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  • ‘MLK/FBI’ Doc Draws Disturbing Parallels With the Current Moment

    “We felt it was important to really look at how King was looked at from the perspective of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, that they considered him a very dangerous man,” says Pollard, who is best known for editing Spike Lee’s films. “They were going at him by any means necessary to destroy him. At the same time, we wanted to convey King’s trajectory as we see the FBI is really digging into him, wiretapping, bugging his hotel rooms, and finding out that he was not a monogamous man.”

    The old-school FBI recognized that civil rights was the weapon the Left was going to use to win the culture war, and saw Martin Luther King Jr as one of those useful idiots always drafted by the Left, since he “meant well” but had no idea of the destruction he was creating and justifying. We need look no further than the famous “I Have A Dream” speech which argued for a race-blind America to the affirmative action and political correctness all around us to realize that egalitarianism never heads toward a hierarchy of merit, since that would be unequal, but always creates a relativistic pluralism where the lower is raised up at the expense of the higher. This reverses the order of nature. King has not aged well as a figurehead of this movement for that reason; he promised one thing, and delivered another. Blacks and Whites would have done better to pay attention to Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, both of whom realized that a Kingdom of Afrika would be a world force to be reckoned with, while being a minority population anywhere else is a losing proposition for all involved. Again, the problem is not Negroes (or Jews) but diversity itself. Even with nice/smart groups, diversity replaces organic culture with parasitic government and endless guilt. We must end diversity as nicely as possible as soon as possible, by any means necessary.

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Border Wall System

    Border Wall System Progress:

    Completed: 317 miles

    Materials used so far:

    Steel: 471k tons
    Concrete: 679k CUYD

    The MSM “fact checkers” are lying as usual, this time about how much border wall has been made. Poking around, one finds the source, which shows us that much of the wall to date has involved replacing old stick fencing with modern steel barriers. The real destruction of immigration will come through ending entitlements and affirmative action, at which point the draw of coming to this country — free stuff, jobs from which you cannot be fired, a chance to take over a superior country — will go away entirely.

  • Monostrograph receives jail threat for daring to publish I Hate Men (anti-paywall)

    “This book is by all accounts … an ode to misandry (hatred of men),” he said. “I would remind you that inciting hatred over gender is a criminal offence. I request you immediately withdraw this book from your catalogue under threat of criminal prosecution.”

    Harmange’s essay, Moi les hommes, je les deteste, which she calls a “manifesto for misandry”, is a mildly worded justification for holding men in contempt as the source of suffering for women.

    “Feminists often treat misandry as a joke. I found it interesting to explain that we have good reason to reach that point,” she said. In the book she notes that “allegations of misandry are a … way of silencing the sometimes violent and always legitimate anger of the oppressed towards their ­oppressors”.

    Typical clown world event: everyone has been driven insane by the dogma of equality. No, a book should not be withdrawn because it is “inciting hatred over gender,” nor should that be a criminal “offence.” No, the oppressed/oppressor dynamic does not make sense because people are not equal nor identical; men and women have different roles, just like social classes do, and like each ethnic group needs its own space. No one here can think. They have all been promoted by memorization and rationalization heavy education (“meritocracy” according to egalitarians).

  • In Battleground Pennsylvania, Blue- and White-Collar Voters Move Farther Apart

    Messrs. Milunic and Fetick are part of a national political realignment in which white, working-class voters have migrated to the Republican Party, while voters with white-collar jobs have increasingly backed Democrats. The shift has been particularly acute in Pennsylvania, where these long-running changes filtered into local politics in dramatic fashion last year.

    Party control of county commissions changed hands in 11 counties in 2019, some for the first time in decades. In five counties with large shares of professional workers, voters gave Democrats control, including in Chester County, where Mr. Fetick lives. Six counties with large shares of blue-collar workers shifted Republican, including Luzerne County, where Mr. Milunic lives.

    As usual, bad inferences from thin statistical analysis. Some white-collar workers are shifting Left, mainly because they depend on government for the regulations that create the need for their jobs (clerks, lawyers, bureaucrats, inspectors, medical data processors, teachers, social workers). The vast majority of people who depend on producing results in reality, not satisfying legal demands or ideological roles, have shifted to the Right because they realize that government always moves Left and that means choking normal life in order to subsidize minorities and bureaucrats.

  • Cautious welcome from publicans on reopening date

    The Cabinet has agreed that pubs that do not serve food will be able to reopen from 21 September, it is understood.

    However, a group of publicans who gathered outside Leinster House said this is the fourth date they have been given to reopen and do not trust that it will happen.

    Having seen the media narrative collapse and how Leftists and China have used this virus panicdemic to their own advantage, people are tired of shutting down their lives for what is basically a very aggressive, bad flu. HOAXVID-19 is officially over, and the Irish will go back to having a high enough BAC that nothing can infect them.

  • Waste disposal crisis looming large in Seoul metropolitan area

    Opened in 1992, it receives an average of 12,000 tons of garbage daily, mostly home- and construction-related waste from Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi Province where half the country’s population lives. Years of meetings have been fruitless and a look into these reveals the complexity of waste management issues in Korea and conflicts of interest.

    Democracy was the prole party which raged across the world for two centuries, and it has left behind nothing but ruins. Our food is making us sick, our air is polluted, our cities on fire, supplies are dwindling, new world wars are kindling, we are running out of water, and now, we have a trash crisis, and not just in South Korea. The Food Wars and Water Wars are going to kick things off, but really we are going to see pollution, overpopulation, bad leadership, and systematic graft come into play as well. Democracy is just corruption. Now we pay for the two centuries it took for this to become visible.

  • How Donald Trump has emerged as inspiration for Germany’s far right

    His face was emblazoned on banners, T-shirts and even on Germany’s pre-1918 imperial flag, popular with neo-Nazis in the crowd of 50,000 who had come to protest Germany’s pandemic restrictions. His name was invoked by many with messianic zeal.

    It was only the latest evidence that Mr Trump is emerging as a kind of cult figure in Germany’s increasingly varied far-right scene.

    “Trump has become a saviour figure, a sort of great redeemer for the German far right,” said Miro Dittrich, an expert on far-right extremism at the Berlin-based Amadeu-Antonio-Foundation.

    Trump showed the way forward: Austrian economics + social conservatism + nationalism. This reverses the Left. The Right sees that it needs to find a first handhold to climb a mountain, and that we way down in the valley of Leftist insanity, so we need to climb out by focusing on what we can do now to get momentum moving to the Right, which is mostly to remove Leftist laws, remove Leftists, reduce the influence of government, weaken the civil rights movement, cut taxes and regulations, and focus on strong national pride which naturally reduces diversity. Trump combined the Tea Party and paleoconservative revolution and came up with a winner because now that we have seen where Leftism leads, including sexual liberation and diversity, we want no part of it.

  • Newsom says coronavirus is an ‘opportunity for reimagining a more progressive era’

    “There is opportunity for reimagining a [more] progressive era as it [relates] to capitalism,” Gov. Newsom said. “So yes, absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.”

    Newsom’s comments echo a similar sentiment from House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who reportedly told fellow Democrats on a conference call that he saw the coronavirus relief package as a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

    Former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden also referred to the coronavirus relief package as an “opportunity” to accomplish progressive agenda goals.

    The Left follows a simple playbook: create a crisis, blame it on those in power, and use that as an excuse to seize power. They are by definition baristas who think they should run the coffee shop but do not understand the economics, management, legal, and business structure upon which their coffee creation rests. They crave power because they cannot handle power and, not understanding it, assume that it is a simple matter of ordering people to do things, even if those things clash with the nature of reality. This is why every Leftist revolution becomes abusive, then incompetent, and finally totalitarian before collapsing.

  • Bezos, Musk Lead Tech Wealth Retreat as $44 Billion Evaporates

    The industry’s 10 wealthiest people had $44 billion erased from their collective net worths as U.S. equities tumbled the most in almost three months over investor concerns about frothy valuations.

    Investors have finally figured out that tech is overvalued, something that has been covered here extensively. These companies pander to a relatively small but fanatical audience and overstate its importance in order to sell advertising, but once that collapses, we see their value as substantially lower than where they have been trading. Trump now has but one choice: bring industry and services home to America, which requires defeating unions, because all of our fact “service industry” economy is imploding. The exception may be Tesla, which while certainly overvalued, at least makes a product that seems to be succeeding even if only with overpaid tech hipsters.

  • The alarming rise of the technosexuals

    Technosexuals are joined – as though surgically – to their favourite gadgets. Whether it’s the ‘ping’ of a message, swiping right, or the seductive, authoritative tones of a cloud-based voice service, their tech fulfils them by mobilising the reward system in the brain and releasing dopamine – the ‘happiness hormone’.

    Reading past the goofy name, we see the root of the problem: instead of getting a shot of dopamine from success at life, people are living in symbolic worlds and getting their sense of well-being from those, which makes them addicted to that medium. This helps us understand how symbolic addiction may be a health problem on par with alcohol or drugs, but ten times as invisible to us. Houellebecq wrote about the lack of serotonin as a problem to the West, but the flipside may be that we are getting dopamine from all the wrong places, an artificial fake reality instead of the actual existence that we need to be leading.

  • University of Rhode Island to remove murals commemorating WWII veterans for lack of diversity

    “I have received complaints about the murals that portray a very homogeneous population predominately the persons painted and depicted on the wall are predominantly white and that does not represent who our institution is today,” Collins told CBS 12. “Some of our students have even shared with us they didn’t feel comfortable sitting in that space.”

    Minorities know that if they all died tomorrow, nothing would be worse. White people have mowed lawns, cleaned toilets, made sandwiches, and picked crops since the dawn of time. We can carry on; they, at least under diversity, need us as the economic engine supporting them. As a result, they are trying to whitewash history in order to remove all mention that the West was ever White, so that people accept multiracialism even though it will result in a mixed-race population with no culture.

  • Indiana sheriff defects to GOP: ‘I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets’

    “I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets,” Wedding said. “I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government and everything we stand for.

    The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party called Wedding’s political switch distasteful “political opportunism” and pointed out his previous complaints about insufficient funding from the Republican-controlled county council and state Legislature.

    Probably the sentiment of most of America about now. We had a pandemic, so the Democrats planned riots. Priceless.

  • Trump again raises idea of decoupling economy from China

    “We lose billions of dollars and if we didn’t do business with them we wouldn’t lose billions of dollars. It’s called decoupling, so you’ll start thinking about it,” Trump said.

    Trump, who long touted friendly ties with Chinese President Xi Jinping as he sought to make good on promises to rebalance a massive trade deficit, has made getting tough on China a key part of his campaign for re-election on Nov. 3. He has accused his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, who leads in most opinion polls, of being soft toward Beijing.

    “If Biden wins, China wins, because China will own this country,” he said.

    China used money from our industry — offshored because unions trashed American labor — to build itself a giant navy so it can take over the world. If we bring all of this labor back into the country, we can stop funding a perpetual enemy, and can become self-sufficient and let the rest of the world burn. Given the strong rate of failure of democracies, it is likely that we are heading into a period of war and poverty, so being self-sufficient lets us ride this out without consequence.

  • Effect of Calcifediol Treatment and best Available Therapy versus best Available Therapy on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19

    Vitamin D was a favorite therapy of the Nazis. In their view, most European diseases including cancer could be partially addressed with Vitamin D therapy.

    Of 50 patients treated with calcifediol, one required admission to the ICU (2%), while of 26 untreated patients, 13 required admission

    Calcifedol — 25-hydroxyvitamin D — reduced intensive care admissions substantially. This is not surprising, given that we are re-discovering Vitamin D as a therapy for many things:

    Vitamin D deficiency is common in Europe, especially in elderly people. It has been associated with a higher risk for developing many aging-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis. However, there are several forms, or metabolites, of vitamin D in the body but it is the total amount of these metabolites that is most often used to assess the vitamin D status of people.

    We normally get Vitamin D from sunlight and animal products, both of which are reduced by our sedentary, job-driven modern lifestyle.

  • ‘Worrying Signs’ of Falling Trust in Coronavirus Vaccines, as 79 Percent Would Not Get Shot Right Away

    A CBS News poll published on Sunday showed just 21 percent of voters in the U.S. would get a vaccine as soon as possible if it were free, down from 32 percent in late July. The majority, at 58 percent, would “consider it, wait to see what happens,” up from 51 percent in July. A further 21 percent said they would never get vaccinated, up from 17 percent in July. The poll, conducted by YouGov between September 2 and 4, involved 2,493 registered voters.

    We no longer trust blindly in government, science, academics, “experts,” or the media. This revolution will only build as more of the recommendations that these people make are revealed to be manipulations.

  • Massachusetts coronavirus positive test rate drops to new low of less than 1%

    The state has logged 128,229 cases of the highly contagious disease, an increase of 174 confirmed cases and 25 probable cases since Saturday. Of the 128,229 total cases, at least 103,920 people have recovered.

    The seven-day weighted average of the Bay State’s positive test rate dropped to a record low of 0.9% on Sunday.

    Caught with their hand in the cookie jar by the CDC reports that showed just 6% of COVID-19 patients had no underlying syndromes, the self-interested medical people have rolled back the numbers, since now they know that they can no longer get away with the deception.

  • Norway plans to drill for oil in untouched Arctic areas

    Experts say the area is regarded as risky both environmentally and in terms of profitability. They also say the decision risks antagonising other nations which are party to the 100-year-old Svalbard treaty, which regulates activity in the area concerned.

    We burned all that oil on disposable and unreliable consumer junk from China, commuting around ghettos, hipster influencer flights to the Bahamas, and building new cities for immigrants because we have to support equality or admit that our system is based on a Big Lie. Maybe instead of increasing our demand for oil, we should stop doing unnecessary stuff and fix our societies so that they are not so miserable, dishonest, and manipulative, where the sociopaths always win.

  • 19 aliens charged with voter fraud in North Carolina following ICE investigation

    A federal grand jury in Wilmington charged seven foreign nationals on August 31 on federal felony charges including falsely claiming U.S. citizenship or making false statements on voter registration application, and with misdemeanor charges of unlawfully casting ballots in the 2016 presidential election. Non-citizens are not eligible to register to vote or to vote in federal elections under U.S. law.

    The Democrat plan reveals itself: marshall stooge voters to depose the WASP majority and take over this country, sucking it dry of value before fleeing to some new place to parasitize. These people are just like leeches, mosquitoes, AIDS, tapeworms, and rats; they want to take from the rest of us and steal it for themselves, and have zero concern about the outcome. In fact, they take great delight in wrecking things because they know that they are disorganized minds, therefore empty people, and that they will for that reason never produce anything one percent as great as what came before them. We are going to have to send all of these people to Venezuela.

  • A majority of young adults in the U.S. live with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression

    In July, 52% of young adults resided with one or both of their parents, up from 47% in February, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of monthly Census Bureau data. The number living with parents grew to 26.6 million, an increase of 2.6 million from February. The number and share of young adults living with their parents grew across the board for all major racial and ethnic groups, men and women, and metropolitan and rural residents, as well as in all four main census regions. Growth was sharpest for the youngest adults (ages 18 to 24) and for White young adults.

    Welcome to the era where, because we tax everything to fund minorities, very few can make a living, at least not without making themselves total tool-slaves to the job. Ordinary life has been replaced by the need for “equality,” which always means taking from the strong (the heritage majority) to give to the weak (minorities). Diversity has died in our hearts, and now we simply need to get rid of the laws — especially 14A — that force it upon us.

  • White House Report Card: Polls, jobs look good for Trump

    About 1.4 million jobs were added in August, bringing unemployment down below 10% for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The economy is still accelerating despite Democratic governors’ efforts to slow it down.

    It turns out that limiting immigration, decoupling from China, and cutting taxes/government (they are, essentially, one and the same) produces a thriving nation, where Obama and Carter did the opposite and produced long-term economic, social, and political malaise.

  • Chinese chip giant SMIC ‘in shock’ after US trade ban threat

    The move could make SMIC the next focus of a trade clash that has already threatened Chinese tech firm Huawei’s survival and forced Bytedance to negotiate the sell-off of video-sharing app TikTok’s American operations.

    Trump transfers wealth to the American economy each time he threatens one of these bans and scares investors into buying up American stocks. If he keeps doing these in little steps as he has, he will eventually drive industry back into the USA and naturally decouple from China.

  • ‘Beethoven was black’: why the radical idea still has power today

    During the 1960s, the mantra “Beethoven was black” became part of the struggle for civil rights.

    “Beethoven was black” became a refrain chanted on a San Francisco soul music radio station and, in 1969, hit mass consciousness when Rolling Stone magazine ran a story headlined: “Beethoven was black and proud!”

    Was Beethoven black? The evidence is scant and inconclusive. The case rests on two possibilities: that Beethoven’s Flemish ancestors married Spanish “blackamoors” of African descent, or that Beethoven’s mother had an affair.

    Diversity means we fight over everything, including historical heroes. In other news, apparently hip-hop and jazz have not lived up to the influence of Western European classical music.

  • EU says one in eight deaths is linked to pollution

    One in every eight deaths in Europe can be linked to pollution, according to a new report by the EU’s environment agency (EEA).

    It said factors such as air and noise pollution, as well as poor water quality and exposure to chemicals, contributed to 13% of all deaths.

    The report also noted that poorer communities and vulnerable people were the hardest hit by pollution.

    Weasel words: “linked to” and “contributed to.” If you are 98 and dying of AIDS, pollution will not help. The bigger point is that we are living in polluted wastelands because we depend on industry to keep our economic system growing so that we can fund government, entitlements, diversity, etc. Benefits for proles are not free; the cost is just paid out over a longer time by your descendants.

  • Right-wing terror trial stirs up violent memories in Germany’s Freital

    Her life was turned upside down five years ago when she teamed up with others to help refugees arriving there. Hatred against them erupted from within the town before they even arrived. Hundreds of people repeatedly took to the streets when they learned the newcomers would be housed in a former hotel.

    Help with an invasion, and you get seen as an enemy. Big surprise. This woman must have had some kind of head injury.

  • During pandemic, Black families put trust in Black doctors

    Research suggests Black patients have better outcomes when treated by Black doctors and nurses. Yet, only 5% of doctors nationwide are Black, and only 2% are Black women, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

    Diversity fails. People want doctors, lawyers, police, judges, architects, contractors, and artists of their own ethnic group.

  • 3-Year Ban on Parties May Be Necessary to Avoid Spreading COVID-19

    German scientists believe that the ongoing pandemic may mean a three-year ban on house parties. Ever since lockdown restrictions have been slowly lifted around the world, experts have noticed a spike in cases associated with mass gatherings and parties.

    Democracy rules by making people miserable. That way, they take whatever government gives them because they have nothing else.

  • California wildfires: Gender reveal party blamed for fire

    This is not the first time such an event has started a wildfire. In April 2017, a gender reveal party in Arizona sparked a week-long wildfire which burned through 45,000 acres.

    Endless egodrama accompanies the solipsism of modernity. When everyone is equal, the duty falls on you to demonstrate how unique, special, different, compassionate, snowflakey, and awesome you are. This means that our lives are enlessly marred by stunting proles doing stupid stuff that occasionally burns down many acres of wildland.

  • Bristol Uni fitness trainers may be banned from using ‘fatphobic’ phrases such as ‘work off last night’s pizza’

    The Bristol student council criticised what it felt was the “insidious presence of diet culture” at the university, as well as phrases like “let’s slim those waists”.

    The council argued that phrases like that were evidence of “thin privilege”.

    Privilege = anyone who is not failing. Having some people succeed makes the rest feel bad. In a democracy, where everyone is equal, the many who feel bad outweigh the few who have their act together. At least now they can finally enjoy the official food of democracy, namely pizza, cheeseburgers, and donuts.

  • Birmingham stabbings: Man arrested on suspicion of murder

    The West Midlands Police released a video of the suspect:

  • Two-thirds of black Britons believe NHS gives white people better care, finds survey

    Overall, 64% of black people do not believe that their health is as protected by the NHS compared with white people’s. When asked if they thought it was, 34.3% disagreed and another 29.6% disagreed strongly, while just 19.9% agreed and a further 2.4% agreed strongly.

    Diversity means distrust.


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