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Leftist “Safe Space” Reddit Censors Stories


Internet dumpster fire/safe space Reddit has been censoring stories, according to one moderator of a successful reactionary channel on the social media site. Atavisionary, who many of you may know as a blogger and writer, pointed out that Reddit is blocking stories:

Unfortunately, a couple of websites I consider to be fairly reasonable have somehow been added to reddit’s sitewide spam filter. if /u/kn0thing or the other admins would remove them from this misapplied spam filter rule that would solve the problem. Specifically, the domain, which I have no affiliation with personally, has been added to the auto spam list of reddit site wide. This is a webzine which, while not politically correct, always writes in a very reasonable and responsible way.

While it is not entirely surprising that Reddit blocks right-wing sites, its choice of target in this case is baffling except when one considers that (and other sites, see our links list) does not fit into the Leftist Narrative of knuckle-dragging right wingers. For that reason, Reddit gets more “safe space” mileage out of banning the more thoughtful sites, even though that drags dialogue down to a lower level.

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