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  • Donald Trump warns impeachment could cause second US Civil WAR in Twitter thread quoting evangelical pastor

    This entire scandal reeks… of Donald Trump provoking conflict. He knows that the Left will lunge for anything that seems surface-level plausible as an excuse to remove him, which is a way of saying that they deny any actuality and focus on image. He then skirts the line by asking Ukraine to make sure that it is not corrupt because of a past history of anti-corruption investigations that mysteriously terminated early. He does this at a time when Joe Biden is fading away as Warren rises (soon to be replaced by Harris). In the meantime, the entire Left is ganging up on Trump for rooting out corruption in a country to whom we intend to send billions in foreign aid. The Left seems to think that it is “election interference” to notice that their candidate is corrupt and they are mad that Trump blew the whistle on their longstanding arrangements. As always with the Left, noticing is bad: noticing that social classes are different, that races and ethnic groups are different, that equality is nonsense, that socialism and socialist-lite-style programs like entitlements turn people into conformist zombies, that most Leftists would be snake oil salesmen, tent preachers, or con men if they had not found the great gig that is Leftism… so we have the Left going to war against a president for noticing corruption, claiming that he is corrupt, and forcing the country to a meeting point. This may solve demographic displacement before the Left can sneak in all of their nu-American voters to tick those boxes for free stuff until the country consumes itself and ends in Leftist-style third world kleptocracy with Comrades at the top. The key to the Left is that they are incompetent, and they cannot visualize how their actions will end in the destruction of all, mainly because they are so focused on themselves that the world seems like a bizarre cotton-candy mirage to them.

  • Activists wonder why California Democratic political donor Ed Buck wasn’t arrested sooner

    In other corruption news, a question that answers itself. The Clintons and Obama set up a regime that rewarded fellow Leftists with sinecures. These then got rich and fat off America, as did lots of government workers making over $100k/yr, and basically faced no consequences for their activities as long as they kept them moderately hush-hush. Jeffrey Epstein and Ed Buck are just the beginning of the revelations here, although government may keep it as quiet as possible in order to keep from revealing how unstable and weak we really were under Leftist rule. People got away with whatever they wanted as long as they had the “correct” political opinions. They fear the return of actual accountability.

  • Girl recants accusation that classmates cut her dreadlocks

    Another day, another fake hate crime. Diversity is so dead.

  • Geography of caste in urban India

    Caste in India reflects quality ranking of people (IQ+morality) and ethnic admixture. Higher-caste Indians tend to be mostly European, with an Oriental maternal line, where lower-caste Indians have more Asiatic and Dravidian (same population as Australian aborigines) admixture. It turns out that people preserve caste roles mainly because the groups do not understand each other, but people understand others within their group. We are going to see a resurrection of caste in the West because our Leftist-spurred attempts to make an egalitarian society have failed and nearly destroyed us.

  • Austria election: Sebastian Kurz’s People’s Party in convincing win

    People want Right-wingers who are going to end the liberal democracy debacle, avoid sabotaging the economy with more socialist-style programs, eschew crazy wars and ideological crusades, but restore the healthier times that were had under more traditional leadership. Populism is the first step, and gentler far-Righters like Kurz will be part of the followup.

  • NASA is close to finding life on Mars but the world isn’t ready for the discovery, the agency’s chief scientist says

    Humanity needs to prepare itself for the notion that we are not special, and the universe is not designed for us. We are one of many species attempting to survive, and what stands in our way is the normalized insanity of most human beings, something that democracy, equality, and diversity made socially acceptable. Our future lies in dark hierarchical times where the few who are not in the grips of mundane mental illness rise above the rest and oppress that group so that it is forced to evolve or die.

  • Views of China turning negative in much of Western Europe and Asia Pacific: Survey

    It’s a new Cold War, just like the old one, with the same participants, since Russia is rattling sabers as well. The West is attempting to decouple its economy from that of its enemies, including limiting what we need from them, so that we can make these systems accountable for their own instability and, when they fall, push them aside and let the populations of China and Russia live under more functional government. There is no way to rehabilitate the governments of Mao and Stalin; Putin is a former KGB colonel and Xi very much continues the Maoist agenda, albeit in a form more sensitive to public relations.

  • Sixth GOP House member from Texas announces plans to leave Congress

    Is “The Great Replacement” a conspiracy theory? GOP politicians from Texas keep quitting because in the minority-majority future, white guys will simply not win elections at all, which we already see on the local level in places like Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

  • Desperate Migrants on the Border: ‘I Should Just Swim Across’

    It seems that the Virtual Wall erected by Donald Trump is working. Migrants are finding it harder to get in. This means that they are going to stage some last desperate drama and then start going home. Sneaking into the USA for the higher wages is a dream, like winning the lottery or having your mix tape go viral, that appeals to people who really cannot think very well. If they had any smarts, they would focus on developing local economies.

  • Labour members back proposal to give all UK residents voting rights

    Ideology is symbolism that is not tied to reality. That is, you do not care about who you rule so much as that they obey the dogma which you find makes your life seem sensible. Consequently, Leftists worldwide are working to replace their host populations with foreigners, simply so that the Leftist ideology wins in the end, even if it means ruling over a smoldering ruin instead of a country with a first world future. Leftism is a form of a suicide, and when we tolerate it, we are basically saying that we want to die.

  • ‘Beware of parasites’: Anti-Semitic posters put up in Warsaw ahead of elections

    Poland should be ruled by (ethnic) Poles. No one should be in Poland but (ethnic) Poles. Say that instead.

  • Russian special forces on Norwegian soil

    As humanity circles the drain, the big players are trying to conquer as much territory as possible. If Russia rules all of Europe and the middle east, American or Chinese armies will have to cross a thousand miles of hostile terrain to actually threaten Russian power. Having learned from the American victory through public relations that swayed the crowd toward the West during the Cold War, the Asiatic Axis wants to seize nearby countries, in echoes of the television series Occupied.

  • High sensitivity and interindividual variability in the response of the human circadian system to evening light

    Pollution, including light and sound pollution, will be bigger issues in the twenty-first century than the twentieth, mainly because we are finally seeing actual consequences of these problems which take them from the theoretical realm to the real. Democracy responds very slowly to actual threats, but does really well with symbolic ones, like anyone who disagrees with democracy, equality, pluralism and the rest of the stew of egalitarian notions that brainwash people in democracies into being low-level insane.

  • US census data reveals highest foreign-born population share in over a century

    Is this officially demographic replacement yet?

  • The Vaquita Are About To Become Extinct From Being Victims Of Mafias And Chinese Medicine

    If we do not decouple from China, they are going to consume us.

  • Mexico finds migrant smuggling ring that earned $40,000/week

    It turns out that smuggling is big business. This will undoubtedly be linked to organized crime, and from there to unions, and from there to NGOs and only distantly to the Democrats. However, the links will be there. We just will not see them before the issue detonates on us.

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