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  • Shares rise as trade optimism muffles impeachment noise

    The Left believed that it could hold the Trump presidency hostage with impeachment talk, but it turns out that few people were convinced. Markets consist of people, and people panic when there is talk of changing who is in power, since chaos always interrupts business and daily life, and regime change always means far more chaos than anticipated by its advocates. We have a steady and consistent course with Trump which despite hiccups maintains its long-term promise of autonomy, self-reliance, and greater effectiveness as a nation-state. He has consistently waved a red flag for the charging bull of the neurotic Left, and every time they dash for it, they end up disappointed because he offers stability where they offer only ideology, taxes, and eventual rule by China. In the meantime, the speed of this accusation means that the “swamp” is real, since apparently neurotic Leftists are hanging out in government offices waiting for the moment to leak classified information. One wonders to whom else they pass along this information. The Left demonstrated during the 1960s that it had no problem sending national secrets to the Soviet Union and China, even if they had to publish them in major newspapers.

  • Income inequality in America the highest it’s been since Census started tracking it, data show

    “Burying the lede” is an American pastime that involves deflecting, misdirecting, and redirecting attention away from the real story with a headline or first few paragraphs that point away from the bigger story. Here is the hardline:

    Though the gap between the richest and poorest expanded, the nation’s median household income topped $63,000 for the first time – though after adjusting for inflation, it’s roughly the same as it was 20 years ago.

    Clinton got into power and applied “demand-side economics” hard plus diversity policy. Since that time, we have been moving in circles, never achieving much of anything. Perhaps these policies are destructive? Our elites fear change, as they should. The classic Leftist stew of tax-and-spend entitlements, fast money demand-side economics, sexual liberation, unions, civil rights, and desire for a New World Order has backfired because it has failed and left behind ruined civilizations and bankruptcy everywhere it has been tried. We are just catching up to how bad the problem really is because Leftists and their media counterparts have been hiding the data for decades.

  • US slashes refugee limit to all-time low of 18,000

    Trump continues his war on the unchecked immigration that has trashed America, both by reducing the value of its workers and promoting diversity that shatters unity and leaves us in a paranoid, unfamiliar nation. Instead of going for the one big task, like trying to pass a law, he has contented himself with adjusting many details in order to create market pressures. It is now more risky to try to get into the US than at any time since 1965 because there is no guarantee of being approved. This means that migrants, refugees, and immigrants must pay their way to get here and stand a risk of losing that investment; even more, they are seeing the communities that supported them here declining. This means that fewer will come, fewer will stay, and many will self-deport back to their homelands. By not tackling one big policy, Trump avoided creating a target for the Left, because they specialize in mobilizing a screaming mob to attack anything big, but have no defense against many changing details which slowly create a big picture sea change.

  • Nearly 60% of Europe’s native trees risk extinction

    The IUCN, which is known for its “Red List” classification of endangered species, said trees were under pressure from “invasive and problematic” species, urban development and “unsustainable logging.”

    Invasive species do not have ecosystemic niches, and so are less efficient but spread faster, pushing out native species. This applies to plants and animals, including humans.

  • White students ‘cut off’ black girl’s dreadlocks in Virginia

    Another convenient accusation (Mike Pence’s wife teaches at this school). Whether true or not, it shows us the ongoing failure of diversity in America.

  • Smart Phones, Computers Creating Generation Of Porn Addicts; Some States Call It ‘Public Health Emergency’

    Western civilization collapse in a cloud of… masturbation. The Left has always used sex to sell itself — “libertine” and “liberal” are similar for a reason — but the social consequences of this being an accepted behavior are just beginning to show themselves. Specifically, men are becoming solipsistic dropouts who would rather masturbate than engage with women, and when they do engage with women, they have wildly unrealistic expectations and difficulty performing without constant outlandish stimulation.

  • Chicago teachers authorize strike against third-largest U.S. public school district

    Citizens are being taxed to death to pay for public schools to house minorities and illegal immigrants. Tone-deaf parasites, intent only on raising their already burdensome salaries, now perform their act of extortion. In reality, if we rolled back the court decisions saying that schools need to provide for retarded children, problem children, and illegal aliens, much of what schools do could be slashed. Schools are there to provide the 3 Rs to ninety percent of the population and a middle school and high school education to the remaining ten percent; they should not be involved in athletics, speech therapy, psychology, counseling, discipline problems, or special education. Since we have forced the middle class to survive on two incomes, parents use schools as daycare and become morally lazy because they allow someone else to take care of raising their children. If this ends, a small group of students who cause most of the problems will stay home, schools can cut staffs, and education can become much cheaper. However, this requires the courts to face reality, which rarely happens since the precedents and interpretations of the law become their reality, so instead we are going to see public schooling go away. As usual, the parasites become arrogant and pretentious as their obsolescence nears.

  • Gay, transgender fans ‘welcome’ at 2022 World Cup, says Qatar

    This provides an interesting new legal standard: no one will discriminate against you for being gay, but doing gay stuff in public will still get you sent to jail. Everyone wins with this situation, especially homosexuals, who will no longer be a target because they are being used as a convenient tool of worldwide Leftism.

  • Polish President Denies Saying Israel Is Responsible for anti-Semitism in Poland

    According to this president, anti-Polish rhetoric in Israel has caused people to resent Jews. This is true anywhere that the Holocaust narrative goes. People are tired of the guilt trip, since the Holocaust was both a historical event and a propaganda event that benefited the Western powers and Jewish political interests. Some are questioning the numbers, in a deliberate provocation to the power of the propaganda event. In reality, the numbers do not matter; the Holocaust happened, even if it was not the original intent, and it shows us why diversity is unstable. End diversity, end genocide.

  • ‘Write something funny’: Teacher investigated for slavery assignment

    Education is a sacred cow, and this causes the people involved with it to become tone-deaf. Something funny about slavery? Look for this one to get buried simply because it points out that many of our teachers are oblivious.

  • Senate votes again to terminate border emergency declaration

    The Left wants unlimited immigration, and many Republicans agree with them. Those Republicans are the weak link that must be removed in the next election.

  • Boeing ‘misjudged 737 Max pilot reactions’

    Not all pilots are equal, it seems. Things that ex-military Western pilots could work around prove challenging for the new generation of soyboys, neurotic women, and affirmative action cases.

  • Court hears Alex Jones’ appeal in Sandy Hook case

    The courts have been hounding Jones, who seems to have a point when he says nasty things about the opposing attorney who allegedly mailed him child porn along with case documents.

  • Autistic boy, 5, allegedly labelled a ‘sexual predator’ after hugging classmate

    The more “tolerant” we get, the more people are offended by everything. Maybe saying that instead of tolerance we should have strong social standards and write off everything else as eccentricity has its benefits. Of course, that requires a mono-cultural/mono-ethnic society, and the Left fears that because such societies have less need for neurotic Utopians.

  • Babies exposed to air pollution have greater risk of death – study

    Air pollution — along with nationalism, ecocide, and resource wars — presents one of the “shadow issues” of the twenty-first century. These are longstanding problems that people have been afraid to mention because the presence of such problems disproves the official narrative of progress, tolerance, and a positive future for humanity. Slowly, people will realize that instead of the symbolic issues we have been fighting over for centuries, the shadow issues represent the things most likely to kill us off.

  • The global explosion of cities built from scratch sparks hope and concern

    You have heard of the Selfish Gene, but what about the selfish substance? At this point, humanity serves as a propagation system for concrete. Everywhere we go, we clear-cut and build, then throw up our fat little hands in surprise when water runoff creates flooding and that giant reflective concrete surface produces a ball of rising hot air that wrecks jet streams and screws up the nearby climate. Since we are doing the same thing everywhere, it appears to be “climate change,” when in fact it is simply urbanization being a horrible idea as usual.

  • District: Indiana elementary hasn’t banned student dating

    School district pointed out that fifth graders should probably not be “dating.” This shows how broken American parenting is and how helpless schools are to deal with the flood of social problems coming their way. A better solution would be to rescind all those property taxes and let people hire recent college graduates or wandering intellectuals to educate their children instead. Schools now combine therapy, exercise, criminology, and daycare, which is too much, and induces parents to abrogate their own responsibility for these things. This produces lazy students and lazy parents, with a lowest common denominator outcome for all, something that as usual savages the most promising students while not affecting those who never had any great expectations from life anyway. This shows a move against natural selection because the best are diminished while the worst are promoted, which is typical of all Leftist programs.

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