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Pipe Meditations (November 30, 2019)

We live in a time of such brutal confusion that maintaining a clear thought for more than a few seconds requires almost Herculean effort. Each of us is buried under the heap of lies, distractions, deflections, and false narratives. Others reinforce those to us with their daily conversation.

It might shock mainstream conservatives to know that some work — the hardest work — is invisible. It happens in the mind, where imagination and soul are connected with analytical and memorization faculties, allowing the formation of patterns and their reduction to several essences.

Although this site is already redundantly repetitive enough, if you listen to its detractors, it makes sense to sometimes orient ourselves, meaning to achieve a mental version of the little YOU ARE HERE red dot on maps in shopping malls.

Western Civilization succeeded beyond all others. As happens when you level up in a video game, new challenges awaited, and the West did not rise to them. Instead, it fell into infighting, divided by the expansion of different European nations, religious wars, and the rise of the middle class who, now with enough disposable income to cause trouble, started trying to make the West into a giant shopping mall. After all, to shopkeepers, making the world into commerce not only makes sense, but is the highest morality!

Inertia crushed us. We fought against all the things that swamp civilizations — lack of hygiene, disease, predators, storms, fires, wars — and won out through two things. First, a strong realism caused us to emphasize organization and institutions over the individual. Second, we possessed a transcendental view that saw life, despite having its predators and downsides, as a beautiful thing which could be maximized and made into a near-paradise.

In order to avoid constant internal fighting, we made a truce called The Enlightenment.™ In it, we chucked out the idea of an order above human beings. That means a mathematical pattern or series of patterns to nature in which an ultimately good resulted emerged, visible through the “transcendental” union of imagination and analysis, which exists outside the individual but in which the individual may participate. We got rid of that, and focused on the individualism.

This new individualism was an ism, or a symbolic belief system which placed its object before all else. The individual came before nature, culture, heritage, continuity with past and future, gods/God, and most of all, any kind of common sense. That took centuries to fully take effect, but peaked in the 1960s since we had beaten back all non-Leftist orders in the civilized world and now, Leftism only had to avoid going full Soviet.

At this point, we replaced reality with society. We stopped caring about what worked, and worried about what other people would support (utilitarianism). This caused us to stop looking at an order of nature and the right way to behave, and instead to assume that our way would never change, and all we had to do was beat back problems. “Putting out fires” is the management term for this, and it always implies a loss of direction.

Replacing reality with society creates a significant problem: instead of looking for what works in nature, including in the abstract order of nature that we see in hierarchy and balance and harmony of order, we look for what we can explain to society as a reason for us receiving some benefit or consideration. This outlook reverses thought from “data in search of a thesis” to “a thesis in search of data,” or cherry-picking and rationalization or arguing after-the-fact for a presumed right on the basis of effects (how things turned out) and not causes (our actions that achieved those effects).

Our society completely lost direction once individualism came around. We stopped looking at the causes of our problems, and instead addressed the symptoms (or effects) without changing the underlying disconnects. This loss of direction caused us to ignore the root of all of our issues, and instead to apply what looked a lot like palliative care, e.g. making the patient comfortable as he waits for the cessation of consciousness known as death.

We saw life as a matter of society being an extension of ourselves, and problems cropping up because of bad people, instead of looking toward cycles, continuity, and an order larger than ourselves (nature, gods, beauty, wisdom, logic). This “swatting at flies” approach made us view everything as either a continuation of the System, or as a hostile outsider, and this disconnected us from questions of goal and the overall design of nature in which we lived.

This in turn led to us having disorganized minds because we lacked a core, such as a story explaining why we are here and what we are trying to achieve, and this disconnected thought took us straight to individualism, or defending ourselves against nature and society (albeit by using society, the Boromir Strategy). That made us have a defensive outlook, which requires us to see ourselves as victims of all-powerful scapegoats and therefore invent reasons why we should escape those.

From the victim/scapegoat narrative we arrived at egalitarianism, or the idea that all people are equal and therefore, they can argue that if anyone has more than they do or knows better than they do, that person must be torn down and replaced with the rights of the individual. In fact, individual rights generally serve as a defense for those doing wrong, in the same way that “freedom of speech” generally serves to protect unpopular speech. People doing good and those saying what everyone else expects to hear do not need defense, but those stepping outside of the norm require defending.

This fits with the defensive mentality of the individualist: defend the individual against all of the outside world and other people, including reality and nature, so that the individual is never “wrong” and therefore, never suffers a loss of “face” or social status for having a self-centered or illusion-based view of the world. This fits with natural selection: organisms which are unaware or in denial tend to die out, and in a social circumstance, being seen as living in fantasy land or oblivious to anything but oneself marks someone as dangerously likely to commit fallacies of omission, which makes others rank that person as less useful in the hierarchy than those who are realistic and geared toward moral good (including protection of deserving others and intangible commons like culture, nature, faith, heritage, and continuity between past and future, the latter being essential for a sense of purpose or goal to a civilization).

Individualism begets control because individualism requires a narrative, or a story explaining why what is obviously real is less important than individualism. Generally, these take the form of moral posturing, saying that we have “improved” upon nature by making sure that every individual is represented, accepted, free from hierarchy, supported, and valuable. This allows us to go through life assuming that what is in fact a death arc is a life arc, but it requires that we punish anyone who points out that our assumptions contradict known reality. From this comes control, or power for its own sake; a group called a “crowd” forms with individualism, since its parent group no longer has a sense of purpose beyond the individual, and since it lacks purpose, it derives a false purpose in keeping the group together and unified. We call this the “committee mentality” because the goal becomes working with others instead of finding the right answer. Crowds naturally beget control, and all crowds become egalitarian because it is necessary to have equality to keep people in the cult-like mindset of the crowd.

The rise of a narrative creates neurosis because people are no longer certain of what actually causes anything to happen. Their focus, like that of bourgeois consumers, consists of who to manipulate, who to pay, and who to complain to (hello Karen) in order to make what they want happen. People in these societies become adept at rationalization, mainly by arguing that their rights are being violated if things did not go as they intended, which produces a mentality of entitlement or pre-emptive passive-aggressive victimhood ideation. They need a way to rationalize themselves as victims so that society owes them something, which compels others to help them, since otherwise, the narrative will be shown to be false and then the crowd will punish all who are involved. This extortion through threat of collective punishment by mob rule forms the basis of most bratty modern behavior, but its side effect is that no one knows what is real.

People detached from reality become inconsistent, meaning that their lives do not have continuity of purpose, and in the existential void which is created by this, they substitute a serial list of distractions which they make into ideological quests, each of these ruling them for weeks or months as an obsession before being discarded. From Plato

And then democracy comes into being after the poor have conquered their opponents, slaughtering some and banishing some, while to the remainder they give an equal share of freedom and power; and this is the form of government in which the magistrates are commonly elected by lot.

See too, I said, the forgiving spirit of democracy, and the ‘don’t care’ about trifles, and the disregard which she shows of all the fine principles which we solemnly laid down at the foundation of the city — as when we said that, except in the case of some rarely gifted nature, there never will be a good man who has not from his childhood been used to play amid things of beauty and make of them a joy and a study — how grandly does she trample all these fine notions of ours under her feet, never giving a thought to the pursuits which make a statesman, and promoting to honour any one who professes to be the people’s friend.

[The democratic man] lives from day to day indulging the appetite of the hour; and sometimes he is lapped in drink and strains of the flute; then he becomes a water-drinker, and tries to get thin; then he takes a turn at gymnastics; sometimes idling and neglecting everything, then once more living the life of a philosopher; often he is busy with politics, and starts to his feet and says and does whatever comes into his head; and, if he is envious of any one who is a warrior, off he is in that direction, or of men of business, once more in that. His life has neither law nor order; and this distracted existence he terms joy and bliss and freedom; and so he goes on.

Neurosis manifests most in this inconsistency and need for control. In order for the narrative to avoid developing cracks, there must be no contrary narratives, and noticing reality seems like a narrative to those in the grips of neurosis. To conceal the failing of the narrative, they invent constant distractions and obsessions and pursue these, giving the appearance of a life full of variety, when really this simply conceals a lack of clarity, purpose, meaning, goal, and understanding of the world in which they live.

This process can be avoided only one way, which is once one has achieved one height, to climb to another.


Where do we stand in this mess, now?

All of the arcs of this process are ending. Consumerism has died as margins have decreased and costs have skyrocketed thanks to governments and unions; social life has died thanks to diversity; government itself is dying because it has spent all of the money and then some, and all of its programs have both failed to achieve their objectives and brought about even more destructive problems; globalism has died because societies have incompatible behaviors, identities, and goals, much in the same way diversity has died; sexual liberation has died because few are reproducing and many are alienated; ethnic diversity has died because people of different ethnicities within the same race seem to produce many unhealthy children. Every aspect of The Enlightenment™ has failed at about the same time, as Guillaume Faye predicted with his idea of the “convergence of catastrophes,” but it goes even deeper than even he argued. Individualism has failed; we want order again.

Luckily, the failure of modern states provides room for growth. Whoever comes up with a plan that (a) does not involve repeating our current system, (b) does not repeat past failed experiments like Communism and National Socialism, (c) preserves as much of the current lifestyle and comforts as possible, and (d) plausibly addresses the problem of a lack of purpose and order, will edge out others over time.

For the past twenty-five years, I have written about an idea called parallelism which says that all patterns involve multiple parallels, and the intersection of those parallels is where we find the cause. That has implications for religion (mind, matter, and energy are parallels, and the patterns found between them constitute the design of the universe), politics (different groups must exist separately, and localism encourages parallel solutions), social order (we need hierarchies in parallel operating on the same culture), and even personal life (that which organizes mind, body, and consciousness thrives). It also suggests to us a path to power through extreme realism that concentrates the mentally and morally active among us in focus on a singular idea, namely realism plus a transcendental outlook. Most people simply follow the competent among them, and so when those competent — usually about 2% of the society — unite on some general idea, the rest slowly go along with it.

We float in a time of great potential. We are either going to get ourselves organized, weed out those who are mentally dysfunctional, and make humans into something above human (Nietzsche’s übermenschen) or we are going to devolve slowly and gracelessly into our Simian ancestors.

With that being said, let’s look at some news.


  • ‘Black Friday’ becoming a shadow of its former self in US

    However online sales are thriving. This tells us that Americans are staying home. They encounter nothing but the confusing and threatening diversity when they go out there, and could possibly be accused of a hate crime for unintentionally offending someone. When the final statistics are done, my guess is that we will find that this Black Friday, people bought necessities and upgrades rather than new products. The mood has changed in America. High taxes have depressed wages and raised prices, healthcare ate up the Christmas bonus, and the world out there is a mess. People would rather just stay home in their media rooms, streaming video from the internet, and ordering all their supplies from Amazon. Public life in America is dead.

  • Facebook bows to Singapore’s ‘fake news’ law with post ‘correction’

    I guess we can stop talking about “freedom” now, since with the public space dead, all of our interactions have moved to private spaces run by censors who are terrified that some of their audience might be offended. This tells us that they are faking the statistics, most of their traffic is bots, and they have not yet found an audience to which they can advertise and make anything like real money. Consequently, these private firms are torn between different conflicting special interests, and they are going to default to what every bad schoolteacher does, which is punish anyone who steps out of line so that the group stays together and uniformly obedient. This means that online interactions are as fake as real world interactions, where we can talk about the weather, sports, and shopping but basically nothing else. In fact, we are better off not interacting at all or only doing so with a tightly-knit group, which is why most people are on chat services or highly-filtered sex/dating services profiles and posting only cat pictures on social media.

  • Germany to make anti-Semitism a specific hate crime as Jews ‘no longer feel safe’

    In Freedom News today, more things become illegal while we assiduously avoid looking at the root of the problem, which is diversity. In multiculturalism, every group competes for dominance, and this means that they play the victim in public while trying to subvert and destroy each other in private. Since we cannot admit this, all we can do is crack down on public image and public symbols of the decay, which means banning kids for typing “o/” in some videogame chat and ignoring the constant rising unrest around us.

  • Gerald Goines, the Houston police officer at center of fatal drug raid, pleads not guilty on federal charges

    Authorities also arrested Patricia Ann Garcia, who is accused of fabricating details in a 911 call that prompted the fatal Jan. 28 raid that claimed the lives of her neighbors, Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle.

    More covert ethnic warfare. The interesting factor here is that the caller gets indicted as well, suggesting that the old honor system has totally broken down and now we cannot trust anyone, so we are going to be going after people who use police as a weapon to remove other ethnic groups from the neighborhood.

  • Louis C.K. tells Israeli audience he’d ‘rather be in Auschwitz than NYC’

    As WW2 recedes into distant memory and diversity fails everywhere it has been tried, people are more laughing at the hopelessness of the situation than trying to make a big symbolic point:

    “I’d rather be in Auschwitz than New York City,” he said during a Thanksgiving night performance, eliciting startled laughter and applause.

    “I mean now, not when it was open,” added the 52-year-old, whose paternal grandfather was Jewish.

  • Gifu schools start nixing outdated rules, including underwear order

    The civic group, called Children’s Human Rights Network Gifu and headed by lawyer Yoshifusa Kawai, has been calling for the scrapping of such school rules.

    Four sets of school rules were subject to the review: requiring students to obtain permission from their schools for private overnight stays or trips; requiring students to notify or seek permission from their schools to attend rallies or join a political organization, despite their right to freedom of political activities; regulations that may violate students’ human rights, such as confirming that they are adhering to restrictions on color and type of underwear; and rules that are no longer applicable, given the changes in social norms.

    Human rights takes on its final form, which basically means legal anarchy. The strict regulations of European and Japanese schools were there to remove distractions caused by the usual human drama, but now that the human rights angle is involved, schools will become more anarchic and thus less effective. Should be a homeschooling boom in Japan any day now.

  • Protesters clash with riot police in China

    In other news, the domino theory receives some supporting evidence from China, where a town sixty miles from Hong Kong has erupted into protests. Ideas spread like viruses. This puts the PRC in a bad place, because they either go full Tiananmen Square and crush these protests, or look weak and invite them to spread. They will try at first to just amp up regular policing to the point where enough people are maimed or die that the normal people flee and only the radicals are left, at which point they will disappear them to “detention centers” to await very short trials and even shorter sentences.

  • China financial warning signs are flashing almost everywhere

    This calls to mind the late 1920s in the US when government regulations and market distortions first kicked in, causing instability in the financial sector. Their only real hail Mary pass consists of making a favorable trade deal with the US, but the US is in no hurry, since every day without a deal weakens the enemy that has been infiltrating our government for at least thirty years.

  • China’s latest tactic: Call America racist

    Latest tactic? The Chinese and Soviets specialized in calling America racist throughout the Cold War. It is the only insult the Left can muster: “you’re not egalitarian.” The only way to beat the Left, then, is to wholly reject egalitarianism, and say that people are not equal, and therefore we do not expect everyone to be a winner. This causes losers to stop worrying about how to take over your government and to start concerning themselves with how to survive. Starve the beast!

  • Tory MP accused of adding swastika graffiti to his own election placard to get sympathy

    Looks like peak DR3. A conservative candidate allegedly drew swastikas on his own sign to imply that he is hated by those evil Nazis, but gets caught. The Right is slowly waking up to how it must purge its own ranks to get rid of the people who are just manipulators, since such people never do what is good for the nation, only what enriches themselves.

  • The Woodlands named 7th best city to live in USA

    Check out this list. Managed communities outside of the big cities, where minority-majority rule cannot threaten a normal middle class existence, are attracting not just occupants but corporations. No one wants to live in the diverse mess or the chaotic normal society, so they are moving to places that are relatively fascist in their local ordinances so that the anarcho-grifty crowd gets excluded. We pay such a high price for diversity, and in the end, there will be only a few who escape while everyone else is consumed.

  • NorCal City Asks Permission to Essentially Incarcerate Homeless Population

    Speaking of rising fascism, a Northern California city wants to involuntarily commit the homeless to shelters. Like hot diarrhea, they need to be confined to a bucket far from everyone else, or disease and horror will spread. Civil rights take a backseat to the need of ordinary citizens to avoid the endless procession of needles, fecal deposits, vandalism, urine, and petty crimes.

  • A Right-Wing Populist Slush Fund Exposed

    In total, business leaders, industry lobbyists and asset managers injected hundreds of thousands of euros into the new party. Many of the donors were elderly and had plenty of money at their disposal. That seed money was one reason why the AfD could become such a significant player in the German political party landscape within just a few months of its founding.

    Competent people realize that liberal democracy has self-destructed, and they want alternatives, specifically ones that end the gigantic market distortion created by equality programs, taxes, and entitlements. They know that the “yellow vests” and protesting farmers are right: government has raised the cost of living beyond what Europeans can afford. The only solution is to find a government that does not want to spend itself into bankruptcy on anti-poverty and diversity programs.

  • Poll: Majority of Republicans say Trump better president than Lincoln

    Lincoln split the country using diversity so that he could make it into a European-style modern ideological state. Trump has used his powers to wisely undo the damage of Lincoln, FDR, JFK, LBJ, and Clinton. The real question is whether he ranks as our best president yet. He is obviously superior to the traitor Lincoln, has outperformed Reagan, and is taking America from the moribund liberal democracy death spiral toward a new and healthier vision of itself. When we lose diversity, we may have a future.

  • China looks to online influencers to spread the Communist Party message

    As if further confirmation of Crowdism was needed, the Communists turn to the popular capitalists of democracy for help spreading the Good News of totalitarian equality. Since most of the online audience are Left-leaning anyway, being young and still trusting what their teachers told them, this looks like a successful match. After all, it worked well for DNC proxies like CrowdStike and ShareBlue, upon which Russia’s troll armies were modeled.

  • Boris Johnson’s dad says the general public is ‘illiterate’

    For the last seventy-five years, the voters have slept through every important issue while pursuing every shiny symbolic distraction, resulting in the worst policy and social conditions ever created in the West (barring the advances of technology). This has squandered all that we created in the past and set us up with insoluble problems for the future, as is typical of Late Stage Democracy. The bigger problem, which few will even whisper, is that most people lack the biological wiring for intelligence enough to understand the issues much less make competent decisions about them, and this is genetic. We are going to have to abandon democracy.

  • Wary of China, Germany plans rapid state intervention to protect key industries

    Lumbering slowly, the great obese stupid beast of the Western power structure starts to realize that the people who tell us that they intend to take over the world actually mean to follow through on that. It should be exciting as the open diverse society of the West tries to implement enough espionage, monitoring, censorship, and gatekeeping to maintain its independence from the Chinese beast, which hopes to take over the world before it collapses in turn.

  • Rising Death Rates Among White Americans Linked to Perceived Threat to their Dominant Social Status, Study Shows

    You have two options: either you are in charge of your future, or some other group is. When the American voters toddled off to the polls with round mouths and flat hands, they decided to adopt a vigorous diversity program in order to show the world that we were not Hitler. This has created enough minority-majority areas that now, democracy has lost control of itself, and the third world replacement group is going to vote first for benefits to itself at the expense of the former majority, and eventually, to simply destroy that founding group. We should thank all of the Southern and Eastern Europeans who, terrified of “discrimination,” voted fervently (and often!) for the great diversity plan.

  • Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say

    Someone finally mentions the inevitable. More people means more land use, even if they live in huts on subsistence agriculture. More land use — since Earth is finite, believe it or not — means less land for nature. That in turn means less forest and more pollution. Even for those of us who think that “climate change” is a de facto Communist plot, the threat of ecocide remains real, simply because any species which gains dominance and expands recklessly will destroy all the others unless it checks its own numbers. Democracy, equality, and diversity will not ever do that. They are a path to suicide and a dead, grey planetary wasteland. Then, all will finally be equal.

  • China says CO2 border tax will damage global climate change fight

    Europe wants to implement Trump-style tariffs based on who has “inadequate” reduction of CO2, which means that China and India will suffer. Europe hopes to compensate for the loss in sales to China, a situation brought on by American tariffs, by extracting more money out of Chinese imports, which in turn will boost local European production — if regulations and taxes relax — to make Europe more self-sufficient, at which point it may be able to afford to pay for its new defense obligations. Its social welfare programs are doomed however.

  • Recordings reveal details of campaign to attack Maxime Bernier, PPC as racists before election

    If you want a glimpse inside the ugly world of Leftist media manipulation and how it uses the slur of racism to drive the timorous and depthless voters to flee, this article provides a good look at the basics. This stuff works, which shows us how dead democracy has always been. We are blasting slogans at peasants who have no idea what they are doing when they pull those levers, so they shrug and cheerfully pick whatever drops more money in their pockets, forgetting that then that money buys less and the costs always come back to them. In democracy, comedy and tragedy merge into soulless repetition.

  • HIV-positive sperm bank opens in New Zealand

    In another symbolic act that serves as nothing but an employment program for Leftist bureaucrats, New Zealand decides to signal how HIV is acceptable now. In the meantime, absolutely no one wants HIV semen and very few want genetics from people out-of-control enough to get HIV, which is avoided by refraining from IV drug use and rampant sodomy.

  • Actress Jennifer Agostini, friends attacked leaving Midtown bar: court papers

    A little oopsie for diversity happened when the covert racial cold war burst into public view when minority hoods, mistaking an Italian-American actress for white, attacked her and allowed photos to leak out into the press. Next time, they will not make this mistake; the targets will die, and we will all have to gather for a Two Minutes Peace to express our regret for the raging criminality consuming what is left of our decayed cadaverous society.

  • Police searching for suspect after feces hurled onto people at Toronto universities

    Now that all words and symbols are meaningless, humanity reverts to its Simian origins with a spate of poo-flinging. Next up: we learn to sharpen sticks to peel fruit, in the shadows of decaying buildings where more intelligent creatures once lived before they committed suicide through malignant individualism.

  • Foreign-Born Researchers At US Agencies Were Secretly Working For China And Recruiting Others, Senate Report Finds

    Diversity means that everyone but the founding group has dual loyalties: one to his host nation, and one to his ethnic home. Not surprisingly, the latter wins out and we become a leaky ship spewing secrets to those who wish to conquer us. China grins and says, “your diversity is our strength, brain-addled Westerners.”

  • Farage under fire for conspiracy claims linked to antisemitism

    Farage uses terms like “globalism” (popularized by Bill and Hillary “It Takes a Village” Clinton) and “new world order” (invented by George H.W. Bush) to criticize “multinational corporations” (famous from Communist band Napalm Death) and this somehow constitutes an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory because some anti-Semites use it, according to the neurotic and perpetually impotently furious Left. In the meantime, normal people shrug because this is obvious propaganda designed to make anything but bleat-repeating the Narrative unacceptable.

  • Teenage neo-Nazi convicted of planning terror attack targeting synagogues as part of ‘race war’

    Sixteen-year-old boy writes a manifesto and types “how to bomb a synagogue” into a search engine, so the State arrests him and warns about those evil far-Right forums. In the meantime, Tim McVeigh and Anders Breivik remain the only successful terrorists on the Right, having scared people away from participating in government and Leftism (but I repeat myself, as the wonderful Ann Coulter frequently says).

  • Google to restrict political adverts worldwide

    What happens when we connect together an entire race of sentient creatures? It reveals us, mainly. It shows that most of us are crazy and incompetent. It also shows that bad behavior is the norm. As a result, we default to censorship and repression, which simply makes us want a better form of censorship and repression, pushing us closer to enlightened fascism or, if we really want to get out of this hole, monarchism.

  • Labour would return Chagos Islands, says Jeremy Corbyn

    UK fails to respond to politically-correct cry to return territory from which it and the US stage many of their missions to keep humanity from imploding through the usual fanaticism for Utopian visions that grips groups of monkeys when they become intellectually lost and existentially desperate. The Leftists, as usual, make a big show of promising that they would give it away; what do they care if the world burns? They thrive on misery.

  • Hundreds of Sysco workers are on strike and some restaurants are feeling the impact

    Another union shakedown wrecks an industry. Sysco will be forced to pay more to people of little importance, those costs will be passed to the restaurants, restaurants will rise their prices, and voters will complain loudly while approving the latest bill to protect unions from those dastardly awful corporate parasites in the top hats just like in Monopoly. A glorious victory for democracy will ensue, any day now, we promise.

  • Belgian liberal party wants legalisation of euthanasia following a ‘fulfilled life’

    The elderly are expensive and mentally addled. They also take up money that could go to your free entitlements like education, healthcare, and pension. What do? Apparently, snuff the old biddies and take the money. Democracy in action yet again.

  • Labour unveils ‘radical’ plan to remake Britain

    Leftists propose new plan which could be called “the last step before Full Socialism.” Their audience of drunk single women, lisping pajama pegboys, religious fanatics, drug addicts, burned-out hippies, and endless minorities cheers. British socialism was such a disaster that its last implementation took Britain from being a leading economic and military power to second-rate status, and now maybe the UK can become Mexico and we will all cheer because hey, less competition. Bye Felicia.

  • Isolation Epidemic? Survey Finds One In Five Lonely On A Friday Night

    Another lonely night, another lonely night
    Stare at the TV screen, stare at the TV screen
    I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do
    I need a rendezvous, I need a rendezvous

  • Confederate statue removed from historic North Carolina courthouse

    When Leftists want to get anything done, they divide into two groups. One group ruins whatever is in contention; the second group says that since it is ruined, it must be divided. Counties and states are removing historical monuments to prevent further rioting by insane Leftists. Instead of removing Confederate statues, we could just remove Leftists. They would be much happier in diverse Venezuela.

  • 5 Reasons ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Tanked at the Box Office – And Why Elizabeth Banks Isn’t Fazed

    As Kang’s review suggested, a film that uses “girl power” as its core draw may not interest potential moviegoers if the marketing doesn’t also show that the film offers something else unique or compelling.

    In other words, they got it wrong: 51% movie and 49% propaganda, not 51% propaganda and 49% movie. They will fix this in the next round by making the propaganda subtler. This will further divide America and Europe into people who believe the Narrative coming from their television screens, and those who are watching bootleg DVDs from the 1990s while hunched in the basements of their lightless houses, counting down to the boogaloo.

  • Police: White teen girl aimed to attack black Georgia church

    White people seem to be having trouble accepting that the problem is their System. Black people are a symptom; diversity is the policy. If you murder all the Blacks, you will end up with the Asians, and then you will have the same problems but subtler and therefore more deadly. There is no survival until we rid ourselves of diversity, equality, and democracy.

  • Indiana officer fired after stopping black men at Nordstrom Rack for ‘acting suspicious’

    Diversity means that the white guy always gets fired, even if the Black suspects were actually acting suspicious. Soon, it will be legal to steal and riot if you are of a minority. White people will respond with further segregation, at which point we will hear how people are starving and dying. This time around, white people are less likely to give in. “Make your own” is a legitimate response to “but you have more than me.” We owe nothing to the rest of humanity; we owe everything to setting up a functional order consistent with nature and a push upward to be better than what we are.

  • Fishing vessels pushing vaquita porpoise to extinction: U.N. treaty head

    It will be easy to protect this species: simply avoid fishing in a certain area. Mexico cannot do this, and we have no other authority to look towards. In the meantime, what do the peasants care about the loss of an irreplaceable species? They have to eat, too, and their economy remains a flaming disaster. Perhaps the Right wing needs to come up with privateers, or pirates given legal immunity to attack enemies, to raid and sink these boats. We might lose a few Mexican fishermen but we have plenty of those, and the vaquita, having no voice in human affairs, has no one else to stand up for it.

  • Sugar found in space rocks gives clue to start of life on Earth

    It turns out that life on Earth may have been kick-started by junk food from outer space. Perhaps we were destined to be donut-eating morons from the get-go.

  • Germany: Soldier who planned far-right attack to stand trial

    Democracy creates a situation where the idiotic are happy, but this means that anyone who is not an idiot will notice society plunging over a cliff. They then fight back and are destroyed, if they do not simply move to some lonely mountain cabin and die impoverished and childless like most of our great artists, thinkers, and writers of the past two centuries. As the end approaches, the responses get more radical.

  • Syracuse University student arrested after graffiti appears supporting protests against racism on campus

    Police are still investigating four recent incidents of racist graffiti in other areas of campus. Two of the incidents, both in Day Hall, used language derogatory to African-Americans. In a third incident, in Flint Hall, a post-it note had anti-Native American language on it. And in the fourth incident, at the Comstock Art facility, graffiti had racist language derogatory to Asians, according to police.

    Surely this was not inspired by the previous pro-Narrative crackdown.

    People are tired of the diversity guilt and the constant destruction of the country our ancestors built for us which is now being captured through the magic of democracy. This will only get worse. There is no “getting better,” no matter what the single women and college-educated low-T pajama boys want to believe. It is in a terminal spin.

  • Many Americans Over 65 Face Economic Insecurity, Even If They’re Healthy

    We were told that healthcare costs were driving people to bankruptcy, so we raised taxes to pay for those. Now it turns out that taxes are driving people into bankruptcy, mainly because they pay them for a multiple of every other party in the supply chain before a product or service gets to them. Property taxes — used to pay for public schools and jobs-for-minorities local governments — will be the biggest driver, but income taxes and regulatory costs have also raised prices on just about everything, and those fixed incomes stay roughly the same.

  • US draws fewer new foreign students for 3rd straight year

    The world slowly discovers that America has figured out the diversity scam, and withdraws. This leads us to the next conversation we must have, which is whether we need any foreign students or any immigrants whatsoever. When that one is decided, we most on to reverse immigration, or how to drive out the existing diversity. Let’s start with the Irish.

  • Qantas offers to help cabin crew sue over racism claim

    Minority fellow makes the usual shakedown demand, but instead of cucking, a major company stands up for its employee. This would not have happened ten years ago. It turns out that the constant payouts have angered people who realize they are passing these on to themselves and their consumers, while rewarding horrible behavior by guilt merchants who simply want to use that power to conquer our ethnic group so theirs can rule.

  • Leaf blowers fatal to declining insects, Germans warned

    Scientists said they were not sure what had caused the dramatic decline in Germany. But experts say that, in general, insect decline is being caused by intensive agriculture, pesticides and climate change.

    These days, just like Soviet citizens reading Pravda, Western citizens have to ask themselves “but what are they hiding?” when reading any news story. In this case, they are hiding the fact of humanity taking up too much land and immigration driving the biggest increases as we tear down more forests to make Section 8 housing (or the European equivalent).

  • Gotabaya Rajapaksa becomes Sri Lanka’s new ‘Terminator’ president after rival concedes defeat in election

    Mr Rajapaksa conducted a nationalist campaign with a promise of security and a vow to crush religious extremism in the Buddhist-majority country following the April 21 suicide bomb attacks blamed on a homegrown jihadi group.

    Diversity continues its destructive course, but rising nationalism aims to counter it, worldwide. Not surprisingly, we hear a lot less about how evil nationalism is since people all over the world everyday suffer from the terrorism, crime, rape, graft, and corruption brought by diversity. End diversity, preserve humanity.

  • Clashes erupt in Bonn after nearby neo-Nazi rally

    These are good years for the Right to stage public protests at which it breaks no laws but the Leftists do. We need to get these people into the system to make it easier to round them up for deportation later.

  • Wexit party to run federal and provincial candidates across Western Canada

    The prosperous parts of Canada want to break away from the welfare states, having intuited that these will drain all wealth from anything resembling success in order to pay for the permanent Left-voting underclass. This presents an opportunity: the first Western nation to cut taxes and end the ideological quest will become the new home for all of the successful corporations and people with money, since they recognize that democracy has again entered a death spiral, just as it did in Athens and Rome.

  • Airman accused of white nationalist ties loses stripe after investigation — but still in the Air Force

    It used to be so easy for the Left. They would find a token Nazi and destroy his life. Now they are feeling pushback as it turns out that many people are sympathetic to some views that are also shared by the far-Right. Democracy fears revolutions, since being born from one, it knows exactly how revolutions go, including the headless bodies on display. It is good that they fear this, because their fear makes them weak, and this induces them to do all of the stupid things that people losing complicated games do when they perceive that they are finally out of options.

  • For a true circular economy, we must redefine waste

    The academic title hides a simple realization. Instead of trying to recycle plastic, we need to simply use less of it. That requires abolishing many modern conveniences. A better plan might be to make everything be of quality and destined to endure for many generations so that we are not constantly throwing out disposable items. That, however, goes against democratization, or the bringing of the advantages of the naturally elite to the ravening herd.

  • New satellite measurements show how polluted Los Angeles’ air really is

    Pollution over Los Angeles breaks down more slowly these days than it used to. They will find, if they keep along these lines of inquiry, that humanity has taken up more land and covered it with concrete, disrupting the natural systems that absorb and reuse our pollutants. Our only hope lies in using less land, which requires having fewer people, because even if we house everyone in 400 square foot highrise apartments, they still require land for crops, roads, hospitals, schools, workplaces, and shopping. Even if we all work from home (in our 400 square foot apartments) and use futuristic technologies for food, we will still keep expanding until all of Earth is one giant apartment block with a Holocaust and Civil Rights Museum every mile.

  • Humans at war with apes as villagers take revenge butchering baby-eating chimps

    Another form of diversity, another disaster. When humans take up relatively little land, the wildlife mostly stays away. As we grow, we push them back, and they hate us, as they are right to do.

  • Conservatives – No more preferential treatment for EU migrants after Brexit

    It turns out that white ethnic diversity — different European groups within the same nation — may have been a bigger motivator for Brexit than foreign racial diversity (different races in the same land). Britain is not British when everyone in it is half-Polish or half-Lithuanian. Both racial and ethnic diversity erase the native population, and that is why it is fighting back for its survival.

  • WV library cancels drag queen event after violent threats

    People tire of the enforced civil rights events. It turns out that most of us seek out normal and healthy lives and occupy ourselves with those. We ignore the rest, which is a bad idea, because they grow rich off of our subsidies. Then they attack, and when we push back, they pretend to be the victims. Drag queens belong in sleazy cigarette butt-studded alleys and dubious nightclubs, not in the suburbs. There, people are focusing on the biological imperative to reproduce and raise sane, normal, and healthy children, something threatened by the introduction of people whose choices have led in the opposite direction.

  • ‘Black Pete’ protested as Dutch children hail St Nicholas

    The Netherlands has its own Golliwog, and Leftist activists want to change that. As usual, the majority is relenting in order to avoid controversy, which just emboldens the Left.

  • Ketogenic diet helps tame flu virus

    It turns out that our traditional diets work better than our modern carbohydrate-based diets when it comes to fighting viruses. In the same way, carbohydrate-based diets seem to attract lots of parasites to us, since cheap food and extra money means a Roman Holiday for the opportunistic. Perhaps another virus, equality, does so as well.

  • Anti-immigrationism, Pro-Swedish Party Now Sweden’s Most Popular — for First Time

    As diversity converts Sweden into a smoking ruin, people finally (slowly) turn away toward the alternatives. These parties now need to figure out how to be more than simply anti-immigration, and to design an alternative for civilization that does not involve all of the problems of liberal democracy, National Socialism, Communism, and other failed systems.

  • Alabama company refuses to print university’s LGBTQ-inclusive magazine

    “Bake the gay cake” and “wax the transwomen testicles” now have company as a publisher rejects material that it finds objectionable. Before the 1960s, such rejections were routine, and kept the worst of human raving insanity at bay. Now, under our renewed Civil Rights agenda, no one can reject anything without being accused of a hate crime by some large angry group of parasitic neurotics. However, little seems to have happened. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging backward or, more appropriately, we have broken out of the cycle between extremes of the pendulum imposed by democracy and are heading — at least in our hearts and minds — in an entirely different direction.

  • U.S. restaurants remove dining rooms to speed off-site food frenzy

    Nobody wants to go out into Clown World. The modern way of life involves sitting in front of a screen at work, then driving home to sit in front of another screen, ordering in your food and regular shopping purchases, wasting time on social media and watching streaming video. If you go out there, you will run into the social chaos, and you work so that you can afford an escape from all of it. This is how modernity ends: all of us withdrawing from the human mass, living lonely isolated lives, never really sure how to trust anyone or love, whether other people or life itself. A great grey void swallows up humanity at its theoretical moment of success.

  • Founder Confesses: Soros Wanted Antifa More Dangerous Than ISIS

    A look into the mentally unstable personalities, predatory NGOs, and compliant deep state Leftists who bring you Antifa. He also gives a hint at how Leftists are maintaining their cult in the digital age:

    In my 20-something generation, social media plays the role of a 24/7 preacher — like a pocket preacher. Each day you’re being validated by the echo chamber on your phone.

    Not surprisingly, all the major social media companies lean Left. The best conspiracies are the ones in plain sight that conceal nothing.

  • Brazil reduces sex education amid spike in sexually transmitted infections

    The headline transmits propaganda, and they count on you not reading the article deeply. It starts out with the old refrain where the conservative guy has cut liberal programs and caused a disaster:

    Bolsonaro supports federal legislation that would limit sex education in classrooms, and since 2017 more than eight Brazilian cities have passed similar laws at the local level. Bolsonaro also supports a conservative social movement that instructs parents to lobby local governments and school principals — who have broad autonomy to set sex education curriculums — to cut them back.

    But then:

    Meanwhile, the number of new HIV cases each year in 15 to 24-year-old men has increased more than tenfold over the past decade. Studies have shown condom use is decreasing in general among that age group, and among men who have sex with men in particular. Syphilis, too, is skyrocketing, with new yearly cases among all Brazilians more than tripling since 2014.

    In other words, this disaster predates Bolsonaro and most likely is the result of “sex positive” sex education. Yet the Leftists would have you repeat the mistake, mainly so that they can laugh at you and get jobs teaching how what humanity really needs is an HIV positive sperm bank.

  • Severe allergic reactions rise in children in England over past five years

    Sometimes little warning signs appear; they are usually ignored. A rise in allergic reactions likely means genetic problems, most likely from ethnic-, racial-, and class-mixing among the new hybrid UK population. In any case, problems exist which society will be unable to address since they are the results of its bad decisions, and those decisions are necessary in order to enforce The Narrative.™

  • China, Russia declare strategic alliance for ‘new era’

    When your enemy tells you who they are, you should believe them. The Left targets Russia so that it can obscure its greater connections to China. Russia plays a long game: it will allow China to use it as the bad guy, and provoke the West by fiddling around with reactionary politics, so that it can lure both the West and China into war. It will then attack the victor at the moment of his greatest exhaustion. China, on the other hand, intends to use Russia as a proxy war against the West, where Russian blood is expended using Chinese weapons so that the West, exhausted, can be attacked by China, or subverted through a slow campaign while it is busy fighting Russia. Such is the chess-playing of the Asiatic mind.

  • Hospital waiting times at worst-ever level

    Socialized medicine never made sense because, as with all subsidies, it increases the problem it attempts to address. When medical care is free, people care less about avoiding medical problems, and simply outsource the issue to the free medical care. In the meantime, government builds up a permanent underclass of dependents that it uses as voting and riot fodder in order to keep the middle class scared so they stay on those treadmills generating tax dollars, despite very little of what is done at jobs being necessary or important at all.

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