Furthest Right

Pushing back against the hivemind

Conservatives and other realists are resisting the hive-mind brought about by the revolutionary fervor of 1789. This mindset holds that humans are the ends of life, and not a means to an experience of life, and therefore we must oppose anything that does anything but validate every human notion, perspective, though, action, judgment and desire equally.

They make one exception: any human notion that rejects the above is not protected.

This hive-mind is massively popular because you cannot resist it without incurring guilt, scorn and disapproval from others. If you don’t want confrontation, it’s best to just go along with it. And thus it became a trend, then an obligation, and now finally it is the de facto law of the land, 200 years past its real acceleration.

But the pushback is occurring: realists are recognizing that appeasement does no good, nor does pretending that our policies would be liberal, and it’s better to just attack the difference than to emphasize similarities.

We don’t need to agree with these men fully or even much at all. What’s more important is the principle: push back against anti-realists by pointing out the big deviations they make from reality, and the bad consequences of that, and thus don’t try to “fix” their broken programs, but demand another direction entirely.

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