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Portrait Of Democracy

My Modern Met offers a vision of the process of democracy in the United States with a portrait of the descendants of the founders 241 years after the birth of the nation-state.

What is great about this is that it shows democracy as usual. There is nothing exceptional here; democracy always goes this way. Even if you have a group of high-caste Western European males as founders, over time democracy does what it does best, which is to break down civilizations into individuals acting in self-interest against eternal things like heritage, culture, values and beliefs.

Take even a thoroughly Nordic group of high IQ, introduce democracy, and within a couple centuries you will have the same result. First they will allow caste-mixing, and then they will import related groups. Then they will import unrelated groups. Soon you will have a picture like the “after” (or post mortem) picture.

If you took the second group, 241 years later, and had them all interbreed, you would end up with an ethnic group much like today’s Ashkenazi Jews. One reason for the fanatical anti-Semitism of the far-Right is that subconsciously, people recognize that as our future: Western Europeans, having kids with Asian women, and those breeding with other groups, producing a Middle Eastern type.

This just democracy as it happens every time. Whenever a civilization reaches a stage where it has grown weak in the face of its troubles, its leaders advance democracy as a way of preventing lower caste revolt, but it backfires because democracy ensures that the lowest common denominator dominates. Soon there are no more exceptional people, only a rabid mass living in third world conditions.

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