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  • A Coded Word from the Far Right Roils France’s Political Mainstream

    The word “ensauvagement” has been a favorite dog whistle of France’s far right in recent years, used to suggest that the nation is turning savage. With its colonial and racist overtones, it has been wielded in discussion of immigration and crime to sound alarms that France is being transformed into a dangerous, uncivilized place, stripped of its traditional values.

    “Behind it, there is an underlying imaginary world, with savages on one side and civilized humanity on the other” said Cécile Alduy, a French expert on the political use of language who teaches at Stanford University.

    So it did not go unnoticed this week when sitting ministers of President Emmanuel Macron’s government started throwing around the word themselves, arguing forcefully that talk of France’s “ensauvagement” was legitimate.

    Diversity has died. No one can yet admit that fully in public, but the big story here is that despite The New York Times anti-cheerleading it, the word “ensauvagement” has made it into the mainstream, allowing the France to draw a line between the first world and third world and point out that allowing the latter into the former simply makes it into another third world ruin. No one believes in diversity anymore, and people see the writing on the wall: it is going away, especially as riots rage in America and political conflict enwraps the world, and we are going to try now to very nicely but forcefully say that so that the relocations are not a shock.

  • Yes, China’s Navy Is the Largest in the World—but There’s a Catch

    Over the last three decades, the Chinese military has enjoyed double-digit growth in defense spending. The rise of the Chinese economy has allowed the country to spend much more on its armed forces without spending a greater portion of the gross domestic product. In fact, the defense budget has grown by about sixfold in the last six decades, with an emphasis on modernizing combat forces and building out power projection capabilities—particularly the Chinese Navy.

    If you wondered why Trump is important, here is a big part: he has thwarted our funding of the most hostile empire we have experienced, descendants of the same people who invaded us in the medieval period with nothing but theft on their minds. He has also stopped descendants of a related group from invading us from the south, and is busy cutting down on the various ways that the allies of these groups — bought and paid for — are taking over our institutions. Another four years of Trump and the West has a fighting chance.

  • More than 1,000 UK doctors want to quit NHS over handling of pandemic

    The most common reason for planning to quit, cited by 74% of respondents, was what DAUK said was the lack of a real-terms pay rise. While the government recently announced a 2.8% pay rise for many doctors in England, including consultants, it does not cover trainee doctors or most GPs.

    Other key factors included a lack of personal protective equipment (65%), doctors not being allowed to speak out publicly (54%), repeal of promises to NHS staff made during the pandemic, such as free parking (46%), and the impact of the crisis on their own mental health (45%).

    Free entitlements are never free; they simply shift the cost burden somewhere else. In addition to wracking taxpayers so hard that it becomes impossible to escape the job treadmill until one is too old to enjoy much of anything in life, free healthcare requires cheaper staff, so it imports most of them from abroad and pays the rest less. Who do you want operating on you, a doctor who is well-paid and driven by a desire to be the best, or someone who knows that he did not make the cut, is stranded in his underpaid job forever, and might as well just have a few drinks before he makes the first incision?

  • Black woman harassed by white passenger on Delta flight praises company for response

    Demetria Poe, who lives in Minneapolis, said she was traveling to Washington, D.C., on Thursday for the Commitment March, a civil rights rally, when a white female passenger came back to her seat wearing a Blue Lives Matter face mask.

    “She proceeded to remain silent until take off but once we took off she started the conversation with me by saying, “I support blue lives because I support our officers.’ I explained to her blue lives do not exist,” Poe wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “The life of an officer exist but there is no such thing as a blue life and that statement is nothing but a rebuttal to the fact that BLM [Black Lives Matter] has been disregarded time after time after time.”

    Stop right there, Demetria. White people are tired of hearing non-Whites tell us how we “must” think. We no longer care if you are offended; in fact, we just want you to leave along with all the other non-Whites and Leftists. We are concerned with our future now, and only that.

  • Trump warns schools teaching 1619 Project ‘will not be funded’

    President Trump said Sunday that the Department of Education is examining the use of the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project in schools, and warned that institutions that teach this alternative narrative of American history could lose federal funding.

    The project is based on the premise that American history began in 1619 — cited as the date African slaves arrived in Virginia — and that everything following this should be viewed through that lens. The Pulitzer Center released a school curriculum based on the project, and Trump responded to a tweet stating that California would be using it.

    Can we just call it Communist propaganda yet? Or admit that all Leftism, even libertarianism, is a step toward inexorable Communism? While the media is raging over some dubious claims about comments Trump has made in the past, he is steadily working to dismantle the Leftist infrastructure within our government. Let us hope for school vouchers or, better yet, property tax avoidance for those who do not send children to public schools, next.

  • Portland police make over 50 arrests, use tear gas as protesters throw fire bombs

    Police described what they called “tumultuous and violent conduct” by protesters on the city’s Southeast Stark Street.

    One of the fire bombs caught a community member on fire and he was taken to hospital, Portland police said in a statement, adding that a sergeant was also struck by a commercial-grade firework that injured his hand.

    We need to stop calling them protesters. They are rioters. The world is watching, and as it sees America — the country with the most experience in diversity, and which has sacrificed the most to try to make it work — suffer under more race riots, diversity is dying in hearts across the world. We want mono-ethnic countries back. WASP Nationalists like myself recognize that Nordic-Germanics make up one ethnic group and that this group ran the country when it was healthy, is threatened by diversity, and needs to end diversity quickly in order to survive.

  • Coronavirus Australia: Transgender Queensland man births COVID baby, breaking medical history twice

    Maaike, from Queensland, contracted COVID-19 from his partner when he was nine months pregnant. When he gave birth to his baby in March, he was the first Western person to have a child with COVID-19.

    He is a father-of-two, and has given birth to both kids.

    However, for this pregnancy he was impregnated through an anonymous donor.

    Back in the 1980s, we would have called this a freakshow, but apparently that is “hate speech” now (to be fair, I hate making speeches too). These people are vestiges of the narcissistic Useful Idiots that democracy needs to continue functioning, and as democracy fades, so will they. The right thing to do is to blast them into the third world where they can outbreed and fix whatever genetic mutations are turning them into such mental defectives.

  • A Communist & Anarchist Movement That Explicitly Endorses Violence

    The website, which serves as a newsblog for Antifa, says that “in the U.S., most [anti-fascist] activists are anarchist, although a few are Maoist or anti-state Marxists” ― while “in other countries, the movement is predominately Marxist.” The U.S.-based anarchists of Antifa typically denounce not only the capitalist economic system, but the institution of government itself. And they explicitly advocate and encourage the use of violence to undermine and destroy both. The long-term objective is to establish a communist world order.

    Right now, the media is circulating a talking point that basically says that Antifa does not exist and, if it does exist by some quirk of history, it is leaderless and not organized. Let us apply the “180° rule” which says that this means that Antifa exists, is organized, and receives external funding and support, probably from China and internationalist Leftist NGOs.

  • Richmond, B.C. politicians push Ottawa to address birth tourism and stop ‘passport mill’

    “Birthright citizenship was really designed for people who moved to Canada, who immigrated to Canada, gave birth to their children, so their children would automatically have Canadian citizenship,” Griffith said. “It was never designed for a world where you could stay in a birth hotel or a hostel, give birth and fly back to your country of origin.”

    Even better, declare Canada an Anglo-Saxon colony and send everyone else back, starting with Turdeau.

  • Surveillance video shows bags of USPS mail being dumped in parking lot by Budget truck

    “It happened early in the morning, 5:40, and it was a Budget rental — big truck — that backed up to the parking lot. And they’re like, slowly, one by one, they’re dropping the packages,” Lilia Serobian, one of the medical spa’s owners, told KTLA.

    She said the “huge pile” contained various size of packages — all of it U.S. mail.

    These are the people who want more overtime. If they cannot get it, they will destroy their own service, thinking — like all good union droids — that the shakedown will continue forever, but forgetting that at some point, they collide with hard reality like the US being so in debt that its future borrowing is at risk. The US government has used the postal service as a jobs program for minorities for many decades now, and at this point, the minority population has tipped the scales and they have reverted to third world style mail delivery, which is to say, most of the mail never gets there.

  • Amazon is filled with fake reviews and it’s getting harder to spot them

    From Facebook groups where bad actors solicit paid positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews to take out the competition, fake reviews are getting harder to spot. In July, UCLA and USC released a study that found more than 20 fake review related Facebook groups with an average of 16,000 members. In more than 560 postings each day, sellers offered a refund or payment for a positive review, usually around $6.

    The repercussions are getting more serious, too, as shoppers stay home and increasingly turn online for things they’d normally want to shop for in person. In recent months, fake reviews have boosted sales of unsafe products and hurt business for legitimate sellers, causing huge brands to sever ties with Amazon.

    Amazon told CNBC it uses “powerful machine learning tools and skilled investigators to analyze over 10 million review submissions weekly, aiming to stop abusive reviews before they are ever published.” Still, the company recently removed 20,000 reviews after an investigation found that the top Amazon reviewers in the UK were engaging in fraud.

    As said before, much of what we see on the internet is simply fake because there is no vetting of who is writing anything, so shills, advertisers, scammers, and other malfeasors join in the fun, manipulating you with symbols that create positive images in your mind and induce you to engage in self-destructive behavior.

    Add to this our now-ancient knowledge that a small majority use the internet most, skewing all statistics toward people with nothing better to do with their time:

    The updated results based on March 2009 Comscore data, and presented by Comscore chairman Gian Fulgoni and Kim McCarthy, manager, Research & Analytics at Starcom, at the iMedia Brand Summit in San Diego on September 14, 2009, indicated that the number of people who click on display ads in a month has fallen from 32 percent of Internet users in July 2007 to only 16 percent in March 2009, with an even smaller core of people (representing 8 percent of the Internet user base) accounting for the vast majority (85 percent) of all clicks.

    This turns the internet into the ultimate propaganda engine: a community manipulated by a small group of fanatical people and relied on by a larger group, who imagine it to be as vetted and accountable as television, when in fact it is more like a graffiti wall at the local homeless shelter. Not surprisingly, it leans Left, especially since Big Tech has decided to cater to that 8% instead of the larger audience, effectively dooming themselves to irrelevance when that audience moves on to the next technological gadget useful for wasting time.

  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls for elimination of daylight saving time

    The AASM supports a switch to permanent standard time, explaining in the statement that standard time more closely aligns with the daily rhythms of the body’s internal clock. The position statement also cites evidence of increased risks of motor vehicle accidents, cardiovascular events, and mood disturbances following the annual “spring forward” to daylight saving time.

    A century of narcissistic democracy assuming that it knows better than nature seems to be ending.

  • Poop tests stop COVID-19 outbreak at University of Arizona

    In Arizona, wastewater from a student dormitory contained viral RNA just days after students—who had all tested negative for COVID-19—moved into their rooms this month. The university retested all 311 residents and dorm workers and found two students who were asymptomatic but positive for the virus; they were then quarantined, officials explained in a press conference.

    Another bullet strikes the COVID-19 panic: we can now catch and quarantine rogue cases ahead of time by sampling the sewers. Did anyone else prefer the news when they used the term “feces” instead of the goofier “poop”? What is this, news for children?

  • How chemicals like PFAS can increase your risk of severe COVID-19

    Endocrine-disrupting compounds, or EDCs, are a broad group of chemicals that can interfere with natural hormones in people’s bodies in ways that harm human health.

    These chemicals are pervasive in modern life. They are found in a wide range of consumer goods, food packaging, personal care products, cosmetics, industrial processes and agricultural settings. EDCs then make their way into our air, water, soil and food.

    Research has shown that people who are exposed to EDCs are more likely than others to develop metabolic disorders, such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, and they tend to have poorer cardiovascular health.

    The COVID-19 panic has seemed more to me to be a lack of faith in modernity since the beginning. We do not trust the news to do anything but lie, we know the “experts” are usually political sycophants instead of competent people, and we think that our modern lifestyle is slowly killing us. It turns out that we are right, and COVID-19 is just nature rapping at our door to remind us to change before something actually serious comes along.

  • Coronavirus: Tests ‘could be picking up dead virus’

    A person shedding a large amount of active virus, and a person with leftover fragments from an infection that’s already been cleared, would receive the same – positive – test result.

    Another bullet in the PANIC-19 narrative.

  • Death threat targeting Chinese and Indian IT workers investigated by Irving police

    “American citizens in IT industry and other professional fields have lost their jobs to many Indians and Chinese,” the letter says. “We asked you to leave the country without further delay. We will have no choice but to shoot mercilessly at work place, in community, on pool or on playground.”

    People are tired of being displaced from their own countries by those who were offered what was considered a generous offer to come here and work in exchange for a safer life and better wages. However, diversity means that when there is more than one ethnic group, the groups vie for dominance, leading to crime, terrorism, and war, followed by the collapse of the civilization from a lack of organic culture. The Democrats imported most of these people in order to destroy our organic culture and genetics and replace them with artificial ways of life, including urbanization, consumerism, and the Leftist ideology. Then again, if people start shooting random minorities and make them feel unsafe here, they are likely to self-deport because back home will be a better option than living in America.

  • Trump says all African nations ‘complete toilets’ in new book by Cohen

    In a new book out this week, U.S. President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, alleges that Trump regarded all African countries and nations run by black people as “complete toilets”.

    According to the newspaper, which has a copy of the book, Cohen wrote that following Mandela’s death in 2013, Trump said: “Mandela f—-ed the whole country up. Now it’s a s—-hole. F—- Mandela. He was no leader.”

    Cohen also alleges that Trump said: “Tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a s—-hole. They are all complete f—-ing toilets.”

    My guess is that Trump cut Cohen loose and asked him to spread the most outrageous lies about Trump possible, knowing that it would keep the media busy while simultaneously destroying their credibility. Cohen simply picked obvious truths that are universally denied. Mandeadla was a Communist terrorist who took South Africa from a prosperous first world nation into a third world corrupt wasteland.

  • Takashi Kokubo: Creating ambient music out of art and the environment

    For sound designer and composer Kokubo, his music was simply a reaction to what he felt at the time was “too much.” Contemporary ’80s genres like pop and rock were too message-focused; even precisely composed forms, such as a Beethoven sonata, were something he didn’t want to listen to.

    “I was fed up in the early ’80s with that sort of ‘I want to convey this’ message,” he says.

    When asked why he thinks ambient music is making a resurgence, Kokubo says, “Isn’t the contemporary music scene a ‘too much’ kind of situation? Isn’t there a need for casual music with a faint message that you listen to unintentionally?”

    The era of democratic propaganda is ending, and the age of nationalism, including in music, is rising. In other news, this guy makes pretty rippin’soothing tunes.

  • Russia working with China to design submarine, missile defence system

    On Monday, the chief designer of Russia’s ‘missile attack warning’ system said Russia had made progress in assisting China’s development of a similar system. The missile attack warning system monitors for and provides early warning about launch of enemy nuclear missiles using long-range radars, satellites and other sensors.

    WW1 never ended and we got WW2; it may have in fact been a continuation of the Napoleonic Wars, themselves a fallout of the Thirty Years War. Whether through proxies (religion) or not, we continue fighting over democracy and the balance between Left (egalitarianism) and Right (order). It looks like the Cold War, like WW1, never ended, and Russia and China are acting in concert. Killing two billion people is a tall order but nerve gas might be up to the job.

  • Rand Paul: Investigation Needed to ‘Trace’ Money Given to BLM, Other Groups to See if Used to Foment Violence

    But this is not funny. I mean, these protesters, we now have pictures of protesters who have been in Portland, Kenosha, Louisville, and D.C. The question is, who is financing this and who is flying them around?

    It really is a federal crime to incite riot and to fly people around to instigate violence. And I think that’s what’s happening. And yes, we’ve got to get to the bottom of this one person at a time, and once we have suspicion or probable cause, we need to ask a judge for a warrant and they need to look at their financial records and see — for this.

    Making his bid for 2024, Rand Paul suggests something that “compassionate conservatives” are afraid to do, namely rip the cover off of the shadowy funding used by the Left to orchestrate its riots.

  • Tx. Asst. AG loses job over tweets; Sheriff Stephens says he led prosecution against her

    “Nick Moutos threatened Black Lives Matter protesters and has regularly referred to the organizers as “terrorists.” He called Islam a “virus” and trans people an “abomination.” – The Texas Tribune

    Leftist journalists and politicians are about to be shocked by how many Americans agree with this guy.

  • UK warns EU on Brexit: We won’t blink first

    “We came in after a government and negotiating team that had blinked and had its bluff called at critical moments and the EU had learned not to take our word seriously,” negotiator David Frost told the Mail on Sunday.

    “So a lot of what we are trying to do this year is to get them to realise that we mean what we say and they should take our position seriously,” he was quoted as saying.

    Nigel Farage has the last laugh, because either way it goes, the EU is doomed. If they force the UK back in, they will have created massive distrust among their members and fall apart rather quickly. If they let the UK escape, the EU will become unstable from lack of cross-European support, and quickly be dominated by its poorer members in Southern and Eastern Europe, at which point Western Europe is going to bail or be bankrupted. Nationalism is rising, and the “global village” is dying.

  • Japan to draw map of marine plastic pollution with help from G-20

    “It is important for each country to limit their use of plastics in order to prevent further pollution,” said Atsuhiko Isobe, a professor at Kyushu University who is in charge of drawing the map.

    They are holding the third world accountable for its pollution, which will result in increasing withdrawl of first world industry from the third world. Now all we need to do is beat the unions and goods and services production can return to our shores.

  • First famines of coronavirus era are at world’s doorstep, U.N. warns

    The first famines of the coronavirus era could soon hit four chronically food-deprived conflict areas — Yemen, South Sudan, northeast Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo — the top humanitarian official of the United Nations has warned.

    No one cares. The world knew that it was going to go into a massive recession with these shutdowns and that things like this would result, and no one raised a voice of protest. World Leftism continues its murderous incompetent rampage.

  • Atop the Cliffs: The Home of New Occidental Poetry

    Atop The Cliffs aims to publish poetry from the Right. Whether you are a Western Chauvinist, a Hoppean Libertarian, or an Identitarian we aim to cultivate a home for organically grown right-leaning poetry. We stand for Beauty, Truth, and Justice, in art.

    Send poetry submissions to [email protected]

    The Left had its “Long March Through the Institutions.” The Right has the massive productivity of freed spirits and will soon replace our failing and ailing pop culture with something better.

  • South Carolina police officer fired after seen on video using n-word

    Bodycam video released by the department shows Walker responding to a muffled comment from a male patron, saying, “You’re a little color-blind, sir.”

    Outside the bar, when a White patron confronts Walker, the customer says, “My issue is you talking to these people of color as if they are less than human.”

    Walker pointing to a Black male who was in the bar, responds: “People of color? The gentleman right there that called me a N***er?”

    So, it’s not the Klan. In fact, it’s just a White guy repeating what a Black guy said to him. Things have to get ultra-moronic before the collapse, but then we can end all of this. Obviously diversity is not working for minorities or Whites, so why continue this failing, incompetent policy?

  • One-third of Germans believe in conspiracy theories: poll

    Some 11% of respondents said it was “definitely true” that secret powers control the world, while 19% said it was probably true.

    Of those who thought the world is controlled by a secret elite, 13% said the shadowy groups included commercial enterprises, banks or “the financial capital.”

    Not a conspiracy theory. They believe that multinational corporations and their lobbyists have bought democracy, which is part of how democracy operates.

  • Rally held in support of Portsmouth police chief on leave

    Residents in a Virginia city held a rally in support of a police chief who was placed on administrative leave nearly three weeks after her department charged a Black state senator and several others with conspiring to damage a Confederate monument.

    Police chief enforces the law, so Leftists remove her. Residents have a problem with this for some reason.

  • You can’t cancel freedom that easily.

    At 16:09 EDT on 04 Sep 2020 (about 26 hours ago), SalesForce (the owner of web hosting company Heroku) notified us that they had suspended the Ruqqus live and test server environments, with account termination to follow twenty-four hours later.

    At the time of this writing, we have not been given a reason as to why we were being kicked. I do not believe we violated Heroku ToS (though Heroku may think otherwise) and we did not exceed Heroku usage limits. Our account manager was friendly but was unfortunately unable to provide us with any information. It is my opinion that by not warning us first (ex. “please remove X which violates Heroku’s acceptable use policy”) that Heroku actually violated their own terms of service.

    Another Left-converged company that hired too many SJWs. Reminder to boycott censorship-based hosting at your day jobs and in private life.

  • DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat

    But all three drafts describe the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups.

    Leftists are burning down our cities nightly, and white supremacists are the terror threat? They’re not even trying to make believable propaganda anymore. It’s all just a loyalty test: either you accept the absurd to be a good Comrade, or you fail to do so and become a Target.


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