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  • Brexiteer jailed for inciting racial hatred

    In the West, we have now ended up at the usual place that societies go when they die: repression for symbolic reasons. Every society oppresses someone, usually people like child pornography fans and advocates for random violence, but we are now throwing people in jail for words they used to criticize our failing policy of diversity. This is what Full Soviet looks like, and it means that our societies do not have long now. As they say, in politics it is not who votes against you, but how many people you can get out to vote for you. In Late Stage Civilization, it is not about who criticizes you, but about how many people lack faith in the system. At this point, everyone but the neurotics, perverts, insane, and Left-aligned special interest groups has zero faith in this dying, failing system.

  • City bans calling someone an ‘illegal alien’ out of hate

    The UK, being a more rigid place with less of a separation between official public truth and private cynical reality, simply jails people for hate speech. In America, we crucify them. We have them arrested and invite the media. Their name goes into every newspaper and search engine; they will never work again doing anything more than mopping up turds or stocking shelves at Walmart, and even then they will be fired the instant that someone recognizes them and complains. We call up their friends, lovers, family, and coworkers and ask for their opinion, knowing that the only acceptable answer is “I disavow.” They are now completely alone. Even more, they see nothing but voices calling for their destruction. Even if they are acquitted, their lives are over. This is why we keep piling on laws to make speech a crime. Our civilization has inverted itself. The goal was to protect liberty, freedom, justice, brotherhood, peace, love, and an open society, right? Now we live in a Soviet-style empire where saying the wrong thing even accidentally gets your life destroyed. We could not fail more thoroughly if we intended to.

  • OK hand sign added to list of hate symbols

    More reasons to destroy someone. “We found a picture of you doing an OK hand sign back in 2018. Please come with us.” In the meantime, the OK sign was trolled into existence by dissident reprobates on 4chan who decided that the media had become so ideologically polarized that it was hopelessly gullible, and this made it easy to achieve the primary goal of trolling, which is to force your opponent to reveal that he is unstable and hypocritical. Media fell for it, then doubled down, and so now yet another thing is banned for our pretense that diversity can work.

  • A Nation Divided: U.S. Politics Taking Physical, Emotional Toll On Americans

    Big surprise there. The Left has done everything possible to make realistic observation illegal. They have persecuted anyone who notices that we are not all equal, that diversity does not work, that entitlements make people parasitic, and that we need strong culture to defend against government and business, who are not enemies but also not friends, being solely self-interested. This means that you either go around reciting approved lies, or you keep your silence, which is a guaranteed formula for resentment; in addition, on the Left, they are watching all of their grand plans and visions turn out badly in reality and as such have gone hard into denial and are punishing anyone who not only criticizes these insane and unrealistic Leftist programs, but presents any other working model. Round and round we go, fighting it out, as if we were in a spiral motion or maybe even circling the bowl in the last moments of the flush…

  • Impeach Trump? An America filled with anger and animosity digs in

    Who thought that this would go well? The Left has nothing tangible, but is relying (as usual) on being able to fool the largest and most clueless segment of society into following them. This time, the Right is not buying it, and is holding the line. That means war. Most of us just want to get it over with. Balkanization means that we lose superpower status and get taken over by the Chinese, who are not just evil but also incompetent, probably owing to their own infiltration by the Golden Horde. One side has to win. If conservatives win, we go toward pre-war Europe; if Leftists win, we become Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Iran, or another stunning experiment in race-mixing and socialism.

  • Naga Munchetty: BBC says staff cannot call Donald Trump a racist even if he says racist things

    “Racist” is a made-up word; of course we 1notice biological/genetic differences between groups, 2prefer our own group, 3and no human on Earth does not hate at least one group for their stereotypical characteristics. However, the Left made noticing of biological/genetic differences between ethnic and racial groups verboten so that they could make noticing of biological/genetic differences between social classes verboten, and now they are having to walk that back because enough people have awakened (erwache) to realize that “equality” is wholly nonsense symbolism and has nothing to do with reality. Soon the term “racist” is going to lose all meaning except for those angry people who unjustly blame other races for their own problems, a situation which ironically goes away when diversity goes away.

  • Two tribes: Culture wars rage on the Paris catwalk

    Divisions over race, gender and the climate crisis are bubbling to the surface in a world where political debate is usually about as welcome as bingo wings.

    Two of Paris fashion’s biggest stars, Hedi Slimane of Celine and Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello, have both warned of a new “puritanism”.

    Slimane even fears that this “disguised neo-conservatism” is threatening “the fundamental liberty to create”.

    “Demagogic political correctness has become a kind of tragic tyranny of the literal,” he declared in a rare interview last month.

    Vaccarello went further on the eve of Paris fashion week, saying “it is impossible now to have an opinion that goes against” the herd.

    The Belgian also railed against the “PR of quotas, which counts the number of people of colour in a show”.

    Liberal democracy — and its Enlightenment™ notions of equality, individualism, utilitarianism, pluralism, pacifism, and universalism — is a dead man walking. It walks toward the bullet that will rip out its heart, so that neither hits the other, but the two meet like clasping lovers in a train station. Blood spills (it always does; a motto for humanity: “it takes a tragedy” for actual change, although symbolic/aesthetic change is the norm) and then the world seems to rotate in a different direction. No one saw it coming, or maybe they simply refused, feeling powerful for knowing what the herd would reward and staying away from those things that might make one unpopular. Now a ghost (dukh), the sacrificial victim spins with a surprised look on his face and sinks into the earth. Time marches on.

  • Who wants to leave California? Young voters can’t afford housing, and conservatives feel alienated

    Leftism functions as a trap: it represents the quest for equality, or a means-over-ends assessment that we should always be working toward equality no matter what results, and this means that everyone under its thumb is mass mobilized like a nation at war to crusade/jihad for equality. You cannot escape this goal and like all fanatical ideologies, it will take you down with it. Sure, it presented itself first as saving the spotted owl, stopping sadistic racism against Uncle Remus, and taking women out of the kitchen. However, underneath that, it was always Full Communism just waiting for the right moment to spring out of a cake in a saffron negligee as glitter rains from above, shortly before the executions begin (of course, of course).

  • Trump considers delisting Chinese firms from US markets: Sources

    The Trump administration floated this idea to see the reaction from the business community. Hardly a peep resulted. It makes sense to further decouple our economy from that of the Chinese, against whom we have fought two proxy wars (Korea, Vietnam). At some point, the West needs to go its own way and let the rest of humanity inherit the consequences of its decisions. There is only one thing we can do to help humanity which is to lead by example. Everything else that we try to do will fail, and in fact has failed, which is why populism has intervened to save us from ourselves and our democratic feelings of unity extended through equality. That is false unity, symbolic unity, and not what we really need, which is a society of people unequally working toward the same goals.

  • The cautionary tale of Japan’s “sex recession”

    Modern people, especially men, are miserable. Our society rewards little obedient conformists who are willing to put up with a life that is 99% red tape, bureaucracy, useless activity, and catering to appearance. No real man will do that. Men think this stuff is moronic, and they are right, but that fact is invisible to women, proles, soyboys, and minorities. Those have the vote, or at least the power to sabotage a plurality, and therefore our society has gone down the usual path to insanity through runaway control systems. As a result, people are dropping out. Why labor at a frustrating job where you cannot express your good qualities through exercising judgment and most of the activity is pointless and time-wasting, only to marry some girl for whom you are the 640th penis and therefore, with whom you will never have the solid bond of innocent love? Why bother with this immense waste of time? Instead, relish life and plan to die, because no one wants to live in this over-managed, anal-retentive, neurotic hellhole.

  • Orangutan with human rights to begin new life in Florida

    She has human rights, but remains in a zoo? Sounds about like people in modern society. Here is a list of your rights, now go to work and live in terror of being fired for saying the wrong thing or you will end up homeless getting sodomized in a ghetto.

  • Rising Crime Is a Threat to Swedish Businesses, Group Warns

    Whoops. After the great push for diversity, immigration, and equality, sixty percent of Swedish businesses report being victims of crime in a country where in the 1980s crime was almost unheard of. They had to import American television shows to even have plausible murders, thefts, and assaults for detectives to solve. Now, thanks to having added diversity, Sweden has American-style crime, graffiti, terrorism, and anarchic no-fly zones. Progress!

  • The PR guru behind the rise of Greta Thunberg

    Scratch a Leftist “grassroots activist,” and find hundred million dollar NGOs and thousand dollar an hour image consultants. Everything about the Left is fake. Remember that these are the people who overthrew kings because they were starving, then actually starved because their system could not produce enough food. Perhaps the Left are simply errors in reproduction, and we should send them all to the third world so they can outbreed and fix whatever mutations caused them to become such unrealistic, perverse, dysfunctional, crazy, twisted, and passive-aggressively hateful people. Our ancestors simply called them proles and sent them out to pick turnips. Obviously anything more complex than that is beyond them.

  • University of Edinburgh criticised for hosting ‘blatantly’ racist event

    University of Edinburgh has been criticised for hosting the event at its Pleasance Theatre venue as it will bar Caucasian guests from speaking from the floor.

    There will also be two ‘safe spaces’ – one of which white people are banned from entering to allow people to retreat if they feel ‘overwhelmed/overstimulated or uncomfortable’ – which has sparked complaints.

    This act seems “racist” on the surface but simply recognizes the truths of diversity: each group prefers its own, all groups are competing against all other groups for control, unity becomes impossible, and eventually this war will become hot. Outrage over this simply consists of denial that we have gone so far along with an obviously unrealistic and dysfunctional policy like diversity, but then again, democracy specializes in symbolic victories and slow decay behind the scenes.

  • Executive Order on Enhancing State and Local Involvement in Refugee Resettlement

    Trump mandates that local communities can reject Obama-style ethnic replacement through “refugee resettlement.” This not only provides sane communities with the ability to avoid Minneapolis-style failure, but allows the insane to self-destruct. Let the diversity fans reap what they sow! Even better, it provides a cornerstone for the future argument for freedom of association, which will see the rise of Heritage American (ethnic Western European) enclaves where Asians, Africans, Jewish, Arab, and Irish people are not welcome.

  • Nature paper on ocean warming retracted

    More climate science turns out to have used dodgy methodology and cherry-picked data. “Climate change” is a smokescreen used to hide the destructive nature of urbanization and overpopulation. If we set aside half of the land to be untouched by humans and left in its natural state, we will have to cease our reckless expansion, and finally face the hard decisions we have been evading for centuries through the magic of popularity contest democracy.

  • Germany to create 300 jobs to combat right-wing extremism

    Government is just a life-support system for bureaucrats, and with the 1840s idea that it could re-organize itself around the Enlightenment™ concept of defending the individual by enforcing civil rights, government got a blank cheque to expand infinitely and intrude in every part of private life. By the nature of egalitarian jihad, this meant that it had to beat down the successful to raise up the unsuccessful, which is a formula for civilizational suicide. However, the voters liked it, just like they love Coca-Cola and rapey pornography and “light” beer, so on the system chortles until it reaches a Soviet/Jacobin style stop point, at which moment the masks can come off and the tyranny really begins as third world status intensifies. Democracy, equality, individualism, and pluralism are suicide. More people are slowly (slowly… slowly) beginning to grasp the first inklings of this concept.

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