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Outliers (#13)


(Open thread + links. Format stolen from a more reputable blog.)

Government versus culture. Clades. Shove the dove. Communist violence. Third worldism. Obama failure. Nigel. Ask Martha. “Liberal intellectual life is a scam, a goof, a fraud, a hoax.” Historical progress. Space awaits. Hatred. Weekly round: here, here and here.

Neoreactionary Leftward drift. Naturalism. Hillarity. Amexit. Race riot. Corporate demotism. Food wars. BlackLivesShatter.

Positive Christianity. Democracy terrordome. Exit stage left. Just like the Soviets. Greco-Romanism exonerated. Meaningless. Deep roots of Brexit. Philandro not innocent. Filter. Noncap. Blacks against cops. Sex offenders.

Race reality. Police holocaust. Race war (a nation divided). Cathedralism. Media myth.

Truth. Free association. Demons. Twitter gulag. Bullet. Discrimination, debunked. July 4th as failure. States Rights. Dallas. Overlooked.

Backlash. Non-materialist secession. Let’s go.

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