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Progressive society is no less barbaric

Thanks to accessible technology, which like so much in life is both blessing and curse, we have ready access to limitless amounts of information. By necessity, news items have an expiration time until they soon pass from the front page and eventually from our memory as consumers.

This gives us a challenge for finding specific patterns as related to us from diminished news events. Public school savagery, formerly known as school shootings, continues on unabated since a decade ago when the Dylan-Klebold incident made world headlines.

The details from police, so far, remain sparse: up to 10 possible attackers, up to 10 more witnesses, a 15-year-old victim and an attack that lasted more than two hours on the grounds of Richmond High School the night of the homecoming dance in the school gym.

The sad truth is that crimes like these, where witnesses fail to report or intervene in very public violent crimes, are well known to legal and psychological experts. The incidents, which happen more often than most people probably realize, illuminate troubling tendencies in society at large.



A deceased student gunman from Finland tells his side of the story:

Modern western democracy has nothing to do with freedom or justice; it is totalitarian and corrupted system. Laws are made over the heads of the people and people are being brainwashed to support the system and connected to the institutional structures immediately after their birth. Societies are being ruled by manipulative and charismatic politicians who only care about the interests of majority, and who do not base their decisions on reason but emotions and feelings of the masses.


Wait, it isn’t just Disturbed Youths. Officials and administrators, the authorities, the very people in charge want in on the game:

Cage fights at the school between 2003 and 2005 have just come to light, months after the district completed an investigation. Documents obtained by the Dallas Morning News show that troubled students were sent to duke it out – with bare fists and no head protection – in a steel utility cage in an athletic locker room.

Donald Moten, who was principal at South Oak Cliff High at the time, and other employees who orchestrated the fights, or allowed them to go on, did not face any criminal charges because of the statute of limitations, district officials said. And several still were working at South Oak Cliff High or other DISD campuses at the beginning of this school year.


Now that we have expanded our view from specific school shootings, to general acts of savagery in public schools, to adult administrator participants, what about a failing civilization overall? In other words, are schools themselves exclusively responsible for the savagery that sometimes takes place within or should we find clues from farther afield?

Replacing the word Americans with Westerners makes the following opinion piece no less valid:

And here is the second part of the story. While Americans feel increasingly disheartened, their leaders evince a mindless . . . one almost calls it optimism, but it is not that.

It is a curious thing that those who feel most mistily affectionate toward America, and most protective toward it, are the most aware of its vulnerabilities, the most aware that it can be harmed. They don’t see it as all-powerful, impregnable, unharmable. The loving have a sense of its limits.



It is tempting for us to seek out the most obvious single effect like gang rape is evil, guns kill people, cage fights aren’t academic studies, or even Economic Recession, and throw all of our attention and energy at one of these single effects, imagining all the while we will be making progress for our efforts.

It is only later that public school savagery always reemerges to surprise us in a new unexpected form at some point later. It was only a generation ago around the 1960s to 1980s that harmful drugs in school was the Great Satan of the time.

Contraband crimes and overdose emergencies do not even warrant local news reporting today. Clearly by now the root causes of our decline continue to evade our liberal democratic transactional structures and their media cheerleaders. Perhaps it isn’t really progress, but instead a creeping regress that has been taking place all along.

The world which we have created forces people to detatch from their communities to join a soulless pursuit of wealth and status which affords them little lifestyle security and little time left to spend with their family & friends.

As a consequence we periodically produce alienated young individuals who, out of sheer frustration with the neurosis of modern life, lash out in a frenzy of extreme violence.


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