CEOs get paid a great deal of money to avoid destroying value by steering companies wrongly; half of the time, most of their jobs consist of turning down the silly, insane, stupid, and idealistic notions of those around them. Often in life, someone who firmly says NO to the constant stream of usual human delusions is a valuable leader for doing that alone, where a Justin Turdeau who flutters in the wind will simply fritter away all wealth by pursuing a string of trendy, faddish, and unrealistic options.

Keep in mind here that we are discussing a man who possesses the oldest of guarantees of good conduct, namely a lack of profit motive; if he were to cash out his personal real estate holdings tomorrow, he would take away enough money to live well anywhere on Earth. If he were to cash out his business holdings, he could buy himself a castle in Switzerland and be very comfortable.

For this reason, he sees Biden not as competition but as entropy. Biden is what happens when the herd panics and decides it wants to fall back on what was working poorly from the Clinton through Obama years instead of suffering some pain for greater gain. Biden represents sitting on the couch, and like all inertia merchants, he cannot appeal directly to logic or results in reality, so his approach instead is emotional: look at all the people suffering and how good we will feel for doing the right thing.

Trump knew this would be the case, so he presented himself as a man in motion; if he decided not to prepare, it was knowing that he was portraying himself in the middle of a workday and he might as well make it real. His attitude consistently has been to explain and show what good things are coming, through some pain, if we get past our fears (Biden) and the nagging schoolteachers who want uniform behavior and compromise in order to avoid the appearance of conflict, and how these are what the voters actually want. The twentieth century was the age of symbolism, but the twenty-first belongs to function.

As a result, everything that Trump argued consisted of making more of the productive and using that to increase opportunity, intensify competition, and therefore, drive down prices. He knows what is crushing America: stagnant wages, lack of productivity, and high cost of living. He has targeted these things because like a highly masculine warlike aggressive CEO, he goes for the jugular instead of fighting the limbs, and the core of the problem in postwar America has been steadily increasing costs, government, red tape, and diversity.

Biden, on the other hand, opposes change because the Left is in power. Using that sportsball game analogy, the Left is on defense since they have had the ball for a long time, and they are defending the results of their programs and policies, all of which both failed to achieve their goals and brought about new ugly and unnecessary complexities. Trump represents the challenger, saying that if we just stop doing the dumb stuff and let nature work for us, we can end up being a lot saner, wealthier, happier, and burdened with free time.

Although his methods are economic — he is a fiscal conservative extremist, in line with the founding fathers — and his policies generally centrist moderate, the core of his impetus serves a social conservative goal: he wants to liberate people from government, social concerns, and consumerism, so that they have more time to focus on culture, family, and their souls. This man has learned a great deal from being a workaholic for five decades.

Trump knew that Biden would come on with an emotional appeal, since Biden has nothing else, and wanted to set the stage as being more than policy, but about two things: (1) the meta-issue and (2) the Right-wing cultural revolution going on across the West right now.

For the meta-issue, Trump wants us to decide whether we want highly masculine charging bulls who aim for better results, or nagging nanny schoolmarm emos who are going to buy votes and let the system and civilization continue degrading. Reformers or apologists, in essence, becomes the issue, and the Right are the only ones looking to reform the sagging neoliberal system that existed from 1866-2016.

Trump also wants to instruct us in how to achieve the Right-wing cultural revolution, namely that we too must become charging bulls focused on results and not emotions or popular consensus. We do what is right based on what is real, not on what a group of drifting people feel. He has upgraded the Right by driving out the effete cucks and deep state, who are basically bean-counters more interested in lack of risk-taking and their own salaries than achieving anything in the real world.

He wants to tell us that we need to unleash our inner beast and go out there and conquer by smashing down Leftism and replacing it with functional, results-oriented systems. Most people forget the latter, and in doing so simply create chaos, or forget the former and simply fix the leaking Leftist ship so that Leftists can continue driving it toward the iceberg, as conservatives have done since the era of fake WASP William F. Buckley.

Through his mien and approach, he showed us how to live: instead of getting up every day exhausted by our resistance to another day of shoring up a failing system, we have to aim for what comes next and see this, including the inevitable adversity from little yes-men like Joe [[[ Biden ]]], as a joyful quest because what we can have is better than what we have now. Biden defends what we have now, and through his shaming and preaching warns us that there is risk if we leave the collective work camp, implicitly shaming us for daring to aspire. President Trump says we should aspire and find great meaning in the work of destroying the bad, fixing the good, and producing more of everything. Prosperity and mental health are linked, as is religion, in his view: only by rising to our fullest potential do we honor God, gods, and nature.

Trump showed us America as it has always been, which is independent-minded more than based on external and deferential political concepts like freedom, liberty, independence, and muh equality. He showed us Western European pioneer America, the raging Wild West, as it was and will be again. That was his message, and it was delivered between the lines while he beat up Joe Biden, who offered nothing more than warmed over 1960s policy for aging hippies and underconfident millennials.

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