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Race and Exit


So Kyrie Irving helps LeBron James win an NBA Title. Rightly or wrongly, this makes Kyrie one of the most popular sports figures in Black Amerika. So Kyrie does what I would have done. If, I, like my Nom-Du-Cyber, Jonathan Peter Wilkinson had made the drop-kick that won a Rugby World Cup it would be party time! So Kyrie got his hands on an @$$-kicking yacht and threw himself a flat-out bash.

Sadly, Kyrie Irving did something to cost him lots and lots of Black Cred. When threw his party, he rented the yacht, got his boys together and made a critical stipulation on the invite. He told them to only invite non-Black women along as dates. Sight unseen, you can tell Kyrie isn’t white. He just held a party, told his guests not to bring black chicks and he has yet to be shortened by a head. Here I thought (((diversity))) was our strength. Apparently not.

Now just because I’d totally hate it if anyone called me sexist, don’t think this desire for racial exit is one-sided. Christelyn Karazin, known on the Interwebz as “The Girl Who Swirls,” gives advice to black women who seek interracial relationships. She tends to advertise the positive and stay away from invective. In her view, it’s about expanding opportunity to enjoy lifetime happiness. She really does believe diversity = strength. And apparently she has enough of a following to rustle the jimmies of MGTOWs such as Sandman.

Others are less positivist and express a more deeply-rooted frustration.

Whither either side in this amusing YouTube spat is not material. What it shows is that under the pressure of forced diversity, even those who supposedly benefit are confronted with misery. It cannot work unless it naturally occurs. It has to occur on its own timescale amongst voluntary participants. Romans can slowly turn into Italians, but Rome can neither be built nor destroyed in a day.

Forcing people into proximity regardless of their preferences does not bring about a melting pot. It becomes instead a crucible. The hatreds never go away. They can be temporarily sublimated, but they remain. People notice these differences. They seek to escape that which threatens them. They chafe when they are prevented from egress. This re-inflames the hate. It satisfies the equation Diversity + Proximity = Conflict.

Only Freedom of Association will alleviate this condition and allow races, classes and religions to mix to the extent that they can do so in a healthy and positive manner. People should join who they want join and block the ones they believe they need to block. Private property and personal space should be private and personal respectively. What Kyrie Irving does on his yacht should pretty much be his business. Continued diversity at gunpoint will only lead to an explosion of violence. Trying to jump out of who we are isn’t going to make the process any less chaotic.

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