Furthest Right

Pipe Meditations (March 8, 2020)

You may have noticed some changes around this site. Time to light a pipe (Irish Flake in a Savinelli) and explain.

I am very thankful for the readership of these pages, both of me and of our other authors, most of whom are better writers than I am. Many of you followed me from CORRUPT; others have stayed with me since the BBS days, early websites, or the heavy metal site. I think we have some of the most thoughtful, open-minded, and yet solidly analytical readers out there, people who are willing to listen to all sides of the issue but then — and this is rare — make a realistic, life-affirming decision, even when it does not appear life-affirming to human neurosis.

I like what we do here. There is a clear place for it on the Right, and the recognition that this site gets — while not like the big sites — shows that it is reaching the right audience.

However, I want more.

That is, there are good ideas which have been fleshed out here that now need to reach others, including those who will not read Right-wing extremist moderate radical realist sites. This requires other media, and reaching out through other avenues.

This has cut into time required to do things like daily news updates, which while important and enjoyable, are often too much. There will be some, but not as frequently.

In addition, it requires more posts that flesh out details and avoid the big picture so much. I think we have nailed that, for now. People need however to see examples, and have concrete versions of the visions proposed here, instead of remaining purely in abstraction.

Thank you to all who read us, and look forward to more incisive Right-wing content, but also some expansion and to read me and others here in other forms, including publication on other sites and in print.

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