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  • Tariffs are no longer China’s biggest problem in the trade war

    The decoupling push is quite different than any U.S. efforts to get China to open up more of its economy to American companies. Instead, it focuses on reducing America’s extremely heavy reliance on China for so much of its manufacturing needs.

    We have been saying something similar here for some time: Trump wants to make America autonomous again. In the meantime, China finds itself on the defensive because the trade war hits its middle class hardest, which causes instability now that Chinese Communism has hybridized with American-style consumerism. In the meantime, that same middle class is not reproducing at replacement rates because it turns out that modern society makes people miserable, too busy to care about family, and too strapped with taxes and obligations to have large ones. This places China on a collision course with itself: as the middle folds, the lower echelons rise, just in time to inherit a less wealthy China in which the State is no longer making things work. This heralds a push back to extreme Communism.

  • Real US debt levels could be 2,000% of economy, a Wall Street report suggests

    When you add up the many layers of American government, you find everyone in debt, fat on their ability to borrow because of our superpower status and an economy that leads the world. This forces us to maintain something that we cannot, namely a whole lot of warm bodies recruited to keep economic activity high as the miserable middle class declines from the nastiness of modern life, as well as the socialist-style entitlements system that bribes them to stay here and not destroy the place. At some point, we are headed for default or war; if we win that war, we can keep borrowing like a drunken sailor for a little bit longer. Eventually, the bill will come due, and when we add it all up, it will turn out to have been those socialist-style entitlements that bankrupted us.

  • Australia blocks access to eight websites showing video of New Zealand mosque attacks

    Trying to support the illusion that diversity works will drive this society into increasing repression and censorship, Soviet-style. They will hide it behind voluntary agreements, private business, and the “dangerous behavior” label they love to slap on anything that could lead to conflict. However, in the end, at some point we will wake up and find ourselves in an environment which is managed to wholly control what we think. At that point, the brainwashed masses will push fervently for even more of the system in our lives, and our empire will shortly thereafter collapse. That is, unless we seize power, disenfranchise these lunatics, and set society back on a sane path.

  • Taxing wealth at lower rate than income is wrong, says thinktank

    The new Leftist drive: tax any investments you have to the point that having investments is only profitable for the super-rich. As usual, the Left kills whatever natural energy a society has by controlling everything and ends up with a dreary, economically listless, and existentially miserable place. If we had any brains — “we” do not, for most values of we — we would get rid of the entitlements state, public schooling, and our endless red tape and regulations. Let the competent and productive rise and everyone else mosey on to third world nations where subsistence living is normal. We want to be winners, not losers. The Left will make everyone equal losers.

  • Google BANS café owner’s advert for traditional faggots after deeming post ‘inappropriate and offensive content’

    Large tech companies do not care that “faggots” are also a food type. Their goal is to eliminate any thought which goes contrary to the social engineering that the current Leftist regime wants because tech guys, in seeking control, realize that they will have to banish the natural and replace it with technology. This is why all of them act like Communists who want to monitor all parts of our lives when given any degree of power, even wanting to tell us what is “official” news (regime-safe propaganda) and to intervene in elections. These people got lucky with their timing; they are not geniuses, nor are they good people.

    Google shows us why Big Tech monopolies are so destructive. Information technology has a reputation for being a Wild West, but in reality, it is the most complacent of all industries because it is so dependent on precedent. We are using operating systems and notions from the 1950s and 1960s for the most part; all we have done since is to refine them and democratize them. If something works in technology, people tend to rely on it, mainly because the constant stream of “new” products tends to be mostly terrible. As a result, whoever gets to some niche in industry first will stay in that position for a long time, and because they are power-hungry nerds, will become as controlling and geared toward social engineering as the FAANG companies are.

  • What Happened the Day a Giant, Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Hit the Earth

    Another giant asteroid is coming. Humanity will either have beaten its emotional problems, become realist, and gone to the stars, or it will cease to exist. No one will mourn the demise of another neurotic species.

  • Nigeria to repatriate 600 citizens from S. Africa after wave of xenophobic violence

    Diversity increases xenophobia because it introduces the idea of ethnic groups as special interests competing for power. What ordinarily would be mere economic conflict now becomes a war for territory in which each group seeks to control enough space, wealth, and power to be able to dominate the others. Like many death traps, it does not announce it; you simply step into the pocket of gas, or swim into a sea wasp, or fall down a sinkhole. Maybe later someone finds your bones, or maybe not. First world humans live in a bubble where everything is safe because it is a product, where politics is designed to neuter anyone who threatens to bring reality into an otherwise controlled environment of economics and ideology, and where social conventions hide the raw competition, envy, resentment, and desire to dominate within human beings. By denying nature, we have brought it out in an artificial form; by denying power, we have made everything secretly about power. We create nightmares from our “best intentions.”

  • Money Matters: Financial Stress Literally Making 2 In 5 Young Americans Sick

    Taxes raise costs and reduce salaries. This leaves people comfortable on a day-to-day basis but financially insecure in the long term, which makes them easy to control but also makes them ill. This contributes to reduced family size and sickly offspring, which further reduces the count of useful people. Civilization destroys any human group that wanders into it this way, unless restrained by those who keep the beast alive in man.

  • Sheriff blasts immigration policies in Maryland county after sexual assault accusation by illegal immigrant

    Leftists so want to destroy the heritage majority in America that they treat minorities and illegal immigrants with kid gloves, which allows the worst among them to commit constant crimes and never face any real consequences. The worst that happens is that they flee the country before trial. In many trials, as we see in Europe, they are forgiven because of cultural differences or other pity rhetoric.

  • British Airways pilots strike grounds 1,700 flights in latest blow to airline

    Unions extort money beyond the market value of labor from healthy industries. This causes an economic distortion which ultimately results in more costs passed on down to ordinary people, who fail to notice this or sleep through it at the ballot box. In reality, pilots are paid quite well, but they cannot enjoy these salaries because they are taxed so much that their buying power is limited in the big things in life like early retirement, home ownership, and affording decent private alternatives to public healthcare, schooling, and law enforcement. In our chaotic and degraded world, the best life consists of being moderately wealthy and living in a gated community with private security.

  • Why Did Darker and Lighter Human Skin Colors Evolve?

    Several million years ago, our ancestors’ skin tone would not have been obvious. That’s because early hominins were almost certainly cloaked in dark fur. But beneath the body hair, they probably had pale skin based on the fact that our evolutionary cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas, have light skin under dark fur today.

    I feel like someone should say that this is racist.

  • Fewer people are getting married because there’s a shortage of economically stable single men, says study

    Jobs are terrible; thanks to affirmative action, women and minorities are promoted over men. Sexual liberation means that finding a woman who can bond to a man is rare. Men have checked out. They are off drinking beers, playing video games, indulging in hobbies, and generally ignoring the world because it has totally failed them.

  • Fiery clashes in new round of French Yellow Vest protests

    The “yellow vests” need to return to their basic message, which is that in the name of ideology, their lives have been destroyed. Government uses its citizens as a means to its goals, instead of having its citizens, heritage, ancestors, future, spirit, aesthetics, and customs be the main part of its purpose. Most people do not have the patience to see this analysis through, so instead they complain about surface things, not realizing that twenty levels deeper the argument really begins.

  • Workers Are Fleeing Big Cities for Smaller Ones—and Taking Their Jobs With Them

    Cities mean higher property taxes. People are fleeing that, even more than the crime, diversity disorder, corruption, filth, noise, bad air quality, and universality of surfaces covered in either advertising or graffiti. We now see the real end of the gig economy, which is that everyone will end up a private contractor, they will battle away income taxes with deductions, and they will homestead or produce some of what they eat, wear, and use. The urbanization model has failed just like the modern civilization model has failed. Our ideas took a wrong turn somewhere.

  • US tells migrant woman 8 months pregnant to wait in Mexico

    The US is tired of birthright citizenship. Still our courts do nothing. It will take a wave of conservative justices to make anything work in this government again, peeling back the layers of liberal judgments which point toward an increasingly totalitarian ideological benefits state.

  • Bernie Sanders Floats Global Population Control at CNN Climate Town Hall

    Sanders follows the Bill Gates model. He wants to make birth control free and worldwide. This is not a terrible idea except that the responsible use birth control where the irresponsible do not, which means that birth control itself is a form of dysgenics. We will have a short population drop followed by a catastrophic rise as the Idiocracy-styled fast breeders wipe out everyone else. Good intentions again, leading where they always lead, to a warm and dark place that feels a lot like hypothermia in the winter of entropy.

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